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Which is better Nepal or Sri Lanka?

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Sunil Wadwa, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Sunil Wadwa

    Sunil Wadwa New Member

    I have joined the forum so that I am able to get some advice on a holiday destination.

    My wife and I would like to celebrate or wedding anniversary at a holiday destination and the two destinations which we can not decide between are Nepal and Sri Lanka.

    We would like to know which is better Nepal or Sri Lanka?

    We plan to go on holiday in October, so keep this in mind, as we want the weather to be good wherever we go.

    If you think one destination is better than the other but not good to visit it in October, then please state, as we would probably alter the traveling dates.

  2. Sajay

    Sajay New Member

    You might know it for being home to the highest mountain in the world, but Nepal is that and so much more. A land of ancient customs, well preserved temples and generous people. Visit the ancient shrines in Katmandu and the glitzy casinos. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Annapurna range from Pokhara and its beautiful lake. Let the wildlife at Chitwan amaze you.


    An island of rainforests, beaches and Buddhism, Sri Lanka has for long been kept under the wraps thanks largely to its previous civil strife. Teeming with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Sri Lanka is a Pandora's box of alluring destinations waiting to be explored. Largely uncharted thanks to internal strife over the past couple of decades, erstwhile Ceylon is now coming into its own. This island country has, for over 2000 years now, been a stronghold for Buddhism with ancient relics to prove including the world's (apparently) oldest tree planted by man. The Fourth Buddhist Council got together in this very land and decided to write down their Buddhist teachings on palm leaves for safe keeping instead of just oral teachings. Walk through dirt roads in quaint villages, hike through lush tea plantations with their colonial aftertaste, and sun bathes on gorgeous beaches for an experience like none other. Short distances mean you are never too far away from any kind of geography that this island offers, from its beaches to the highlands and jungles. Elephants roam free in the parks here, but so does the leopard before it drags its kill up a tree. Well-organized safari tours offer a brilliant opportunity to map jungles here as well.

    Both of these destinations are amazing in their own accord - and you can safely assume that either one will be an amazing thing for you. If you need help planning your trip - you can get in touch with me.

    All the best!
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