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Cherai Beach - A Must Visit In South India.

Discussion in 'By The Sea' started by travelguide, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    What makes Cherai Beach different from other beaches is the cleanliness of the water which is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. It is becoming one of the hot tourist destinations of South India. Cherai Beach with a 15 kilometer coastline is in Cherai village of Eranakulam District, Kerala. The tall coconut trees and green paddy fields makes it one of the most beautiful beaches in India.

    At night the beach looks more beautiful with the high mask lamps along the edges of 400 meters long walkway. Speed boats and water scooters are also available on rent. The beach is also known as "the Princess of the Queen of Arabian Sea".
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  2. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    I just looked it up online and it does look lovely and very clean. That's a major consideration when it comes to swimming in beaches to me! My profile picture is from a trip to Vietnam and it was by a beach city called Vung Tau. It was beautiful but sadly the water cleanliness up close wasn't very nice. Lots of trash and I even saw a dead rat on the beach! It definitely doesn't make you want to swim if the water quality looks terrible!

  3. Gabydi

    Gabydi Member

    Well it sounds like another amazing place in India. I was looking at the pictures and it seems like it’s not a very famous yet and this makes it even more appealing. I also read it’s very well located, since it’s only 30 km from Cochin International Airport and if you’re traveling by train you could also get there. The Aluva railway station is only 15 minutes away, so it’s a good option as well.

    A picture of Cherai Beach

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  4. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    Ooooh, I didn't realize it was so close to the airport. It looks so tranquil and peaceful that its somewhat hard to believe it's that accessible, but I guess that's one of the wonderful things about it!
  5. Dax

    Dax New Member

    That looks like a wonderful beach! Is it really as undiscovered as the picture shows, or is that misleading? I like beaches (and water) that are clean like that. I love the outdoors and traveling to places that are "off the beaten path" (non-tourist type places). I'm rather surprised this beach seems as accessible as it is while being as picturesque as seen above. That's why I wonder if the picture is misleading, or if it truly is "as advertised". Does anyone know for sure?
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  6. BayouBilly

    BayouBilly New Member

    I don't know but if that beach looks as beautiful as it does on that picture, I might have found my next destination.

    Honestly, I've been to a lot of beaches, and I've really been let down by how they look in real life, compared to how they looked in a brochure/online. It's almost as if humanity has beaten me to the punch and completely destroyed what makes these landmarks so serene looking. Speaking of beaches, are there any affordable beach houses in India? Is this a common thing? I really have never researched this - funny, huh?
  7. Dax

    Dax New Member

    That's the same experience I've had many times. I've even planned full trips around some good photography of an area, only to later discover the photography was the truly amazing aspect of it. When I plan to travel, I really respect a "what you see is what you get" approach.

    Where I live on the Oregon coast is a very picturesque place. The pictures of this area are very much what you get if you visit us here. Sadly, the same can't be said for many other locations. There are some areas along our coast that aren't as wonderful as the pictures show, but those are the exceptions, not the rule. I just expect the same for other places when I see pictures from them.

    I know that every inch of a coastline isn't going to be awesome, but I would hope the awesome pictures I see that cause me to want to visit a place aren't the exceptions themselves, ya know?
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  8. BayouBilly

    BayouBilly New Member

    Absolutely! My dream is to continue saving enough money to park myself permanently on a small stretch of beachfront serenity! I'm almost at my goal (well, in about 6 years), but the more beaches I research, the more unrealistic this dream becomes. From what I've heard from some ex-pats, however, is Sri Lanka is THE place for cheap, serene, beachfront property. Which, is alright by me! Unfortunately, I wouldn't know how to start applying for dual-citizenship there - I don't want to "own" something that I might not be able to return to.

    Ugh, I'm fleeting off topic! The only thing I know about Oregon is what I learned back in the 90's playing The Oregon Trail - maybe I should look into the coast in Oregon :).
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  9. Dax

    Dax New Member

    I haven't been to Sri Lanka, but that sounds intriguing. The Oregon coast is nice, tho it's expensive. I suggest visiting, but not really considering as a place to live unless you have the funds to do so.

    What I'd really like in Idea is a beach where I could look to the east and watch the sun rise over the water, and from the same spot, look west to watch it set over the water too. It would have to be on the southern-most tip of India. That would be awesome.
  10. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Wow, that picture is mesmerising. I love beaches more than swimming pools. I'm sure torn between all these beautiful beaches that India has. I cannot get enough of beaches even if my home country is swarming of beaches too lol. There's just something about going to different beaches and soaking in its water. Maybe soon I'll get to visit India and its beaches. I think the fact that its very near the airport and the train makes it more appealing. Traveling time can eat a lot of your time so its better to go to nearer destinations.
  11. Dakota

    Dakota New Member

    What a beautiful beach. I love the canoes, the color of the sand and the beauty of the water. When I visit India I have a lot that I want to do and see. I hope I'll have time to visit this beach for a day or even part of a day. I would love to take one of the canoes out and just have fun. Hope we can do that when we are there.
  12. Teheura

    Teheura New Member

    This beach looks like a must visit on a trip to India. However, here on the site I just saw yet another beach. The photo was taken at Manjeshwar Beach in Kerala. I love the hammock hanging from the trees. The small grass hut sitting on the beach looked like a perfect way to enjoy the sunrise or sunset. Furthermore, the small hut on the beach looks like the perfect place to enjoy your lunch. I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say about this beach too.
  13. JKewe

    JKewe New Member

    My travel plans were leaning toward Kerala already and this photo confirmed it. Might be because it's January and I'm freezing, but I wish I was there right now!