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Beach huts in Palolem

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by benzon, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. benzon

    benzon New Member


    Can you recommend some place where we can book 7-8 beach huts in advance, we are a group of 14 travelers and want to stay in Palolem area. Please suggest some good beach huts and prices.


  2. DelorisTen

    DelorisTen New Member


    I am in Arambol, Goa right now and have stayed in Palolem for some time, I can suggest you two places in Palolem beach:
    1. The Nest: It's right on the Palolem beach and anyone can tell you the way if you are on or near Palolem beach, tariff for standard hut would be INR. 1200 till March 31 and INR. 900 from April 1.
    2. Chattai Beach Huts: It's also right on Palolem beach only, and you will love the view from here (I find it better than The Nest). Tariff would be same as Nest. In fact all of the hotels on Palolem beach have the same tariff for standard beach huts.
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  3. Neel

    Neel New Member

    Sevas Beach Huts are the best option to go for and I would defiantly recommend them. Prices of the huts are between Rs800 to Rs2500 depending on the hut type you go for. The tariff is much expensive between December 15th to January 15th and the prices for the same huts go from Rs2200 to Rs4500.