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Best restaurants in Hyderabad for dinner

Discussion in 'Food & Drinks' started by Ashwin, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. Ashwin

    Ashwin New Member

    My future in-laws are going to be Hyderabad and I will be meeting up with them and then would take them out for dinner some place.
    I have not been to many places for dinner, as I make my own dinner in my apartment, so I need some help in getting some suggestions for the best restaurants in Hyderabad for dinner.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Ashwin, welcome to the forum!

    Hyderabad is home to some of the best restaurants in India. Whether you're into South Indian dishes, or North Indian dishes, or maybe Italian dishes, you are bound to find a restaurant that caters to your delicate taste buds. Dinner, you say? Well, there's lots of options for that as well, luxury restaurants, rooftop restaurants and many more to choose from. Dig in and enjoy this list of the best restaurants around Hyderabad to have dinner in.

    Best Restaurants in Hyderabad for Dinner

    Luxurious and elegant...

    1. Jewel of Nizam (The Minar) - The Jewel of Nizam (The Minar) is located in The Golkonda Resort. It is situated in a 100-feet tower, thereby giving you a commanding view of the surrounding city and lake. But the interiors are equally beautiful and sophisticated. It takes you back to the era of the Nizam dynasty of Hyderabad. Carpeted flooring, royal chandeliers and their vintage cutlery are added features that make your dining experience even more authentic. The menu is very extensive with a variety of Hyderabadi and Mughlai cuisines. There's also the option of going for the buffet so you can sample the different dishes of the restaurant. If you're going ala carte, they have separate options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Their Vegetable Biryani is a winner amongst vegetarians, it's tasty and flavourful yet not at all oily. Their Hyderabadi Subz Seekh is their signature dish, a mixture of sweet corns, carrots, cauliflower and many more healthy ingredients. Their Haleem is a good option for non-vegetarians, it is succulent, a stew mixture of wheat and mutton.
    • Best Sellers - Vegetable Biryani, Hyderabadi Subz Seekh and Haleem.
    • Address - The Golkonda Resort, Sagar Mahal Complex, Gandipet, Hyderabad, India.
    • Contact Number - 040 3316 5137.
    Jewel of Nizam - The Minar

    2. Adaa (Taj Falaknuma) - If you do have the money to spare, why not indulge in the ultimate fine dining experience at Adaa? Adaa is the Hyderabadi restaurant of the Taj Falaknuma Palace. It's the most extravagant experience, as you need to spend at least Rs. 4,800 or Rs. 10,000 per person depending on the package you choose. Along with the rate, you are given a tour of the palace as well, so it's a win-win. Ambience is also a perfect ten, with the views of the lush garden of the palace. The menu is very extensive and you can eat until you're contented. Their Chicken Biryani is authentic yet unique. It tastes different, some spices have been added to pull a twist into the regular biryani that you have been used to but it still doesn't sway far from the original. Their Galouti Kebab is soft, flavourful and just a delight to the taste buds. You can also opt for a dessert to complete your meal and the Chocolate Parfait is the best ending for your delightful experience.
    • Best Sellers - Chicken Biryani, Galouti Kebab and Chocolate Parfait.
    • Address - Taj Falaknuma Palace, Falaknuma, Hyderabad, India.
    • Contact Number - 040 6629 8585.
    For the city views...

