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Centrum Hotel Mathura Review

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by Admin, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    So we reached Hotel Centrum, Mathura at around 7 AM on our booking day with a booking for the next three nights starting today.

    As it was a bit early we requested for early check-in, hotel rep asked for complete 1 day fare for 3 hours when we have 3 days booking.

    Right now I am typing this review in the hotels parking which is out on the main road not inside the boundary. We were offered a parking spot in the basement which upon seeing turned out to be a construction site so we came out and parked out on the main road.

    All this even before checking in. We are yet to see the room and it has not been a pleasant experience until now.

    The name of the staff who dealt with us was Harinder at front desk.

    I will update about the entire experience after three days but until now my verdict is : avoid Hotel Centrum Mathura like the great plague because staff here is outright "rude".

    Parminder Chahal

  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    We checked in around 11am after sleeping in our car for four hours. We were given a room which stank of new paint and I got a headache from that smell as I am sensitive to such vapors. We then requested they change our room as the smell was getting unbearable for me so they very kindly let us have another room that doesn't smell as much.

    I made this booking through booking.com and it clearly said free Wifi but the hotel front desk refuses to let us use wifi leave alone free wifi. There is no free wifi at this property so please dont go by the information these people have posted on booking.com or other portals.

    I have taken a few pictures from my room window and as you can see its not the best view Ive seen. There is raw sewage floating around by the railway line. There is a railway line bang next to the hotel and a bus depot as you can see in the pictures below.

    Windows of this room are double glazed so noise is not really a problem if you thinking on those lines.

    ***There is no room service at this property so forget about that breakfast in your bed***

    It is still a good value for money for the Rs1500 per night that we are paying for our stay but this hotel could put in a little more effort and consideration to make the stay of their guests pleasant.

    A few pictures

    beautiful-view-centrum-hotel-mathura.jpg centrum-hotel-mathura.jpg centrum-hotel-room-view.jpg centrum-mathura-view-from-room.jpg