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Which is better Bangkok or Pattaya?

Discussion in 'Thailand' started by DaggarKul, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. DaggarKul

    DaggarKul New Member

    My family consists of my wife and our three children, two boys aged 12 and nine years old and a seven-year-old daughter. We will soon be making our first international trip to Thailand.
    The two destinations we chose in Thailand were Bangkok and Pattaya, but we have now decided that we would only visit one to make the holiday better and less tiring.

    We now are confused as to which is better Bangkok or Pattaya?

    We would like to get help from the forum to help us decide upon a destination out the two mentioned.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!



    The very heart of Thailand is its capital, Bangkok. Vibrant and lively, this city has been attracting backpackers all around the world. But even for the elites, the city has a wide array of luxury infrastructures, from five-star hotels to luxury shopping areas. In fact, that's the beauty of Bangkok, it is the very place where you can witness an intermingling of all social stratum in the country. It's where skyscrapers coexist with street food stalls. It's where railway lines exist with rickshaws. It's the place where heritage mixes with the new. And truly, a trip to Thailand won't be complete without exploring its capital, a diverse and chaotic, yet complete view of the culture of the country and its people.

    Nestled on the eastern coast of Thailand is the beach destination of Pattaya. It is located just two hours away from the capital and is usually an alternative for people who cannot afford the southern coasts of Thailand, particularly Phuket. For many, Pattaya is a hit or miss destination, there are some who adore the place while others give it less than a few stars. However, it takes a bit of an open eye and mind to understand and even enjoy the beauty of Pattaya. Past the popular beaches, past the vibrant night life, and you'd find some hidden gems about the destination. While it's not an important part of the tourist circuit, nor does it boast of white sand or turquoise beaches, Pattaya would satisfy the beach bums that are on a budget.

