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Visit to a hill station

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Mannat, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Mannat

    Mannat New Member

    Hi everyone I am from Singapore and will be visiting India later this year. I have heard the word hill stations from relatives and mentioned in films a lot. My family is considering visiting a hill station but I am not too sure about it.

    I would like to know what exactly a hill station is and what I should expect from a visit to a hill station?

    Is it worth visiting a hill station in India?

  2. Deven

    Deven Member

    A hill station is a small town which is located in higher up in the hills. Hill stations are a popular holiday destination for Indians, and many go during the summer and winter season, people generally go in the summers to get some cooler weather and they go in the winters to see some snowfall and also take part in some winter sports.

    When visiting a hill station you will get clean and fresh air which. You can expect to see many tourists from India and abroad and of course you get to see the lovely views of the mountains and greenery.

    I think visiting a hill station is worth it, there are a lot of hill stations in India so it also depends on what your location is or which hill station you will be visiting.

    You can have a look at the thread about the best hill stations in India to get some idea to which ones to visit.
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