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Best season to visit Dubai

Discussion in 'UAE' started by Raunak, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Raunak

    Raunak New Member

    I wish to plan a visit to Dubai and I would like to know when the best season to visit Dubai is.

    I believe that during the months of May, June, and July it is very hot in Dubai, hotter than India, so I would like to avoid such months.

    Is the winter season a good time to visit Dubai?

  2. Karthik

    Karthik New Member

    That is correct from the months of April until October the weather in Dubai is very hot, temperatures rise to 40c and sometimes more. So if you plan to be outdoors when in Dubai that is kind of impossible during these months, as its get very hot and humid.

    The best time to visit Dubai would be from November to March when the weather is pleasant, so yes the winter season is a good time to visit.

    If you are interested in the Dubai shopping festival then make a trip to Dubai between January to February when the festival is held. This is also the peak season so be prepared to see a lot of tourists.

  3. iamawriter

    iamawriter Member

    No doubt the summer season sees Dubai with sweltering heat. But one must remember those living in Dubai know the secret of how to face that heat. Dubai is a progressive country and surely there are ways to counter that heat. The advantage of visiting Dubai in summer (April to October) is that you will find heavy discounts at all Malls. Even airfares would be available at discounted rates. And last but not the least you could move about in peace as there will be less people. @Karthik has already explained the plus points of visiting in Winter.