    Bangkok and Pattaya - A Comparison Guide

    1. Accessibility
    • Bangkok - Being the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is easily accessible from any other point of the country or even outside of the country. If reaching the city by air, you have two options, either reach the Suvarnabhumi International Airport or the Don Mueang International Airport. Out of these two airports, the Suvarnabhumi International Airport is more utilised. It has direct connections to international cities like Astana, Beijing, Delhi, Dhaka, Gaya, Hong Kong, Kolkata, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and many more. It also has domestic flights to cities like Chiang Mai, Krabi, Phuket and many more. The other airport, the Don Mueang International Airport, has flights from international cities like Bangalore, Changsha, Chennai, Colombo, Macau, Male, Taipei and many more. It is also directly connected to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Phuket, which are domestic destinations. Both of these airports are located about an hour away, more or less, from the city centre of Bangkok. You can easily board a bus or taxi to reach the city centre from any of these airports. Since Thailand also shares its borders with Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia, you can go by land from any of these places to reach the city of Bangkok as well. If coming from India, you'd usually start the journey from Manipur, then to Myanmar, before reaching Bangkok, known as the India Myanmar Thailand Trilateral Highway. However, this journey can be very expensive and also long, plus you need to bring your own vehicle, along with proper permits, for it to work. Still, the easiest way of reaching Bangkok would be by air, since it is directly connected to various cities of India by flight.
    • Pattaya - The nearest airport to Pattaya is known as the U-Tapao International Airport, which is about 30 kilometres away from the beach destination. This airport has only a few flights to and from international destinations like Irkutsk, Kuala Lumpur, Nanchang, Nanning and Shanghai. It also has domestic connections to cities like Chiang Mai, Hat Yai and Phuket. But as compared to the previous airports that Bangkok has, its connections are quite fewer, hence Pattaya isn't as easily accessible as Bangkok. If you're coming from India, you would need to reach Bangkok first by air, since this city has direct connections with other cities of India. From Bangkok, you can then ride a taxi or bus to reach Pattaya. You can refer to this thread for guidelines on how you can reach Pattaya from the Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok. It also touches on briefly about the bus services from the Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Pattaya. You can also, potentially, reach the coastal destination by land from the various border areas of the country with other countries. However, you would need to reach Bangkok first, and from there, you can find various buses or even trains that can take you to Pattaya.
    2. Safety
    • Bangkok - It's important to take note of the safety index of the city you're visiting, especially if you're with the little ones. In Bangkok, the crime index is at 48%, which is actually lower as compared to other cities of the country. The city does have moderate dangers when it comes to crimes like robbery or theft and drug incidents. However, it has lower rates when it comes to racism attacks or even hatred attacks. Thus, for nationalities of other countries, visiting Bangkok won't be as worrisome, especially if you're concerned about attacks on tourists or of other races in the city. Further, since the city is awake pretty much until late in the night or dawn, the safety index here is quite high, even during night time. With proper precautions and some care, you would feel quite safe in the city of Bangkok.
    • Pattaya - On the other hand, Pattaya isn't quite as safe as Bangkok, when it comes to the crime index. The beach destination has a crime index of 59% which is higher than that of Bangkok's. Petty crimes such as robbery, theft and vandalism are on the high in the beach city. On the other hand, racist attacks are quite moderate in the city as well. Assaults and armed robberies have higher percentages in Pattaya as well as compared to Bangkok. You can easily enjoy sightseeing during the day, but the red light areas might be a bit dangerous, especially during night time. All that being said, as long as you exercise your street smarts and vigilance, Pattaya can be a safe city for travellers still.
    3. Attractions