    3. Exotica - Featuring both an outdoor and indoor seating, the Exotica is another well-known restaurant in the city. Its outdoor rooftop seating is preferred by many as you get to enjoy the views of the city while dining. Their menu is very extensive too, comprising mainly of Hyderabadi cuisine. You can find an assortment of kebabs, rotis and curries. There are also some options for Oriental dishes like noodles and chicken meals. Their Mutton Biryani is incredibly soft and flavourful, one of the best of its kind in Hyderabad. Their Five Treasure Vegetables in Hunan Sauce is another winner, it's best paired with steaming hot rice. Another must try is their Murg Kalimirch Dahiwala, chicken cooked in a yogurt-based curry, very creamy and the chicken is very soft, almost melting in your mouth.
    • Best Sellers - Mutton Biryani, Five Treasure Vegetables in Hunan Sauce and Murg Kalimirch Dahiwala.
    • Address - Opposite Audi Showroom, 5th Floor, 12th Square Building, Road 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, India.
    • Contact Number - 040 3316 5068.
    Exotica (Image Courtesy of Zomato)

    4. Mustang - Mustang also has indoor and outdoor seatings, both are good choices. The indoor area has comfy couches and dim lighting, perfect for a night ambience. The outdoor area provides one with a view of the skies and the city. There's a background music playing too, so it's very lively and active. They have plenty of cuisines to choose from too, Mexican, Mediterranean, American, Italian, North Indian and Chinese. One of their best-seller dishes here is the Lamb Shikampuri Kebab, cooked to soft perfection and stuffed with hung yogurt. It's the blend of sourness and saltiness that makes this dish a winner. Their Shrimp Fettuccine is perfect for vegetarians, it is creamy and indulging with a blend of tomatoes, mushrooms and capers. Or be transported into Thailand with their Thai Red Curry, best served with sticky white rice, yum!
    • Best Sellers - Lamb Shikampuri Kebab, Shrimp Fettuccine and Thai Red Curry.
    • Address - Plot 138-139, 5th Floor, Vinayak Nagar, Satya Naryana Arcade, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, India.
    • Contact Number - 040 3316 5211.
    Some places Italian...

    5. Olive Bistro - As with any Italian restaurant, Olive Bistro has this cozy interiors, with unmatched chairs and tables. This actually gives the restaurant a very comfortable vibe. There's also an outdoor seating but it's not recommended as the area is prone to mosquitoes. Going to the food, they have salads, soups, burgers, pizzas and pastas. Basically, they have a medley of Italian dishes along with a few Mediterranean and European options. One of their best sellers here is the Four Seasons Pizza, a tribute the the four seasons namely spring, summer, fall and winter. The colours of these seasons are appreciated in the different ingredients used in the pizza and the taste is equally as varied yet delicious. Their Fettuccine Carbonara with an egg cream sauce and bits of bacon can take you right back to Italy. And lastly, you must also try their OB Insanity Cake Slice, a mixture of dark chocolate mousse, white chocolate mousse and red currant mouse.
    • Best Sellers - Four Seasons Pizza, Fettuccine Carbonara and OB Insanity Cake Slice.
    • Address - Road 46, Inside Durgam Cheruvu, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, India.
    • Contact Number - 040 6999 9127.
    Four Seasons Pizza of Olive Bistro.jpg
    Four Seasons Pizza of Olive Bistro (Image Courtesy of Trip Advisor)

    6. Vera Pizzeria - With their trendy and modern interiors, Vera Pizzeria would lure you right in. They are one of the most affordable Italian restaurants in the city. For just Rs. 500, you can enjoy an unlimited buffet in Vera Pizzeria. Or if buffets aren't your thing, you can opt for ala carte too as they do have plenty of options. Their pizzas are cult favourites especially the Prawn Pizza, not overloaded with toppings and spices, just flavoured enough. Another good dish here is the White Sauce Pasta, creamy yet not too overpowering on the taste buds. Their Fish Fingers are perfect appetisers too. If a simple Italian meal is good with you, Vera Pizzeria is your best choice and it won't even break the bank.
    • Best Sellers - Prawn Pizza, White Sauce Pasta and Fish Fingers.
    • Address - No. 41, Silicon Valley, Image Garden Road, Madhapur, Hyderabad, India.
    • Contact Number - 040 3319 4224.
    For the love of Asian dishes...

