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Pune railway station phone number

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Kalavati, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Kalavati

    Kalavati New Member

    I need to speak to an officer at the Pune railway station for which I require a contact number. I would like someone to provide me with the Pune railway station phone number.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Kalavati, welcome to the forum!



    The Pune Junction Railway Station is the primary railway station of the city of Pune. The railway station connects Pune with other major cities in the country like Ahmedabad, Chennai, Jodhpur, Mumbai and many more. It also connects the city with the suburban areas of Lonavala and Talegaon. The Pune Junction Railway Station is a part of the Central Zone of the Indian Railways. This is important because if you want to contact the railway station management, you need to know what part of the Indian Railways it is connected to.

    Pune Junction Railway Station Contact Numbers

    If you just need the railway station numbers of the Pune Junction, they would be listed below. This includes the numbers for the general inquiries, bookings, arrival or departure of trains and other inquiries. These numbers would connect you to the customer service representatives of the railway station.

    Pune Junction Railway Station Numbers
    CategoryPhone NumberFor
    General Inquiry131Inquiries About Ticket Rates, Opening Times of Office and Others
    Booking132Booking of Actual Train Tickets
    Arrival/Departure of Trains133Timings of Trains
    Enquiry26126575Other Necessary Information About the Railway Station
    Now, as mentioned above, the Pune Junction Railway Station is a part of the Central Zone of the Indian Railways. Thus, you can also contact the General Manager of the Central Zone or even the Divisional Manager of the Pune Junction part of the Central Zone. Their contact numbers would be listed below.

    Central Zone of Indian Railways Numbers
    OfficerOffice Phone NumberFax NumberFor
    General Manager22226212302222624555Complaints or Other Important Queries
    Divisional Manager (Pune)20261374002026127971Specific Complaints or Requests for the Pune Junction
    And lastly, here are the other contact numbers for the Pune Junction Railway Station. These numbers are for specific queries about disaster-related issues or accident-related issues. Their numbers would be listed below as well.

    Disaster-Specific Numbers of Pune Junction Railway Station
    CategoryOffice Phone NumberMobile NumberFor
    Railway Disaster Management Cell01355824 or 020261414109503013806For Inquiring About Disasters Related to the Pune Junction
    Accident Relief Trains (ART)N/A9423161847 or 9423161848For Carrying Out Rescue and Relief Restoration Works
    Accident Relief Medical Vans (ARMV)N/A9423161847 or 9423161848For Carrying Out Rescue and Relief Restoration Works

    These are all the numbers related to the Pune Junction Railway Station. You have the general inquiries number along with the specific division and general managers of the station. Also included are the disaster-specific numbers of the railway station.

    I hope this helps you.:)