    • Bangkok - Bangkok is mainly a city destination, where you can find an assortment of heritage and modern sites to explore. Of course, when in Bangkok, it's a must to explore the religious sites of the city. The Temple of the Reclining Buddha, also known as the Wat Pho, is Bangkok's most popular temple. Its gold-gilded statue of the Reclining Buddha is sure to mesmerise you. Aside from this, the temple has a collection of other Golden Buddha statues in a sitting position scattered all around its premises. In total, there are over a thousand statues of Buddha in the temple, regarded as the grandest collection of Buddha statues in the country. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha, also known as the Wat Phra Kaew, is located in the Grand Palace Complex. This is a very exquisite and elegant temple, architecturally mesmerising because of the use of gold in the exteriors and interiors. It also holds the auspicious jade-gilded statue of Buddha, flanked by different clothes depending on the season. Then there's the Temple of the Golden Buddha, also known as the Wat Traimit, quite sparkling with its pure white facade and gold accents. It houses a statue of the Buddha, gilded in pure gold. Interestingly, for many years, the statue was covered in this plaster covering, which hid its truly pure golden beauty. For the history lovers, do visit The Chakri Group, a group of heavily British architecture buildings built during the 18th century under the reign of King Rama V. The set of three buildings still feature Thai-inspired spires and roof, which gives it this traditional look. For the little ones, museums like the Jim Thompson House, Museum of Contemporary Art, Art in Paradise and Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall Museum are worth exploring, to give them a glimpse of the art and culture of Bangkok. There are even one-of-a-kind museums like the Siriraj Medical Museum and Royal Thai Air Force Museum, if you still have time in the city. For more modern attractions, there's the Fantasia Lagoon and Siam Park City, both are theme parks with water rides that the little ones would enjoy. And finally, the Dusit Zoo has a nice number of animals, but they are caged for safety. There's also a lake here where the family can enjoy a simple boat ride in. All in all, Bangkok has a wide variety of attractions that the whole family can enjoy.
    The Grand Palace in Bangkok.jpg
    The Grand Palace in Bangkok (Image from Peerapong Prasutr)
    • Pattaya - Most tourists reach Pattaya for its palm-lined beaches. Pattaya Beach is the main beach here, but it's far from the envisioned beautiful beaches of the south. It is lively, that's for sure, there are many shacks around the shores which can quench your thirst or satisfy your hunger. It is also teeming with activities, from water sports to massage areas. However, the water of the beach isn't that clean and the crowds can be a bit noisy. For families, a better option is the Jomtien Beach, with its golden sands and clearer waters. It is not as bustling as the former beach but has a nice array of shacks to cater to the foodie's needs. A bit further from the city centre is the Wong Amat Beach, still relatively cleaner than the former beaches. However, its location is set amidst a more posh locality, so you do have to pay more for food and beverages. From the main beach of Pattaya, you can also take a boat ride to reach the Koh Lan, also known as Coral Island. The island features white-sand beaches and tons of water sports for the adventure enthusiasts. Once you're done with the beaches, Pattaya offers other sights for you as well. Perhaps the most popular of which is the Sanctuary of Truth, also known as the Prasat Sut Ja Tum, built under the commission of Lek Viriyahbhun during the 18th century. Though the hybrid palace temple is yet to be completed, it features towering statues of both Buddhist and Hindu concepts. The wooden structures were created without any modern technologies like nails or fasteners, only traditional techniques give life to the carvings. If you still have the time, trek to reach the Big Buddha of Pattaya, located amidst a hillock. It also gives one a panoramic view of the coastline of Pattaya. There are also numerous water parks in Pattaya like the Ramayana Water Park, Cartoon Network Amazone and Splash Down Action Park that the whole family can have a grand time in. Further, theme parks like the Mini Siam and Mini Europe can be a fascinating attraction for the little ones. A visit to the Anek Kuson Sala, a museum with collections of various Chinese terracotta statues, would also take you to another place right from Pattaya. The Art in Paradise Museum can be a fun-filled way to end your trip, where you can strike a pose in quirky and eccentric works of art.
    Koh Lan in Pattaya.jpg
    Koh Lan in Pattaya (Image from K. Alexey)

