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Cheapest way to Travel from Delhi to Leh

Discussion in 'Jammu & Kashmir' started by Abhinav, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. Abhinav

    Abhinav New Member

    Cheapest way to travel from Delhi to Leh is the recently much applauded bus service! Here are some key points to help you decide and be prepared.


    Thinking of travelling to Leh by that much talked about bus from Delhi? Here are somethings to note, as I had a chance of travelling by that bus from Manali till Keylong. You can only book it from Kashmiri gate, not online.

    1. It requires guts to travel on this route by bus, yesterday I travelled 18 hrs all the way from Keylong to Mcleodganj by an HRTC bus, similar to the Leh-Delhi one, and it wasn't easy. And Keylong-Leh will required some mental toughness, specially after 24 hrs journey from Delhi to Keylong.

    2. It's not a deluxe bus, not even a semi-deluxe, it's just a normal roadways bus, 2X3 seater.

    3. The ticket price is around 1300, until and unless you're hitchhiking, this is the cheapest way to reach leh from Delhi. You won't get direct ticket to Leh from Delhi, there's an 800 Rs ticket from Delhi to Keylong and then depending on road condition, the ticket will be extended to Leh for further 500 odd rupees. Alternatively, you can also opt to travel by it from Keylong to Leh, instead of doing the entire journey.

    4. I didn't see a single person in the bus travelling all the way till Leh from Delhi, as I said it requires courage, and as bus conductor told me that very few people do it even though the bus has a night halt at Keylong.

    5. But in case you decide to travel from Delhi to Leh by this bus, I'd say, stay an extra day in Keylong, acclimatize yourself and take some rest, then take the next bus going to Leh. It starts around 4-5 AM from Keylong.

    6. While I'd suggest a journey with atleast two breaks from Delhi to Leh, but in case you're planning only one break in between, I'd say bus is a better option.

    7. Bus is a better option because since it goes slower than a car, lesser chances of motion sickness in mountains, also bus drivers know the routes properly, and aren't as money minded as your traveller or hired-taxi drivers who've to reach somewhere else fast, so they'll make sure that the vehicle is being driven safely. Also, the bus drivers are changed from Keylong onwards.

    8. Buses have higher chances of crossing an overflowing nallah safely than cars.

    9. You travel with locals and listen to their stories.

    10. And the bus stops at Keylong, which is probably the most beautiful of the hill stations in this country, but people going to leh, stupidly, just don't bother exploring this region.

    - In picture, Keylong bus stand. This is what buses are like on Delhi-Leh bus route . June'16
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  2. Prits

    Prits Member

    Seems like a good and adventurous way of traveling.

    When you mention that the bus stops at Keylong, how long is that for any idea?