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Customer care no of Idea

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chit Chat' started by RobbyB, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. RobbyB

    RobbyB New Member

    I am currently in India using an Idea sim card. I have some issues with my phone calls and internet access and I need to get in contact with the someone at Idea.

    I threw the sim card packaging away and now need the customer care no of Idea.

    Please can someone post the Idea customer care number. Thank you.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!

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    Established in 1994, Idea Cellular is a mobile network company, with its head office located in Mumbai. It operates 3G network for over 20 circles in India, including the states of Delhi NCR and Punjab. Idea Cellular has good coverage in both rural and urban areas so it is a great option for travellers who are always on the go. Being one of the top five mobile network companies in India, Idea Cellular delivers in terms of reliability, signal strength and rates incurred. They also have a very strong and trustworthy customer service for clients who might have queries or complaints that need to be answered. In this guide, we would highlight the customer care services provided by Idea Cellular.

    Customer Care Number/s of Idea Cellular - General Inquiry

    You have many options for contacting Idea Cellular as they have branch offices in different regions of India. But for those looking for the general inquiry numbers, we would highlight those first for your convenience.

    Idea General Inquiry Numbers

    Customer Care12345Queries from Idea Cellular Users
    Toll Free198Requests and Complaints
    Toll Free1800 270 0000Customer Queries and Other Idea Cellular Related Issues
    These are the general inquiry numbers for Idea Cellular. You first have the Customer Care number, this is mainly for Idea Cellular users who have issues with regards to their sim card or other services they have subscribed to. The second one is a toll-free number that users can use for requests or complaints with regards to Idea Cellular. And the third one is another toll-free number that you can use, in case the second number didn't work for you. You can also place any queries, complaints or issues that you have with Idea Cellular here.

    Customer Care Number/s of Idea Cellular - Specific States

    Your next option would be to contact a specific customer care office of Idea Cellular, depending on which area or city you live in. Idea Cellular has network coverage in different states of India and so they have their branch offices in each region they have their network in.

    Idea Specific States Numbers

    State/RegionNumber (Queries and Requests)Number (Complaints)Fax Number
    Andhra Pradesh & Telangana+91 98480 12345+91 98480 09198+91 40665 62222
    Assam+91 90850 12345+91 90850 00198+91 36124 65436
    Bihar & Jharkhand+91 97080 12345+91 97080 00198+91 61225 40352
    Delhi & NCR+91 98910 12345+91 87440 00198+91 98919 05777
    Gujarat+91 98240 12345+91 98240 00198+91 79661 71518
    Haryana+91 98120 12345+91 86840 00198 +91 99905 59908
    Himachal Pradesh+91 98820 12345+91 98829 00198+91 17726 20235
    Jammu and Kashmir+91 90860 12345+91 90860 46198+91 17222 36347
    Karnataka+91 98440 12345+91 98440 00198+91 80220 98312
    Kerala+91 98471 12345 (Prepaid) or +91 98470 12345 (Postpaid)+91 99470 00198-
    Kolkata+91 90880 12345+91 90881 00198+91 90881 18995
    Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh+91 98260 12345+91 98260 00198+91 73125 51304
    Maharashtra & Goa+91 98220 12345+91 98220 00198+91 98500 03999
    Mumbai+91 97020 12345+91 97020 00198+91 95940 04999
    Odisha+91 90900 12345+91 90900 00198+91 67427 25987
    Punjab+91 98140 12347 (Prepaid) or +91 98140 12345(Postpaid)+91 97815 00198+91 17222 36347
    Rajasthan+91 98870 12345+91 98870 10198+91 14127 24409
    Tamil Nadu+91 90920 12345+91 90920 00198+91 90929 05998
    West Bengal+91 90930 12345+91 90931 00198+91 90881 18995
    NESA+91 90890 12345+91 90890 00198+91 36124 65436
    Uttar Pradesh (East)+91 98890 12345 +91 85760 00198+91 52240 65349
    Uttar Pradesh (West)+91 98370 12345+91 89410 00198+91 99175 75888 or +9199905 55888
    These are the customer care numbers of Idea Cellular per state or region. Since you are from Punjab, you can contact the numbers listed above. If you have queries or requests, then you can contact the first number. For complaints with regards to the services of Idea Cellular, you can contact the second number. And for sending fax messages, you can do so with the last number. If ever you need to be at a different region, just refer to this table and you can find the specific number for the branch office of Idea Cellular in that area.


    With this guide, you can now contact Idea Cellular from wherever region in India you come from. You can first start by trying out the general inquiry numbers of the mobile network company. If those numbers don't work, you can go ahead and try out the customer care number/s for your specific state or region. I hope this helps you!