    4. Things To Do
    • Bangkok - Is your family quite adventurous when it comes to activities? Try out artificial surfing in Bangkok's very own Flow House, where waves can be found all-year round! There are even some instructors here which can take beginners through the basics of surfing. For just 750 THB, you can enjoy a full hour of surfing on artificial waves, right at the heart of the city. Maybe you're spending a few weeks in the city, why not try an authentic Muay Thai course? There are various gyms around the city, but the best-rated ones are that of RSM Academy and The Fight Lab. Maybe you'd rather watch a real Muay Thai fight, then you can head to stadiums like the Lumpini Stadium and Rajadamnern Stadium. If you're visiting Bangkok during the summer months, you can get some escape from the heat and have some fun too in the various ice skating rinks of Bangkok like Ice Planet and Imperial World Ice Skating. For the extreme sports lovers, the Peppermint Bike Park offers a wide range of ramps and elevated platforms for extreme cycling. For the families, head on over to the Safari World, where you can enjoy shows involving animals like sea lions, dolphins and elephants. Set out like a real marine and wildlife park, you can also view the animals in natural settings. Sea Life Bangkok has the same concept, showcasing marine animals in an aquarium-like setting, but prices can be very steep. You can even dive with the sharks in this attraction. At the end of your adventure tripping, make sure you take a sunset cruise in the Chao Phraya River. This a very laid-back but enjoyable activity that the whole family can appreciate.
    • Pattaya - Indulge in water sports in the Pattaya Beach ranging from jet skiing, banana boat riding and even parasailing. On the other hand, the Jomtien Beach is a hot spot for the water sport known as wind surfing. You can even try out the safer alternative to water skiing, known as water cable skiing, which can be done on the Pattaya Lakeland, located to the south of Pattaya Beach. In the Koh Lan, also known as Coral Island, activities like underwater sea walking, snorkelling and diving can be done, aside from the usual water sports. Aside from water sports, there are tons that adventure seekers can do in Pattaya. For the families, a visit to quirky museums such as Ripley's Believe It or Not and Bottle Art Museum can make the little ones appreciate science and art in a more enjoyable way. On the other hand, the Frost Magical Ice of Siam has ice sculptures based off of local mythologies. The lower temperatures can be a relief, especially around the hot areas of Pattaya. Fun places like the Pattaya Sheep Farm and Teddy Bear Museum caters to children especially, as they interact with cuddly sheep species and furry bears. Then, there's the
      Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, a huge garden comprising of many themes, like an orchids section, a cacti section and pottery garden. Further, there is a daily show at the Thai Cultural Hall located within the garden, usually of whimsical local themes. The elephant show is also quite fantastic, with the whole family of elephants performing sports and showcasing their unique abilities. For those who would love to get closer to animals, the Khao Kheow Open Zoo gives you that opportunity and more. This is an enclosure but uniquely, there is little space between the animals and humans. You can indulge in photo ops and even feeding activities when in here. For the open-minded individuals, why not see the other side of Pattaya? That is, by indulging in the dazzling ladyboy shows, with theaters like the Alangkarn Theatre and Tiffany Theatre. Yup, as you can see, Pattaya might not be as vast as Phuket or Krabi, but the number of activities that one can do here isn't lacking.
    5. Best Time to Visit
    • Bangkok - Generally, Bangkok has three seasons, namely: Cool Season, Hot Season and Rainy Season. Bangkok has a tropical climate all-year round with humidity almost on high all throughout the year. The Cool Season is the city's designated Winter Season, extending from November to February. This is also considered as the peak tourist season of Bangkok. Temperatures don't exceed 32°C during this season and rain showers are few. It is the best time for sightseeing and enjoying the festivities of the city. You can also enjoy the sights of lanterns being released unto the air or water bodies, the festival known as Loy Krathong Festival, held during the month of November. By the onset of March, the official Hot Season, also known as Summer Season, begins. This is not the best time to visit Bangkok as temperatures can go as high as 40°C and even beyond. By April, temperatures and humidity remain higher, but the Songkran Festival sees the locals splashing waters on one another and even tourists. This is an off-peak season so you can enjoy great discounts but remember to keep yourself hydrated. The season continues until the month of June, though rain showers are rampant by this time. The last season is the Rainy Season or the so-called Monsoon Season, extending from July to October. Temperatures are slightly lower, around 33°C but humidity still remains high. Onsets of rain occur mostly during afternoons, so make sure you plan your day ahead. For those in a tight budget, visiting during the monsoon can save you some money, since many hotels offer hefty discounts to lure in travellers.
    Rainy Bangkok.jpg
    Rainy Bangkok (Image from Shankar S.)
    • Pattaya - We can also divide Pattaya's climate into three categories, namely: Cool Dry Season, Hot Humid Season and Rainy Season. Much like Bangkok, Pattaya has a tropical climate, with maximum humidity during summers. The Cool Dry Season extends from December until February, which can be considered as Pattaya's peak tourist season. Usually, temperatures remain around 30°C during this time, so they're slightly lower as compared to Bangkok's. During February, the Wonder Fruit Festival of Pattaya is also held at the Siam Country Club. An amalgamation of music, food and eco-friendly attractions awaits you in this unique festival. Now, from March to April, these are the months considered as the Hot Humid Season. Temperatures can go beyond 31°C and humidity is at its all time high. Rain showers are a common occurrence though they are short-lived and not as detrimental to sightseeing. During March, the Pattaya Music Festival is held, while the Songkran Festival is held during the month of April. The last season is the Rainy Season, extending from May to November, with September and October as the wettest months. Temperatures remain roughly the same, coupled with humidity, the overall climate can be very uncomfortable. This is considered as the off-peak tourist season of Pattaya, wherein you can enjoy lesser crowds and greater discounts. Do make sure that you have a very flexible schedule during this time as flooding can occur in many areas of Pattaya.
    Gloomy Pattaya.jpg
    Gloomy Pattaya (Image from Tina)

