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Places to visit in Madikeri

Discussion in 'Karnataka' started by Aaryahi, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. Aaryahi

    Aaryahi New Member

    I am going with my husband to Madikeri, and he is someone who doesn't like going out, so he won't try finding out things to see and do there. Instead, it is me who will be doing the research to make the trip more fun and enjoyable.

    Please give me some information about the places to visit in Madikeri, in no particular order, seeing just even one place would be better than seeing no place ;).

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Aaryahi! Welcome to the forum!

    Madikeri is a hill station in Coorg district of the state of Karnataka. It was formerly known as Muddu Raja Keri or Mudduraja's Town. King Mudduraja, a Haleri King, ruled Coorg from 1633 to 1687. Here are some of the best attractions in Madikeri:

    • Abbey Falls - This is located about 8 kms away from the city proper of Madikeri. The falls were formerly known as Jessi Falls, named after a British officer's wife. Back then, the waterfalls were hidden by a thick jungle. The property around it was then bought by Mr. Neravanda B. Nanaiah, who converted the surrounding area into a coffee plantation. It is best visited during the monsoon season as the waterfalls are fed by the rains. You'd also trek a bit to reach the falls, passing by the plantations on your way to it.
    • Chelavara Falls - This is about 39 kms away from Madikeri. This is a beautiful waterfall dropping at a height of about 150 feet. Locally, the falls are known as Emepaare, which means tortoise. This name was derived from the rock where the waterfalls drop into, it's shaped like a tortoise. The falls drop into a huge pool which can be dangerous to swim on so be careful.
    • Kote Abbey - This is another waterfall, but it's different from the Abbey Falls. For the locals, they consider this as Lord Shiva's abode. You need to hire a jeep to take you to falls, which is about 20 kms away or an hour of driving from Madikeri. You also cannot swim in the pool here as the locals consider the Kote fishes residing in there to be sacred. It's a bit more secluded than Abbey Falls and again, best visited during the monsoon season.
    • Mallalli Falls - This is about 40 kms from Madikeri. You need to ride a jeep and thereafter, climb down for about 500 steps to reach the falls. Just like the other falls, the Mallalli Falls is best visited during the monsoon season when it's huge and large due to rainfalls. The climb down is not that difficult but can be challenging for younger children. However, you can swim in the water after the climb down which is very rewarding.
    • Raja's Seat - This is just 1.4 kms from Madikeri. Also known as the Seat of the King, this is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Madikeri. This was once the platform or place where the Kings of Kodagu enjoyed the views of the sunsets and surroundings. Raja's Seat is a small pavilion made of brick and mortar. It is surrounded by four pillars, which are bridged by arches. It is built on a higher level, thereby giving one a commanding view of the surroundings. When the flowers in the garden are in bloom, this adds to the beauty of the place. There's also a toy train here that guests can ride in. The musical fountains are also added attractions.
    • Madikeri Fort - This is located right at the heart of Madikeri. The fort was founded by Mudduraja in the 2nd half of the 17th century, he also added a palace inside it. It was then conquered and renovated by Tipu Sultan. In 1790, Dodda Vira Rajendra conquered the fort and in 1834, the British seized the fort and added some renovations to it as well. In the entrance of the fort, you'll spot two-life sized masonry elephants. The Church of St. Mark can also be found inside the fort.
    • Gaddige Tombs - This is about 1.1 kms away from Madikeri. It is also known as Raja's Tomb. It contains the remains of the royal Kodavas. The tombs are located in the centre, with turrets at the corners and Nandi carvings on top of the corners. The central tomb, the largest, contains the remains of Kodava king Doddaveerarajendra and his wife, Mahadeviamma. The right tomb was built by Chikkaveerarajendra for his father, Lingarajendra. The left tomb belongs to Veerarajendra’s Guru Rudrappa. There are also graves for the two soldiers who sacrificed their lives when they fought with Tipu Sultan. These are Biddanda Bopu and his son, Biddanda Somaiah.
