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Which is better for honeymoon Maldives or Mauritius?

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by JaminiJatan, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. JaminiJatan

    JaminiJatan New Member

    I am going on my honeymoon in the next two weeks. The two shortlisted destinations are Maldives and Mauritius, both of which look fantastic. It has become quite hard to decide which one destination we should choose, and I thought it would be good to get some advice from a travel forum, where we would get some opinions from people who have traveled and been to either one of the destinations.

    Both are beach destinations and provide over water accommodation, how can we tell which is better for honeymoon Maldives or Mauritius?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there, welcome to the forum!

    If your idea of a honeymoon destination is lounging around under the sun and enjoying the clear, blue tropical waters, then the beaches of Maldives and Mauritius are good choices. The dilemma is, what destination do you choose between these two? Both have pristine water and white sands, teeming underwater marine life that it's difficult to decide between the two. After all, you do need your honeymoon to be as perfect as you'd like it to be.

    Maldives or Mauritius for honeymoon1.jpg

    On the one hand, we have the Maldives, an island country in the Indian Ocean, with over 1,200 islands you won't run out of beaches to explore. Of these islands, only 200 are inhabited and under a hundred are resorts set amidst their own islands. Staying in the Maldives is truly like owning a part of the country, even if it's only just for a short time. Almost every beach here have white, soft sands along with turquoise waters.

    Maldives or Mauritius for honeymoon2.jpg

    Then, on the other hand, we have the Mauritius, a mountain/volcano island situated off the Indian Ocean as well. The country also has numerous and beautiful beaches with plenty of water sports to choose from. With its numerous hotels, ranging from budget to luxury ones, you also won't run out of choices. Not to mention the colonial structures that you can also explore, giving you a glimpse of the bygone era that once flourished in the country.

    So let us highlight the differences between these two honeymoon destinations, so you can decide which one best fits you:

    1. Accessibility
    • Maldives - There are regular flights from Asian countries like India and China and even from other countries from Europe and the Middle East to the Male International Airport of Maldives. Everyone is entitled to a visa on arrival privilege which makes the country more accessible for most people. However, cruises to the islands are very limited so reaching it by ship can be more difficult.
    • Mauritius - There are also regular flights from Asian countries like India and Singapore and European countries like London and Paris to the Mauritius International Airport. There are also regular cruises plying to the different islands of the country. The downside is that some countries are restricted to the visa on arrival policy of the country. These countries, which need to obtain visas prior to entering Maldives, are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Laos, Libya, Mali, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Vietnam and Yemen. All the remaining countries are entitled to a visa on arrival policy.
    2. Expenses
    • Maldives - The country is mostly dubbed as a luxury destination. So for starters, air fare would be around $200 to $300 per person, for a one-way trip. Daily expenses vary but with a budget accommodation, expect to pay around $300 per day and with a mid-range to luxury accommodation, expect to pay around $400 to $900 per day.
    • Mauritius - The good thing about Mauritius is that you have a lot of options, from budget flight carriers to budget accommodations. Air fare would also be around $200 to $300 per person, for a one-way trip. Daily expenses could be as low as $150 and can go as high as $300. Thus, if budget is a concern, Mauritius would be a better option for you.
    3. Attractions
    • Maldives - The main attractions in Maldives are its beaches and diving spots. For the most unique underwater marine life, places such as Bluetribe Moofushi and Manta Point are regarded as the best ones of their kinds in the country. Although there's a limited number of other attractions, you can also set out to visit historical places such as the Friday Mosque and the Utheemu Ganduvaru. Thus, the Maldives is regarded mostly as a destination for relaxing. There are only a limited number of attractions that you can visit apart from the beaches here.
    Maldives or Mauritius for honeymoon3.jpg
    • Mauritius - On the other hand, Mauritius is a little bit more commercialized than the Maldives. Hence, you can find more places to explore and visit here, aside from the beautiful beaches. For instance, there's the Black River Gorges National Park, where you would be able to trek and view the virgin forests of the region. If you're lucky, you might be able to spot some of the endemic species of birds to the region like the Mauritius kestrel, the pink pigeon and the Mauritius parakeet. The Grand Bassin Lake is also worth a visit, a high altitude lake, with a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva nearby. In Chamarel, you can visit the highest waterfalls in the country and also the seven hued sand dunes. For the history lovers, there's the Chateau De Labourdonnais, built around the 18th century by Christian Wiehe, one of the most prominent influencers at that time. As you can see, Mauritius has plenty of attractions to be explored so if ever you get tired of the beaches, you won't need to worry about other places that you can visit.​
    Maldives or Mauritius for honeymoon4.jpg