    6. Staying Options
    • Bangkok - Wondering how long can your rupees go with hotels in Bangkok? You'd be surprised that even for just as little as Rs. 1,500 per night, you can find decent accommodation options in the city. Bangkok is often touted as a backpacker's haven, owing to the huge number of hostels and dormitories here that can cater to the solo travellers. But even for those who want an affordable stay, but do not want to resort to staying to bed-only accommodations, you have plenty of options. With that amount of money, try out hotels like Suksawad Hotel or Aryan Suites. These hotels are very much on the budget range but won't compromise on comfort or hygiene. A bit more upscale choices are Royal View Resort and Silom City Hotel, with rates under Rs. 4,500 per night. For luxury travellers, The Siam, Mandarin Oriental and Anantara Siam Bangkok are all available in the city. Their rates are around Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000 per night. Overall, Bangkok has a wide assortment of staying options, whether you're a budget traveller, mid-range traveller or luxury traveller, you have options to suit all your needs.
    • Pattaya - Pattaya also has a wide range of staying options, ranging from budget ones to luxury ones. If you're okay with a just the basics property, try out either Red Horse Resort or Southern Star Resorts, both of them have room rates under Rs. 1,000 per night. Hotel options that are on the mid-range can be Le Viman Resort or FX Hotel, both have rates under Rs. 3,500 per night. For those who like spending on their hotels, you can try out Hilton Pattaya, Royal Wing Suites & Spa or Intercontinental Pattaya Resort. All these five-star hotels have rates averaging around Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 22,000 per night. As compared to Bangkok, the staying options in Pattaya are a bit more affordable, especially if you're looking at the higher end ones.
    7. Food Options
    • Bangkok - Who goes to Bangkok without tasting the authentic local Thai cuisine? While we can find Thai cuisine in many restaurants abroad, nothing beats tasting the cuisine from where it originated from. Aside from local street food stalls, you might want to sample Thai food in more hygienic and formal settings. For that, try out either Thip Samai or Somtum Der. The former serves the best-tasting Pad Thai in the city, yes, it can even beat the delicious versions in the streets. The latter serves the lesser known Isaan cuisine, which is a region less explored in Thailand. For a more affordable but still authentic Thai cuisine, try out the Cozy House Restaurant. The restaurant has a number of favourite Thai dishes like Shrimp Pad Thai, Green Curry and Chicken Fried Rice. Further, there are fine dining restaurants like Nahm (Metropolitan Hotel) and Bo Lan, which serve fusion and authentic Thai cuisine in a more exquisite setting. If ever you get tired of Thai food, highly unlikely, there are international cuisine restaurants all around the city as well.
    • Pattaya - Pattaya also has many options when it comes to dining experiences, specifically with local Thai cuisine. Jasmin's Cafe has Thai and European cuisines. Both are regarded very tasty but together, they provide one with an authentic dining experience. Usual dishes such as Pad Thai, Pepper Chicken and Stir Fried Chicken are best sellers here. Also worth trying is the Mai Thai Cuisine Restaurant, noted as having the best Green Thai Curry in Pattaya. Other authentic Thai cuisine restaurants to try are Sandbar by the Sea and Natan's. Do you enjoy having a view of the sea while dining? Restaurants like The Glass House and Elements will entice you with their out-of-this-world seaside views and delectable Thai dishes. For more affordable dining options, try out either Krua Nha Bann or Tamar Bakery & Restaurant. Again, apart from Thai cuisine, Pattaya have restaurants specialising in French, Italian, Chinese and Indian cuisines as well.
    8. Transportation
    • Bangkok - Getting around Bangkok is very easy, as the city has an extensive public transportation systems. For one, the city's bus network is very extensive, with even three bus stations to cater to the needs of both locals and foreigners. There's the Mo Chit Bus Terminal, for northern destinations, the Ekkamai Bus Terminal, for eastern destinations and the Sai Tai Mai Taling Chan Bus Terminal, for southern destinations. For point to point travel within the city, there are both public and private buses available to the passenger's needs. For short-distance trips, the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority operates the buses. For long-distance trips, the The Transport Corporation Limited operates the buses. The city is also served by various railway stations, with the main one being the Hua Lamphong Railway Station. In Bangkok alone, there are three main railway lines, namely: the Skytrain (BTS), the Subway (MRT) and the Airport Rail Link (ARL). It doesn't end there though, Bangkok has an extensive canal transportation system. You can opt for the faster river taxis, also known as Express Boats, or the slower long tail boats. There are also private river cruise ships as well as private hotel boats running on the canals. For shorter distances, you can opt for taxis, motorcycle taxis or even tuk tuks.
    Skytrain in Bangkok.jpg
    Skytrain in Bangkok (Image from Ilya Plekhanov)
    • Pattaya - The Hua Mak Railway Station in Bangkok is directly connected to Pattaya via the Pattaya Railway Station. However, the train only runs on weekdays from Bangkok to Pattaya and vice versa. You can utilise this train to reach Pattaya from Bangkok or vice versa. For transport around Pattaya, most locals rely on either the songthaews or buses. Songthaews are basically pick-up trucks that have been converted into an open-air public transportation means. You can usually find them all around Pattaya and you can negotiate fare rates with them. In contrast, buses are fewer in Pattaya but you can find them on main roads and some fixed routes. There are usually buses for the main points around Pattaya and Jomtien. For shorter distance, motorcycle taxis are common around the coastal city of Pattaya. There are also normal taxis that you can hire but they would be priced a bit higher.
    Songthaew in Pattaya.jpg
    Songthaew in Pattaya (Image from Ilya Plekhanov)

