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Travel Advise for a trip in September

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by AshishKapoor, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. AshishKapoor

    AshishKapoor New Member

    I want to take my family on holiday somewhere in the month of September and can not decide on the location. I have never been in September which is why I require some advise. I am from Delhi so the location should be a suitable distance, anything up to 8 hours of driving is fine for me. The duration of the holiday will be for one week and traveling with me would be my wife, parents and daughter who is 7 years old.

  2. Deven

    Deven Member

    You can either go to Himachal Pradesh side or Uttarkhand side, which would you prefer?

  3. Vishal

    Vishal New Member

    September is a good month to go, although depending on the weather conditions it may still be humid, if it is possible to delay the trip till October the weather would be perfect. I would suggest going to Mussoorie or Shimla, Manali. Destination wise all three are good, but when it comes to distance the nearest place is Mussoorie.

    KAREN MARTIN New Member

    Travel advice for a trip in September will be more cost effective and less crowd, because the airline and hotel rates go down a little bit after the spring and summer warm and hot beautiful weather but majority of the time the restaurant prices remain the same. Now doing the colder wintery months the airline and hotel rates as well as restaurant rates by running promotional meals normally decrease in prices more saving families or individuals even more when traveling, because the gas prices drop and most people don’t want to get out in the cold to travel or go out to eat! My advice is that if you don’t like the crowd to wait for the winter months to travel, but Traveling in September is just as good, because you still have nice warm weather to cope with along with a little cheaper rates, because you still have the Labor Day holiday to factor, because a lot of people love to travel to the beach and other places during the month of September!