    7. Seasonal Tastes (The Westin) - The Westin marks the buffet industry with its Seasonal Tastes restaurant. Varying cuisines from Asia, Japanese, Chinese, Continental, Indian and many more are included in their buffet. The spread is quite extensive and even you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Don't worry though as they do have an ala carte menu, where you can choose meals based on your own liking. Their Gilafi Seekh Kebab is a good starter meal, perfectly skewed kebabs, spiced with peppers and onions. Their Vegetarian Indonesian Fried Rice is a good option for a complete meal, with vegetables, rice crackers and spices. Their Smoked Salmon with Tofu is also quite delicious, the softness of both the salmon and tofu along with the unique sauce is perfect for a steaming cup of rice.
    • Best Sellers - Gilafi Seekh Kebab, Vegetarian Indonesian Fried Rice and Smoked Salmon with Tofu.
    • Address - The Westin, Mindspace IT Park, Hitech City, Hyderabad, India.
    • Contact Number - 040 3316 5071.
    8. Mekong (Marigold Hotel) - Mekong takes you to a culinary experience of Asia, with its classy interiors along with unique features like the cage-like lamps. Everything here is unique, even the food takes you out of India and into the different parts of Asia. Never been to Vietnam and but wanted to try out aunthentic Vietnamese dishes? Start with Hanoi Toi Tom, a Vietnamese version of garlic prawns tossed in spicy sauce. Be transported to Myanmar with their Khow Suey, which you can even customise up to your liking. Or let the flagship dish of Singapore, Curried Crab, take you into a wild but tasty adventure. Mekong has this uncanny ability to take you to places, without even leaving your own seat.
    • Best Sellers - Hanoi Tom Tom, Khow Suey and Curried Crab.
    • Address - Green Lands, Begumpet, Hyderabad, India.
    • Contact Number - 040 6736 3636.
    Curried Crab of Mekong.jpg
    Curried Crab of Mekong

    Try out authentic South Indian dishes...

    9. Simply South - South Indian dishes are flavourful and spicy but they do have variations depending on the region. Simply South captures that essence and you can taste authentic South Indian dishes of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu when in here. One of their best sellers, Andhra Pradesh's Kothimiri Kodi, is comprised of tender morsels of chicken, cooked with spiced gravy along with coriander leaves. It would leave you wanting more and more and more. Tamil Nadu's Royala Eguru, prawns cooked in gravy, is another must try dish. And Karnataka's Kai Korma is a good option for vegetarians. Simple interiors add to the charm of the restaurant and it's no wonder they have had a loyal following of locals for a long time now.
    • Best Sellers - Kothimiri Kodi, Royala Eguru and Kai Korma.
    • Address - 1st Floor, Apurupa Silpi, Beside HP Petrol Bunk, Gachibowli Main Road, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, India.
    • Contact Number - 040 4018 0809.
    10. Oh! Calcutta - The best of Bengali cuisine is served here in Oh! Calcutta. It's a good option for a night out, cozy ambience and simple interiors. Be warned though that portions here are quite small so you might need to order more than you might want to. Regardless, meals are delicious, especially the mutton ones and seafood ones. Their Prawns in a Traditional Coconut Curry is a classic, filling and yet leaves you wanting more of it. Their Pot Roasted Mutton is also a classic, soft, salty, aromatic and just perfect with an accompaniment of rice. For the vegetarians, you have plenty of options too. There's the Slow Cooked Baby Potatoes in Asafoetida Gravy or even the Butter Fish Curry with Lentil Dumplings.
    • Best Sellers - Prawns in a Traditional Coconut Curry, Pot Roasted Mutton, Slow Cooked Baby Potatoes in Asafoetida Gravy and Butter Fish Curry with Lentil Dumplings.
    • Address - 6-3-1186/1/1, Opposite CM Residence, Green Lands Road, Teachers Colony, Greenlands, Begumpet, Hyderabad, India.
    • Contact Number - 040 3316 5065.
    I hope this helps you.:)
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