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Best hotel deals in Goa

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by Jhaanvi, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Jhaanvi

    Jhaanvi New Member

    This year I want to go Goa for a holiday and spend some time at the beach. I have been looking at some hotels and resorts, and the good ones are slightly on the higher side. I want to know when the best hotel deals in Goa are available?

    I don't want to be going in the off-peak time, but it's not necessary that I have to be in the high peak time either. It should be a time when I can go into the sea, and the weather is good, the main aspect is the accommodation and that a good one for a decent cost.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Jhaanvi, welcome to the forum!

    (Images from Andrea, Vaibhav San, Andy Weisner and Uspn)


    Goa is India's most popular beach destination, no doubt about it. Its mesmerising beaches, the influence of the Portuguese in many of its structures and the delectable seafood dishes all combine to make for a memorable vacation. Both local and foreign tourists alike throng to the state to explore its beauty, all throughout the year. But just like any other tourist destination, there are times in a year when Goa is more crowded, known as the peak tourist season. Similarly, there are also times when Goa receives much less tourists, known as the off-peak tourist season. It's important to know when these seasons occur so you can plan your holiday more easily and accurately.

    Tourist Seasons in Goa

    Generally, we can divide the tourist seasons of Goa into five, namely: Peak Tourist Season (Winter), Mid-Season (Post Winter), Regular Season (Summer), Off-Peak Tourist Season (Monsoon) and Regular Season (Post Monsoon). We would discuss each tourist season more in-depthly below so that you can choose which is the best season for you to visit Goa in.

    1. Peak Tourist Season (Winter) - The Peak Tourist Season extends from December to January, specifically from the middle of December until the last few days of January. This is the busiest time of the year for Goa, wherein crowds are inevitable especially around the central areas of the state. As a result, rates for accommodation are at the highest during this time. Plus, if you are not able to book a room for your preferred popular hotel in advance, you might end up having to find another hotel option. If you are on a tight budget, this is not the best time for you to visit Goa. Aside from higher hotel rates, tour packages, car rental rates and even flights cost higher during this time. But if you want to enjoy the beaches of Goa, these months are the best for that, since the seas are calmer and the availability of activities are plenty. From jet skiing, to water skiing, to boating, to banana boat riding and even parasailing, you can do them all during this time. In addition, beach shacks and restaurants are all operational during this season. If you love partying, most clubs, pubs and bars are open too during this time. The milder temperatures, around 26°C to 30°C, and drier season allows for lots of sightseeing too. If not for the crowds, expensive rental rates and flights, the Peak Tourist Season is considered as the best time for visiting Goa.
    • Months - December to January
    • Advantages - Availability of All Tourist Facilities, Calmer Seas and Best Time for Partying
    • Disadvantages - Crowds and Non-Existent Hotel Discounts
    2. Mid-Season (Post Winter) - The Mid-Season extends from February to March, sometimes even until the first few weeks of April. As the name suggests, this is the time in Goa when crowds aren't too high but still quite many as compared to the other seasons that would be mentioned below. If you venture further to the north or to the south, away from the centre of Goa, you're bound to find some more serene or tranquil beaches. But if you want to explore the central part of Goa, you still need to book for rooms well in advance as most of the popular hotels might be fully booked by this time. Temperatures during this time start to climb higher, reaching 32°C at times. It is still part of the dry season so seas are calm and there's still a myriad of water sports available for the tourists. When it comes to the hotel rates, they are still on the higher side during this time. However, as compared to the Peak Tourist Season, rates are comparatively lower and you can even get 30% discount rates on some properties. Beach shacks, restaurants and bars remain open during this season too so there's still lots of options when it comes to dining.
    • Months - February to March/April
    • Advantages - Availability of All Tourist Facilities, Calmer Seas and Mild Climate
    • Disadvantages - Some Crowds and Only Partial Hotel Discounts
    3. First Regular Season (Summer) - Next is the First Regular Season which extends from April to May, sometimes until the middle of June. This is the time when crowds get considerably thinner though not completely gone yet. The more remote areas of Goa, like Benaulim in the south or Pernem in the north, would appear more like ghost towns as compared to the central areas. But even the centre of Goa, like Panaji, Baga, Calangute or Candolim, remain relatively less crowded and moving around seems much more peaceful and easier. Temperatures are at their all-time high during this time, even reaching 35°C during the month of May. The tourists around Goa are mostly Indians during this season as summer vacation for many schools begin by April and continue until May or June. Since most tourists are attracted to the central part of Goa, accommodation rates here are still on the higher side. Thus, if you're visiting during this time, make sure you venture into the south or to the north for more discounted rates. Usually, you can find rooms that are 40% less in tariffs as compared to the Peak Tourist Season. Activities are still plentiful during this time though the heat can be uncomfortable. The seas are still relatively calm, expect around June when rainfalls start to lash out on the region.
    • Months - April to May/June
    • Advantages - Less Crowds, Calmer Seas, Lots of Activities and Less Rates on Hotels
    • Disadvantages - Higher Temperatures and Central Goa Still Crowded
    4. Off-Peak Tourist Season (Monsoon) - The Off-Peak Tourist Season extends from the end of June until September. Temperatures remain around 28°C to 31°C during this time. But the main feature of this season is the torrential rains, which mostly occurs during the months of June and July, with the latter having the heaviest amount of rainfall in a year. The beauty of Goa is quite stunning during this season, as lush greenery envelopes the region. But if you're someone who loves swimming in the sea, you might prefer to give this season a skip. The waves are rougher during this time and the water might not be as clear. Swimming, although permitted, might pose some dangers especially to those who aren't adept swimmers. On the other hand, if you're someone who loves lazing around the sands, curling with just a good book and enjoying the view around, then you might consider this season. The crowds are truly lesser and it is only those who are truly adventurous or are nature lovers that visit Goa during this time. Even the areas of Baga and Calangute remain quite serene during this time. When it comes to the hotel rates, they are at their lowest during this time. In fact, you can expect around 50% discounts when it comes to accommodation options, even in luxury properties. But when it comes to dining options, many beach shacks and restaurants are closed during this time. The same goes for many clubs and bars, so if you enjoy partying, it's best to avoid this season. Further, most water sports are not available during this time, except maybe for surfing. In the Mandovi River, river rafting can also be enjoyed just before the monsoon ends. And finally, for the most adventurous individuals, a trekking trip to the Dudhsagar Waterfalls is a must during this time.
    • Months - June/July to September
    • Advantages - No Crowds, High Discount on Accommodations and Natural Greenery
    • Disadvantages - Torrential Rain Showers and Less Facilities for Tourists
    5. Second Regular Season (Post Monsoon) - The last season is the Second Regular Season, which extends from October to November. Hotel rates are still lower during this time as compared to the Peak Tourist Season. But discounts are not that high as compared to the Off-Peak Tourist Season. Crowds begin to flock to Goa but you can still enjoy some tranquil time around the more remote areas of Goa. Temperatures are around 27°C to 29°C during this time. The best part is that the seas are calmer so you can now enjoy swimming or lazing on the beach. Water sports are available by this time already but it is only by the end of October that all water sports can be enjoyed. Rain showers rarely occur and the skies are clearer by this time too. Hotel discounts vary between 30% to 40% but as the end of November approaches, rates are on the higher side. Most restaurants, beach shacks and bars are opened by this time as well. The presence of foreign tourists are inevitable during this time too.
    • Months - October to November
    • Advantages - Mild Climate, Availability of Most Tourist Facilities and Calm Seas
    • Disadvantages - Higher Hotel Rates (November) and Some Crowds
    Examples of Hotel/Resort Rates During Different Seasons

