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When Does It Snow In Kashmir?

Discussion in 'North India' started by VinayakG, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. VinayakG

    VinayakG New Member

    I would like to visit Kashmir and the main reason is to see the snow. I have not thought about doing any snow sports yet but it maybe something which I may consider, so there many be more questions on this topic later on.

    What time of the year does it snow in Kashmir?

    What part of Kashmir has snow?

    How many days do you recommend I should visit Kashmir for?

  2. JimmyKakkar

    JimmyKakkar New Member

    Snowfall in Kashmir is between November and March, and regarding seeing the snow you would be able to see it across most of Kashmir. Sonmarg is one place in Kashmir where you can see snow throughout the year as it snows in the summer as well.
    The duration of the trip would depend on what all you intend to do on your holiday. So if you give an idea to what you have planned then the number of days sufficient for the holiday can be suggested.

  3. VinayakG

    VinayakG New Member

    What about during June time, when there is a rush of tourists, I am not sure about this, it is only something which I have seen on the TV?
  4. Nisha Sharma

    Nisha Sharma New Member

    In the month of November to March you can see snow in Kashmir. At this time you can enjoy snow fall. But you should keep with your winter clothes.
  5. turtledove

    turtledove Member

    November to March generally, but it does often stop early or overrun. You should generally keep winter clothes with you at all times in that part anyway. The number of days depends on your plans and how many people you're going with really. Try and set apart at least two days for each place you're planning to visit or activity you plan to do, so that you get a good feel of it rather than just a taster. I hope you have a good time when you do go!