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What Are Some Good Places To Visit In And Around Bangalore?

Discussion in 'South India' started by thedeatheater1410, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. I will be staying there for two months and will like to know some good places to visit with friends which are within a day or two's reach of Bangalore by road. It can be anything: historical, pilgrimage, hangout places, etc. Thanks in advance!

  2. DhongiBaba

    DhongiBaba Active Member

    Two days driving would actually cover the whole of India. I am guessing you are looking for a weekend break kind of thing where you want to come back the same day or the next in which case you should have a look at this thread about weekend getaways from Bangalore.

  3. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there!

    Here are some places you can visit around Bangalore, within one or two days:

    Within 100 kms from Bangalore

    1. Savandurga Hills - This is about 48 kms from Bangalore. Considered as one of the largest monolith hills in Asia, it's one of the nearest getaways from Bangalore. Aside from that, you can visit some temples en route to the peak of the hills and the temples at the peak of the hill. The Savandurga Hills are formed by two more hills named: Karigudda (black hill) and Biligudda (white hill). Some of the attractions here are the following:
    • Savandurga Fort - The fort can be found at the peak of the hills. The other name for the fort is Savina Durga, meaning the fort of death. The name came from the fort being a prison impossible to escape from. The fort was also visible from Bangalore, however back then, there were no steps leading to it and the fort was barricaded by trees and bamboos. During 1791, Lord Cornwallis captured the fort but thereafter it was abandoned. Now, nothing remains of the fort except for a few ruins. I mentioned that there are two hills forming the Savandurga Hills and the Savandurga Fort remains is in the Biligudda Hill. Trekking the Biligudda Hill to see the remains of the fort doesn't require a permit and it's a moderate difficulty trek.
    • Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy Temple and the Narasimha Swamy Temple - These are the two temples located on the foothill of the hills. Pilgrims visit the hills for these two temples alone.
    • Karigudda Hill - For the expert trekkers, they can traverse the Karigudda Hill as long as they have acquired the necessary permit. The climb can be challenging especially with the rocky terrains. You would need climbing equipments to reach the top.

    2. Shivagange Hill - This is about 50 kms from Bangalore. This mountain is about 1,368 metres above sea level. Its shaped like a shivalinga and there's a nearby spring called Ganga, hence the name was derived. Here are some attractions in Shivagange Hill:
    • Olakal Teertha - This has a spring located in between the rocks, which is considered to be sacred. There's a narrow flight of stairs that can take you to the springs. It is believed that only the honest people can touch the water from the springs.
    • Nandi Statue - The statue is located at the highest peak of the hill. It was sculpted with just little space around it, that you cannot even go around it.
    • Patala Gange - This is a temple, its name means underground Ganges. The name was derived from the underground spring found at the entrance of the temple. The water from the spring keeps changing, sometimes it's as high as the knees and sometimes as low as the feet. To reach the inner sanctum, you'd have to pass through a narrow tunnel.
    • Gangadhareshwara Temple - This is an ancient temple dedicated to the Lord Shiva. It has a low roof and the lamps are the only sources of light inside the temple. There are some sculptures and carvings inside the temple, but they aren't well maintained. It is also believed that if you do an abhisheka with ghee here, it will turn into butter. This butter is believed to cure a person of any ailment.
    • Shantala Point - This is situated at about 500 feet from the hill's foot. It was named after Queen Shanthala, wife of Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana. Legend has it that the queen wasn't able to give birth to a child, hence she became depressed. She committed suicide at this point and some say that you can still hear her anklets at night time.

    3. Ramanagara - This is about 54 kms from Bangalore. There are seven major hills here, namely: Yatirajagiri, Shivaramagiri, Somagiri, Revannasiddeshwara Betta, Krishnagiri, Sidilakallu Betta and Jalasiddeshawara Betta. Some of the attractions here are the following:
    • Ramadevara Betta - This is yet another hill in Ramanagara. At the peak of the hill, the Ramadevara Temple. In Hindu mythology, this is where Lord Rama killed the demon Kakasura. From that day on, no crows were seen flying around the hill. Then, you can also visit the Rama Tirtha, a natural pond at the peak of the hill. Swimming here isn't permitted though as its depth is still not known.
    • Janapada Loka - This is a museum housing the village folk arts of Karnataka. It has different wings: Folk arts Museum, Loka Mahal, Chitra Kuteera, Doddamane, Shilamala, Arghyamala etc.
    • Kanva Reservoir - This is a reservoir formed from the Kanva River. It's a haven for bird watchers as migratory birds can be seen here.

