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Which is better Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur?

Discussion in 'Thailand' started by AditiMetha, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. AditiMetha

    AditiMetha New Member

    I have joined the forum to find out which is better Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur as a holiday destination. These two places are offering the best deals currently, so it is a choice only between these two. But after looking at the places, they both look like good places to visit. Bangkok is a very popular with travelers and Kuala Lumpur is less popular but seems equally good.

    I would also like to know which destination has more to offer and different to see. I do have some doubts have Bangkok beaches maybe a bit dirty, but I need that to be clarified.

    When I plan to go on holiday, I would be staying at the destination for ten days.

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