    • Nalknad Palace - This is about 40 kms away from Madikeri. It is located in the town of Yavakapadi and built around 1792 to 1794 AD. This is where Chikka Veerarajendra last stayed before the British found him. This is also the place where Dodda Veerarajendra's second marriage, with Mahadevammaji, was celebrated.
    • Omkareshwara Temple - This is located right at the heart of the city. The temple was built by Lingarajendra II in 1820. It is built in the typical Mohammedan style of architecture with a dome in the centre and turrets at the corners. Legend has it that the king built the temple to appease the spirit of the Brahmin whom he killed to fulfil his political ambition. The king brought a shivalingam from Kashi and put it in the temple. After which, the spirit of the Brahmin became at peace.
    • Bhagamandala Temple - This is about 35 kms away from Madikeri. The temple is located on the confluence of the three rives of Cauvery, Kannike and Sujyoti. This confluence is considered by many pilgrims as sacred and they do take a dip here before proceeding to the Talakaveri. The temple was built in the Kerala style of architecture. It has smaller shrines inside dedicated to different gods.
    • Namdroling Monastery - This is about 34 kms from Madikeri. Bylakuppe is the home to the largest Tibetan settlement in the country. It is also here that you can find the Namdroling Monastery or also known as the Golden Temple. There are idols of Buddha here covered in gold, along with Tibetan mythology paintings. The presence of Tibetan homes, stalls and shops nearby make it seem like you're in Tibet. It was Pema Norbu Rinpoche who established the monastery in 1963. There are about 5,000 nuns and monks here teaching about Nyingmapa.
    • Mandalpatti - This is about 20 kms from Madikeri. The hill is situated about 4,050 feet above sea level. Locally, it is known as Mugilu Peth, which means Market of Mist. You can reach the hill point en route to Abbey Falls. In the Mandalpatti checkpoint, you need to park your car and trek the rest of the way or hire a jeep to take you to the top. There are no food stalls nor bathrooms in the hill so you need to be prepared and bring your own water and snacks. The views from the peak are very rewarding though and worth the hardships.
    • Kotebetta - This is about 32 kms from Madikeri. This is another trekking route for the adventurers. It is about 5,200 feet above sea level and is the 3rd highest peak in Coorg. Kotebetta means Fort Hill and there's also a Shiva Temple at its peak. From the base, the trek is about 10 kms long.
    • Dubbare Elephant Camp - This is about 30 kms from Madikeri. In the camp, you can learn more about the history of the elephants and also participate in interactive activities with them. This involves bathing, feeding and riding the elephant. There's a trained naturalist there to guide and explain things to you. Elephants here are also trained so it's safe to be around them at such a close distance.
    • Tadiyandamol Peak - This is about 40 kms from Madikeri. It is the highest peak in Coorg and the third highest peak in Karnataka. It is about 5,740 feet above sea level. The trek will take you through lush Shola forests, grasslands and streams. The trek can be completed in a day or overnight by camping at the peak.
    • Nisargadhama - This is an island/park formed by the Cauvery River. It's about 27 kms away from Madikeri. The island is surrounded by thick bamboo trees, sandalwood trees and teak trees. You can access it through a hanging rope bridge. There are animals like deers, rabbits and peacocks as well. For the children, there's a small playground and orchidarium in the park. Boating is also permitted within the river. There are also government operated guest houses and cottages in the park.
    I hope this helps!


    Many of the attractions in Madikeri are located at quite a distance from each other. I've mentioned their distances above. So it's better to hire a taxi or bring your own car in order to visit these attractions. Good luck and enjoy!

  3. Abinaya Sri

    Abinaya Sri New Member

    Hello Aaryahi,

    Here are few popular places to visit in Coorg (Madikeri). Madikeri Fort, Raja's Seat, Abbey Falls, Dubare Elephant Camp, Cauvery Nisargadhama, Golden Temple, Tadiyandamol Peak, Mallali Falls, Irupu Falls, Nagarhole National Park etc., you could also have a look at other threads for more details such as places to visit, getaways, things to do etc..