    To further give you an idea of the varying hotel rates during different seasons, you can refer to the images below taken from different properties in Goa. This can give you a rough idea of how much discounts you can avail of during the different low seasons in Goa.

    Atlanta Beach Resort Tariffs for Different Seasons (Image from Atlanta Beach Resort)
    Here is one property located in the busy Calangute area, the Atlanta Beach Resort. You can view its different tariff rates for each season that we mentioned above. However, there are some differences since different properties have designated peak tourist seasons, depending on the location. For this property, the Peak Tourist Season is from October to December, with tariff rates of Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 2,000 per night for their Non AC Room, Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 2,500 per night for their AC Room and Rs. 3,500 per night for their AC Suite. The Mid-Season is almost the same as the guide above, from January to March with tariff rates of Rs. 1,500 per night for their Non AC Room, Rs. 2,000 per night for their AC Room and Rs. 3,000 per night for their AC Suite. The Regular Season, from April to June, has tariff rates of Rs. 1,000 per night for their Non AC Room, Rs. 1,800 per night for their AC Room and Rs. 3,000 per night for their AC Suite. For the remaining months, the Off-Peak Tourist Season, the rates are at the lowest, Rs. 800 per night for their Non AC Room, Rs. 1,200 per night for their AC Room and Rs. 1,800 per night for their AC Suite

    Hotel Miramar Tariffs for Different Seasons (Image from Hotel Miramar)
    This next property is located in the capital of Goa, Panaji, known as the Hotel Miramar. It also has published tariff rates for the different tourist seasons in Goa. The Peak Tourist Season for the property is from December to January, with the Executive Room at Rs. 7,500/Night and the Deluxe Room at Rs. 4,000/Night. The Mid-Season, January/February to March, tariff rates are lower, with the Executive Room at Rs. 4,500/Night and the Deluxe Room at Rs. 2,500/Night. For the Regular Season, March to June, the tariff rates are the following: Executive Room at Rs. 3,500/Night and the Deluxe Room at Rs. 2,500/Night. For the Off-Peak Tourist Season, June to September, rates are the following: Executive Room at Rs. 3,000/Night and the Deluxe Room at Rs. 2,000/Night. And for the last Regular Season, from October to November, the rate are Executive Room at Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 4,500/Night and the Deluxe Room at Rs. 2,500/Night.


    Planning your holiday in Goa? Are you someone who likes to take advantage of discounts provided by hotels? Well, most properties in Goa provide for discounts during various low seasons in the state. If you still want to enjoy your vacation without the hefty price tag, consider going in Goa during the First Regular Season, which is from April/March to June. Discount rates for hotels are around 40% during this season so you can save lots of money. Further, many water sports facilities, restaurants, beach shacks and bars remain open during this time. The seas are still relatively calm too so you can enjoy swimming. Just bring lots of sunscreen with you as the harsh sun can lead to sunburn. Sightseeing can still be done during the early morning or late afternoon.

    I hope this helps you!:)