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Jet Airways customer care Mumbai

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by JaneBetheral, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. JaneBetheral

    JaneBetheral New Member

    I would like to get the direct number for Jet Airways customer care in Mumbai, as there are a few issues which I need to be resolved before I leave for home.

    Last time I called I dialed the general number I then had to wait to be transferred to Mumbai. Instead, I would like to speak with the Mumbai department without the hassle of being transferred many times.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi there, welcome to the forum!


    Jet Airways is the second largest airline in India, established in the year, 1992. With over 40 local destinations, including Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Delhi, Kolkata and many more, Jet Airways has established itself as a premier and reliable airline in the country. In the year 2004, international flights to other countries were included. Now, the airline has flights into Berlin, Brussels, Dubai, Dhaka, Paris and many more international destinations. The airline has corporate offices in metro cities in India, as well as other countries. For its head office, it is located in Mumbai, and in this guide, we would highlight the different numbers you can use to contact this head office.

    Jet Airways Mumbai (Customer Care Number)

    There are two direct numbers that you can utilise to contact the Jet Airways customer care in Mumbai. Assuming that you already have the toll-free number and you were still not able to contact the office in Mumbai, you can utilise these other numbers instead.

    Jet Airways Mumbai Numbers

    Corporate Office+91 22 6121 1000Corporate Inquiries
    Customer Care+91 22 3989 3333Reservation, Flights and Fares Inquiries
    These are the two numbers that you can use to contact the Jet Airways office in Mumbai. The first number is the corporate office number, which you can use for questions with regards to the corporation that you have. The second number is the customer care proper, which you can contact for any queries related to reservation of tickets, flight schedules and fare rates of tickets. This number is the same for all the cities but differs in the area code part only.


    If you still cannot contact the Jet Airways Mumbai office with these numbers, one alternative you can use is to contact them via their website. Simply click this link to reach their official website. Scroll to the bottom of the page and reach the Support section. In the list, click on the Feedback button and you would be taken to a new page. Enter your flight details along with personal details, choose the Pre Travel option and input your feedback or inquiry. Enter the verification code and then click on Submit. Make sure that you enter a working email address or mobile number as the customer care representative would contact you through these mediums.


    There are also other means to contact them. For instance, if you're a Jet Privilege member, you can reach this website and contact the proper personnel for your member-related queries. You can also reach the social media accounts of Jet Airways to reach them via chat or messaging. Here is a link to their Facebook page, then a link to their Twitter and finally, a link to their Instagram account.


    I hope this guide helps you in contacting the Mumbai office of Jet Airways. You can try out the direct contact numbers given above first. If you are still not able to contact them through these numbers, then try out the alternatives given above. Their website has an online feedback form which you can utilise, or you can also contact them through their social media accounts. Good luck!