    9. Shopping
    • Bangkok - To truly experience the local way of shopping, you must pay a visit to any of the street markets of Bangkok. The most famous of which would have to be the Chatuchak Weekend Market, where you find stalls after stalls after stalls, literally. Spread over 14 hectares of shopping experience, there are about 8,000 stalls here to satisfy the shopaholic in you. Goods like jewelries, handicrafts, clothes, shoes and furnitures can all be found here. Haggling is permitted here so bargain to your heart's content to get good deals. Other street market worth checking out are the Platinum Market, Victory Monument Market, Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin Market and Talad Rot Fai Ratchada Market. Another favourite, especially for wholesale shopping, is the Sam Peng Market, just behind the Chinatown of Bangkok. You can buy souvenirs such as textiles, dried foods and snacks in this market. These are all the markets for the budget-savvy individuals, who don't mind busting a sweat a bit when shopping. On the other hand, Bangkok also has a number of upbeat shopping areas like Central World, Siam Centre and Siam Paragon. Luxury brands can be found in these shopping centres plus they are all air-conditioned so you an definitely beat the heat of the city. Keep in mind that luxury items are usually priced higher in Bangkok. Off the beaten track shopping areas like MBK Centre and Union Mall are for the trendy and fashionable individuals who don't want to compromise on style but also don't want to spend much on luxury brands. Oh, and a trip to Bangkok won't be complete without exploring and buying something from its floating markets. If you want to go the commercialised and touristy way, the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is the best for that. It is every bit as crowded and vibrant, with floating boats selling knick knacks, fruits, meals and everything else. Other lesser known floating markets are that of Talin Chan and Bang Nam Pheung.
    • Pattaya - To rival Bangkok's popular weekend market is Pattaya's Thepprasit Night Market. The market is open only from Thursdays to Saturdays, from early evening until late evening. It cannot compare to the 8,000 stalls of Chatuchak but it has over 200 stalls selling various items like clothing, jewelries, handbags and other souvenirs. Haggling is also permitted here so make sure you bargain until you get it. Other worth exploring markets are the Pattaya Night Bazaar in Southern Pattaya and the Jomtien Night Bazaar in Jomtien Beach. There are also many malls around Pattaya though they're not as plenty as the ones in Bangkok. Favourites here are Central Festival, Royal Garden Plaza and Central Centre. For a more authentic shopping experience, maybe you'd like to shop for handicrafts, try out the One Tambon, One Product Market in Naklua. Even the Mimosa Market in Jomtien specialises in such handicrafts, in addition to the pretty French residential houses. Finally, the Pattaya Floating Market is another must visit. Think of it as a less commercialised version of the floating markets of Bangkok.
    10. Duration of Stay
    • Bangkok - Bangkok can be explored in as little as two days or in as much as a few weeks. It all depends on your itinerary and your travel goals. If you are pressed for time, two to three days can give you enough time to explore the mainstream attractions of the city. If you have enough time, allot at least a week to fully explore the mainstream attractions along with off the beaten track ones. You can allot a whole day for the temples of Bangkok, another whole day for the heritage sites and another day just for shopping. If you want to taste the local cuisine or indulge in adventure activities, then allot another day or two for them. The remaining days can be your buffer days for sudden emergencies or delays.
    • Pattaya - Pattaya is mainly a beach destination, so you can spend your few days lazing on the beach. If you're okay with just exploring the coastal areas and islands, then two to three days would be enough for Pattaya. If your family is more into a mixture of beach destinations and sightseeing, then five days would be enough for Pattaya. If your children loves theme parks, since there are many around Pattaya, add in another day or two for that.
    Summary of Comparison Guide

