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The Windflower Resort and Spa

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by ManasiArora, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. ManasiArora

    ManasiArora New Member

    It has been two years since I have wanted to go to The Windflower Resort and Spa because of its high tariffs. It has finally come to a time when I am in a position to afford stay at the hotel.
    As mentioned it is costly, so before my final bookings I would like to know more about the resort and what it is like. My questions have been listed below.

    1. I am only aware of the villas provided by the resort. What other types of rooms do they have?

    2. Is the pool indoors or outdoors?

    3. I may decide to celebrate my husbands birthday there, would the resort be able to provide a cake?

    4. Are there any activities for the kids, as for us adults we can just sit and relax all day, but kids get bored easily?

    5. What time of the year do you suggest going to the resort?

    6. Do the rooms have a refrigerator?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there, welcome to the forum!

    The Windflower Resort and Spa boasts of tastefully designed resort in different locations, namely: Mysore, Coorg, Bandipur, Vythiri, Pondicherry, Bangalore and Kerala. Each resort is set amidst a beautiful location with complete facilities. Their Ayurvedic treatments are an added bonus to truly relax and rejuvenate guests. All resorts also have fine dining restaurants which serve delicious local and international dishes to guests.

    Since you are from Bangalore, I'm assuming that you'd be staying in the Windflower Resort and Spa in that city.The Windflower Prakruthi in Bangalore is located close to the Devanahalli airport. The resort is set amidst 7 acres of land, with well-manicured lawns and gardens along with spacious and luxurious rooms. It is an ideal holiday escape for those seeking a quick break from the stress of city life.

    Here are the different types of accommodation in the Windflower Resort and Spa Prakruthi in Bangalore:

    1. Studio Room - These studio rooms are located in the newly constructed block in the resort premises. They are all in the ground floor of the block. The maximum capacity of the room is up to three adults. It has its own private sit-out or balcony facing the swimming pool. It also comes with all the basic amenities that a guest might need.
    • Amenities - Separate shower and bath, hairdryer, tea/cofee maker, air-conditioning, WiFi, television and mini-bar.
    • Tariff - Rs. 6,639 per night.
    2. Suite - The suites are also located on the ground floor. All suites have their own balcony leading to the swimming pool. They also have a separate lounging area that guests can relax in. It has the same amenities as the previous room.
    • Amenities - Separate shower and bath, hairdryer, tea/cofee maker, air-conditioning, WiFi, television and mini-bar.
    • Tariff - Rs. 7,242 per night.
    3. Villa - This is a good option for families or groups. The villa has a separate living room area with entertainment facilities. The villa also has a private sit-out where you can enjoy the view of the pool.
    • Amenities - Separate shower and bath, living room, hairdryer, tea/cofee maker, air-conditioning, WiFi, television and mini-bar.
    • Tariff - Rs. 7,846 per night.
    4. Bungalow - This is a good option for bigger groups like two families travelling together. It has spacious lounge areas as well as bedrooms. There are also multiple bathrooms here. Up to six persons can be accommodated here.
    • Amenities - Bedrooms, bathrooms, lounge area, hairdryer, tea/cofee maker, air-conditioning, WiFi, television and mini-bar.
    • Tariff - Rs. 15,209 per night.
    The swimming pool is located outdoors. The water in the pool is not temperature controlled though and can get cold during winter time. Maximum depth of pool is about 7 feet. There are showers and changing rooms within the swimming pool premises though. There are also lockers where you can put your valuables. You also need proper swimming attire to swim in the pool so bring your nylon swim wear prior to going to the hotel.

    Yes, just make sure that you request for the cake well in advance so they can arrange for it.

    The resort has different activities for children:
    • BMX Zone - This is bicycle motor cross and only suitable for older children. It is is a sport involving racing of purpose built bicycles across a dirt track with ramps and humps. Prior experience with bicycling is very much important as well.
    • Paintball Zone - The resort has an outdoor paintball field designed and built to international standards on lush green turf. Paintball is best played with a group and it usually has goals, like capturing the flag of the opponent or defending a particular area.
    • Challenges Zone - The resort has facilities and equipments for rope courses which kids can enjoy as well.
    • Zorbing - This is the recreation of rolling downhill in an orb, generally made of transparent plastic. At Prakruthi, they have harnessed zorbs that can spin two persons at a time.
    • ATV Zone - This is one of the latest and newest additions in the resort. It's a one kilometre long custom built ATV track with 500 cc monster quad bikes.
    • Trampoline - Kids are secured safely so they can land on the trampoline. It's a fun activity that can occupy kids for a long time.
    • Indoor Games - Games like table tennis, carrom and chess are available as well in the resort.
    • Outdoor Games - They also have facilities for outdoor games like football, cricket and volleyball.
    The resort can be visited all-year round. However, to enjoy all its facilities, it's best to visit during the summer season. During these months, you can swim in the pool comfortably and you can enjoy the adventure activities in the resort. Winter season is good too but the pool can be very cold during this time and the resort experiences a surge of visitors during this time.

    Yes, the resort has a mini-bar which consists of a refrigerator along with some refreshments for guests, on a chargeable basis.

    I hope this helps!