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Travel Partners For Leh 18 Days Leh-ladakh Via Manali

Discussion in 'Travel Partners' started by Sonali Roy, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Sonali Roy

    Sonali Roy New Member


    I have been browsing this forum for the last few days as we are planning a road trip to Leh soon. I registered today so I can get in touch with like minded people.

    We are two friends planning a trip to Leh from Kolkata and we are good to drive on our own from Kolkata to Delhi and even Chandigarh but would like to join other cars after that and stay in a group instead of being on our own. My friend insists on joining a group of cars as she doesnt like the idea of being us to alone in the middle of no where if our car was to break down God forbid.

    So far we are planning a 18 days road trip to Leh via Manali Leh highway. We start from Kolkata and will reach Delhi in two days and that is where we are planning to find other travelers as finding someone from Kolkata would be a long shot.

    I really hope we can find a few couples or a group of girls that are traveling around that time so we can tag along on our way to Leh and then back. We are flexible with dates but it has to be end of August and no more then 21 days, we prefer a 18 day trip starting from Delhi and ending after 18 days in Delhi.

    We will also be going to Tso moriri lake and other major attractions.

    This is going to be a trip of our life time and we would like to keep it realistic and stay safe. I hope to find some partners to undertake this trip.


  2. jignesh

    jignesh New Member

    Which car you taking for the trip?

  3. Sonali Roy

    Sonali Roy New Member

    It would either be hyundai i20 or renault duster. Weve been told there is some times a need to put chains on tires but information on the internet is vague, if there is a need to chains because of snow then we would take the duster else i20 because it is easier to drive. Still undecided.
  4. jignesh

    jignesh New Member

    I suggest that you take a 4wd or awd vehicle. I20 is not the car for the manali to leh road. Car can get serious underbelly damages. Duster would do the job.
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  5. Harmandeep Singh

    Harmandeep Singh New Member

    Hi Sonali,we are also planing road trip to leh from delhi but in month of Jun by self driven cars.we are group of 8-10 peoples out which 3 gals are coming with us,if you want to join with our group then let me know.