    To further clarify your concerns with both destinations, here's a summary of the comparison guide above. It will give you an overview of what these two destinations can offer to travellers.

    Summary of Comparison of Bangkok and Pattaya

    AccessibilityEasily AccessibleMore Remote and Harder to AccessBangkok
    SafetyCrime Index at 48%Crime Index at 59%Bangkok
    AttractionsHeritage Sites, Religious Sites, Museums and WildlifeBeaches, Heritage Sites, Theme Parks and MuseumsBoth
    Things To DoSeveral (Surfing, Muay Thai or Cruise)Plenty (Water Sports, Quirky Museums or Interacting with Wildlife)Pattaya
    Best Time to VisitCool SeasonCool Dry SeasonBoth
    Staying OptionsVaried (More Expensive)Varied (Cheaper)Pattaya
    Food OptionsLocal and InternationalLocal and InternationalBoth
    TransportationExtensive (Train, Bus, Taxi or Tuk Tuks)Few (Songthaews, Buses and Motorcycle Taxis)Bangkok
    ShoppingMarkets and Malls (More Options)Markets and Malls (Less Options)Bangkok
    Duration of StayTwo Days to One WeekTwo to Five DaysBoth
    In many aspects, Bangkok wins, primarily in areas like accessibility, safety, local transportation system and shopping areas. There are some aspects that Pattaya dominates though like the slightly cheaper staying options and the number of activities that are suitable for the young and older ones. In some aspects like the attractions, food options, best time to visit and also the duration of stay, both destinations tie with one another. In the end, it's still up to you which destination to choose since this is merely a guide.


    To sum it all up, Bangkok is a cultural destination, a great place to learn more about the heritage of Thailand, both in older and modern times. If your family loves religious attractions, Bangkok has a number of amazing temples to keep you occupied for a day or two. If you love heritage sites, Bangkok also has a myriad of that, showcasing what traditional Thai architecture looks like even. The chaos and vibrancy of Bangkok is unparalleled and some even say, a trip to Thailand won't be complete without visiting its capital. Even for the little ones, Bangkok is a great destination, to showcase to them how this side of the world lives, different from any other city that you might encounter. Sure, Bangkok won't have palm-lined shores nor islands to explore, but the rich history of the city is enough to keep you busy for the duration of your stay.

    Pattaya is one of Thailand's beach destinations, perhaps an easily accessible one, unlike Phuket or Krabi. Unlike the two as well, it is more affordable and not as vibrant, but good enough for those who are craving for the beaches. This is crowded though, unlike the pristine beaches of the south, so seeing travellers won't be uncommon. But for child-friendly attractions like water parks, theme parks and museums, Pattaya also have them. On the other hand, water sports and other adventure activities, even wildlife activities, they can also be done in Pattaya. Thus, if you want a place away from the city, Pattaya is a good option, especially if you don't have the budget for Phuket or Krabi. However, Pattaya's beaches won't compare to the ones in the aforementioned two destinations.

    I hope this helps you!:)