    4. Channapatna - This is about 58 kms from Bangalore. This is also known as the toys town of Karnataka. It is famous for its wooden toys and lacquer. Some of the other attractions here are:
    • Maloor Aprameya Swamy Temple - Here you'll find a unique baby Krishna idol or the Sri Krishna Sanidhi. The main deities of the temple though are Aprameya and Thayar. There's a belief here that if a childless couple prays for a child here, they will get their wish soon after.
    • Kengal Aanjaneya Swamy Temple - The temple is dedicated to the Swayambu Hanuman. It is believed that your questions will be answered the first time that you visit this temple.

    Within 200 kms from Bangalore

    1. Kurudumale - This is about 116 kms from Bangalore. This is located in the Kolar District of Karnataka. The name was derived from Koodu and Malai, meaning meeting place. Legend has it that this is where the Gods descend to when they need some type of relaxation. Some of the attractions here are:
    • Ganesha Temple - There's a 13 feet statue of Lord Ganesha here. Legend has it that the statue was installed by the trio of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. Thus, the temple itself was built around the statue by the Vijayanagara kings. Also, the temple has different architectural styles because two architects designed it: Jakanachari and his son Dankanachari.
    • Someshwara Temple - The temple is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. It is even older than that Ganesha Temple and can be traced back to the Chola Rulers.

    2. Lepakshi - This is about 124 kms from Bangalore. This is an important archeological and religious site as well in the Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh. Here are some of the attractions in Lepakshi:
    • Veerabhadra Temple - This temple was built in the 16th Century by the Vijayanagara kings. The unique feature of the temple is its vibrant and exquisite carvings and paintings at every corner. The murals feature stories of Mahabharata, Ramayana and Puranas. The temple has three parts: the assembly hall, the ante chamber and the sanctorum. Also, the mysterious hanging pillar can be found here, the pillar doesn't lie on the floor and you can even pass thin stuff like paper or cloth below it.
    • Lepakshi Nandi - About 200 metres from the temple, the Nandi statue can be seen. This is a granite monolithic sculpture about 4.5 metres high and 8.23 metres long. This is one of the largest Nandi sculptures in the country.

    3. Somnathpur - This is about 137 kms from Bangalore. One of the three Hoysala designed temples can be found here. If you love religious and historical places, this is one of the best getaways from Bangalore to do that. Some of the attractions here are the following:
    • Prasanna Chennakeshava Temple - This is one of the three Hoysala temples in India. It was built by Somnatha in 1268 under the guidance of King Narasimha III. You can find it near the banks of the Cauvery River. There were three idols worshipped here: Keshava, Janardhana and Venugopala. However, the idol of Lord Yeshiva disappeared but the other two can still be found here. The unique feature of the temple is its 16 different ceilings depicting the different blooming stages of a banana plantain.
    • Talakad Panchalinga Temples - These temples are dedicated to the five forms of Lord Shiva. During the ancient times, about 30 temples are in Somnathpur that are dedicated to the Lord Shiva. However, many of them are gone now. Some of the remaining ones are the following: Pathaleshwara or Vasukishwara Temple, Maruleshwara or Saikateshwara Temple, Arkeshwara Temple, Vaidyanatheshwara Temple and Mallikarjuna Remple.
    • Barachukki & Gaganachukki Waterfalls - These falls are created by the Cauvery River. These waterfalls are about 75 metres above sea level as well and best visited just after the monsoon season.

    4. Horsley Hills - This is about 156 kms from Bangalore. These hills can be found in the village of Madanapalle of Chittoor District in Andhra Pradesh. It was named after WD Horsley who lived in the hills during the year 1870. This is about 1,265 metres above sea level. Some of the attractions here are:
    • Lake Gangotri - This lake is best visited during the monsoon season when it's all filled up with water. There are no boating facilities here though nor eateries. You can bring your own food and blanket to enjoy a picnic here though.
    • Gali Bandalu - This is also known as Windy Rocks. The name was derived from the rocky terrains here and the fact that winds blow here almost all day long. There's also a small lake nearby and a small park that you can visit.
    • Mallama Temple - This temple is dedicated to Goddess Mallamma. The story goes that the Horsley Hills was once named Yenugu Mallamma Konda. This is because a woman by the name Mallama used to live here and cure the people off their diseases. However, one day, she disappeared and from then on, the locals believed that she is a Goddess. The temple was built here dedicated to her.
    • Horsley Hills Zoo - This is just a small zoo with a few animals like peacocks, rabbits, pigeons, monkeys and crocodiles. But it's a nice place to visit especially for the nature lovers.
    • View Point - This is the highest peak in Horsley Hills. From its peak, you can enjoy the view of the valleys, hillocks and dense forests. It's best visited during the sunset as the gleam of the orange sunlight illuminates the views.

    There you go. I hope this helps.:)