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Chennai To Bangalore Train

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by CathyMitchell, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. CathyMitchell

    CathyMitchell New Member

    Back again with another train query! Sorry for all these queries, but I think that if I ask on the forum, then I would get more reliable answers and honest reviews.
    From my Chennai stay I have another destination to choose from which is Bangalore, again I have similar questions, so here they are:

    1. How long does a train journey from Chennai to Bangalore take?

    2. What trains are there which go from Chennai to Bangalore?

    3. How should I plan my journey from Chennai as I have three destinations to go to afterwards which are Bangalore, Goa and Hyderabad?

    4. I need to meet someone in Bangalore other than that I have no business there, is there anything special to see there, as I know Bangalore as is an IT city?

  2. jnorth88

    jnorth88 Active Member

    The trip should be about 5 hours. There are various ticket classes available, including first class. First class should be about Rs 1000, and the cheaper tickets maybe close to 150, but I would recommend paying more than that for the ticket. There should be a dining car where you can buy food.

    For planning, you should try to pinpoint a few of the sites you would like to see, in case that has impact on your travel plans. Bangalore has a lot to see, too, and it depends on how much free time you have to look around. Also, if you have a ride to some of the sites, it will make travel a lot easier.