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Places to Visit in October

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Agnihotri, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Agnihotri

    Agnihotri New Member

    I am taking my family on a holiday in October, but still need to decide on the destination. I have never been anywhere during the month of October. It has only been in summers or winters when it is extremely hot or cold. October is a good month with pleasant month, so I am not quite sure what the weather in other parts of India would be like and which places would be best visited in this month.

    Please give me suggestions and advice on the places to visit in October.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum, @Agnihotri

    There's lots of destinations in India that you can enjoy during the month of October. For most regions, October is the start of the winter season and it's a preferred season because it has a cooler climate. It isn't as cold as well as compared to the middle of winter like the months of December and January. Here's a few destinations that are best visited during October that I can recommend to you:

    1. Hampi in Karnataka. The best place to see ruins of ancient temples and other ancient architectural wonders. The climate here is quite pleasant and cool. If you need some time away from the city, then consider Hampi. Here's a few tourist attractions here:
    • Virupaksha Temple. Dating back to the 7th Century, this temple has intricately carved walls, each of which has a story to tell.
    • Vithala Temple. The 56 musical pillars is an interesting one, they produce an echo when tapped.
    • Elephant Stables. This is an enclosure for the royal elephants at the time of the Vijayanagra Empire.
    • Lotus Palace. Derived its name from its lotus-like shape.
    • Zenana Enclosure. This used to be a place for the royal women to hang out in.
    • The Monolith Bull. A statue of the ride of Lord Shiva, it's not well-maintained though but still, it's a major tourist attraction.
    • The Hanuman Temple. Devotees climb the 570 steps in order to reach the temple.
    • The Archeaological Museum. Houses the different fossils and artefacts excavated in the region.
    • Daroji Bear Sanctuary. You would see some Sloth Bears in here as well as other animals.
    2. Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh. With just winter season coming in, it's the perfect time to visit Ziro. With its paddy fields and greenery, you'd be struck by its beauty in no time. Visit the following:
    • Pine Grove. About 36 kms from the town centre, the Pine Grove is a perfect spot for having a picnic or just relaxing.
    • Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary. You'll find lots of flora and fauna here. The endangered Clouded Leopard also resides here.
    • Kile Pakho. You get two amazing sceneries in one place, from one side is the Ziro Plateau and from the other side is the Himalayas.
    • Meghna Cave Temple. This is a 5,000 year old structure dedicated to Lord Shiva.
    3. Rishikesh in Uttarakhand. During October, tons of water activities and other adventures await you in Rishikesh.
    • Laxman Jhula. A 450 m long bridge across the Ganges River.
    • Neelkanth Mahadev Temple. You would need to trek around three hours to reach this temple.
    • Triveni Ghat. Three rivers run and meet in the Triveni Ghat. It is believed that bathing in this river can cleanse you.
    • Kaudiyala. The major spot for white river rafting and other adventures like rock climbing and bungee jumping.
    4. Digha in West Bengal. The evenings in Digha during October are pleasantly cool and inviting.
    • Visit the beaches like the New Digha Beach or the Taglsari Beach.
    • Marine Aquarium. This has the largest aquarium for marine species in India. They have different kinds like species of conservative importance, local and curious species and freshwater species.
    5. Wayanad in Kerala. Just after the monsoon season, Wayanad blooms and has great climate in October.
    • Banasura Dam. This is the second largest dam in Asia and you can even do speed boating here.
    • Pookot Lake. A great place for kayaking or boating, this is a natural lake. There's also a green house and aquarium in here.
    • Edakkal Caves. It has great rock and wall carvings although you'd need to trek for a few hours to reach it.
    • Kuruva Dweep. Offers picturesque views of the surroundings.
    6. Nainital in Uttarakhand. The weather in Nainital isn't too cold during October. Aside from that, sunsets and sunrises are best seen during this time for unobstructed views.
    • Naini Lake. This is named after the Goddess Parvathi and has boating and yachting facilities in it.
    • Naina Devi Temple. A temple devoted to the Goddess Parvathi and thousands of devotees visit this every year.
    • Eco Cave Gardens. Famous for its interconnected caves, with musical fountains and some hanging gardens.
    I hope this helps!


    There's lots more you can visit in India during the month of October. But these are my most favourite ones that I listed here. I hope you liked it!

  3. rz3300

    rz3300 Member

    Well thank you for @briannagodess for really laying it out in a nice list format. I cannot compete with that, but I will say that many of the sites would be perfect for any time of year. We were there around the end of summer, so coming up on October, and the weather was pretty nice and it allowed to do everything that we had planed, so I hope that it is the same case for you and you can report back with some good experiences.