    4. Beaches
    • Maldives - Most of the beaches in the Maldives are taken over by resorts thus the only way to access them is by staying in one of these resorts. The good thing about these beaches is that they're relatively less crowded and secluded. So for a honeymoon, they are perfect destinations and would provide you and your loved one with the much needed privacy. Some of the best beaches here are the Fulhadhoo Beach, Maadhoo Beach and White Shell Beach. You won't be disappointed with the beaches here though, all are very clean, with abundant marine life and has soft powdery sands.
    • Mauritius - Generally, Mauritius beaches are more crowded than the Maldives beaches. Most of the western coast beaches are more crowded but still very beautiful and clean. You can venture further into the eastern coast or the southern coast for more secluded beaches. Keep in mind though that facilities might be sparse in these regions. Some of the best beaches here are the La Cuvette Beach, Belle Mare Beach and Flic En Flac Beach. These beaches are more secluded and suitable for honeymoon couples. Just like the beaches of Maldives, the beaches have turquoise waters and powdery white sands still.
    5. Activities
    • Maldives - There's not much activities that you can do in the Maldives. The usual diving and snorkelling are probably the best rated activities here, with the rich underwater marine life of the beaches here. You can also try and spot dolphins which are quite easy to see on the beaches of Maldives. Lastly, a trip to the Maldives won't be complete without venturing out into the sea on the traditional wooden sailboat of the locals called the dhoni.
    Maldives or Mauritius for honeymoon5.jpg
    • Mauritius - Aside from diving and snorkelling, there's a variety of water sports that you can do in the Mauritius. Examples include parasailing, water skiing, surfing, kayaking, underwater sea walking and sea hovering. Dolphin and whale spotting are also top rated activities in the islands. For the nature lovers, there's hiking and trekking that you can do as well in the different areas and terrains of Mauritius. You can also indulge in partying as Mauritius has a very active night life.
    Maldives or Mauritius for honeymoon6.jpg
    6. Cuisine
    • Maldives - The local cuisine in Maldives is mainly comprised of fish and seafood ingredients. This is not surprising as the country is mainly surrounded by sea. What gives their dishes a unique flavor is the use of coconut which adds to the aroma and taste of their dishes. To truly enjoy Maldivian cuisine, it's better to sample dishes in the local restaurants instead of the hotel restaurants. Do try out authentic local dishes like mas huni, which is smoked fish with coconuts and onions and keemia, which is deep fried fish rolls.
    • Mauritius - With a blend of Indian, French, Chinese and African influences, Mauritian cuisine is quite unique. Just like Maldivian dishes, they are mainly comprised of fishes and seafoods. One of the most popular dishes here is the vindaye, preserved and dried fish spiced with chilli, garlic and vinegar. Another must try dish here is the gateau piment, mainly a snack, made from peas, chillis, corianders and onions. It's best to sample the local cuisine from street food stalls or local eateries though.
    There you go, I hope this guide helps you in deciding which is the perfect honeymoon destination for you from Maldives or Mauritius. I would say that for a more laid-back and relaxing honeymoon, Maldives would be a good choice. On the other hand, for a more adventurous honeymoon, then Mauritius would be a better choice for that.

    Good luck and enjoy your honeymoon!:)
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  3. djtravels

    djtravels Member

    Wow, that is a very detailed comparison of the two destinations. As someone who likes places where tourism is better developed and someone who wouldn't like to spend more than needed amounts, I would definitely choose Mauritius over Maldives. I can see that in terms of activities as well, there are fewer things to do in Maldives. So, in that sense as well, Mauritius wins hands down. Of course, that's just my opinion.
  4. Cwebster

    Cwebster New Member

    The gorgeousness of Maldives has long come with a hefty price tag, but it's still possible to travel this country on a budget