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Places to visit in Mauritius

Discussion in 'Mauritius' started by Gaba1980, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. Gaba1980

    Gaba1980 New Member

    Everyone knows that Mauritius is famous for its beautiful beaches which is also why my partner and I want to go there.
    We are a couple who like going out and exploring, and want to know apart from the beaches what places to visit in Mauritius?

    We are mainly interested in nature and history which would be our priority for these kinds of places, the rest we would prefer to see afterwards.

  2. iamawriter

    iamawriter Member

    You are right when you say Mauritius is not just about beaches. There is a lot of history, nature and wilderness waiting to be discovered by hungry tourists.

    The nature park, Vallée des Couleurs has become famous after the discovery of 23 coloured earth found there. This has become a much visited sight.

    The Safari Kingdom is where one can find among other animals Big Cats. a safari ride is highly recommend Not just the safari kingdom, there are other kingdoms galore - Bird Park, Mountains, Canyoning, Wave pool - a lagoon and an artificial river.

    There is enough history in the Photography museum. One can even see a photo of the first newspaper printed there. There will be a guide there explaining and answering questions.
    Eureka House is a must see sight - unique Creole house This house was built in 1830 and is well maintained

    These are a few sights a tourist must not miss.