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Difference between hotel and resort?

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by Vipul, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. Vipul

    Vipul New Member

    I have been doing a bit of accommodation research lately for our forthcoming family winter holiday. I have come across many properties and have noticed that some properties have been mentioned as resorts and some as hotels.
    From the photos, they look they same, and some even provide the same services and facilities.

    I would like this confusion of mine to be clarified and finding out what the difference between hotel and resort is?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Vipul! Welcome to the forum!

    So first, let us define these two types of accommodations:
    • Hotel - This is an establishment that provides guests with accommodation and other basic needs such as meals and drinks. It's usually located at a highway or nearby a railway station or commercial centre. Hotels are rated usually from one to five stars, but can also be graded using letters (A to F).
    • Resort - This is usually a destination in itself, providing accommodation to guests as well as entertainment and relaxation. So in a sense, a resort offers more than what a hotel offers to guests.
    So as you can see, just by these definitions, there's an obvious difference between the even though some of their features might overlap one another. For better comparison, let's dig deeper into the features and amenities of each type:

    1. Room - Rooms in hotels are very basic but functional. They have all the basic amenities you need like a comfortable bed, work desk and modern bathroom. Since the assumption is that you'd stay at a short time in the hotel, rooms provide you with the basic facilities and amenities. Most of the time, hotels cater to business travellers, hence, there's a desk for their work or office needs. On the other hand, rooms in resorts are more luxurious. Some resorts even have private plunge pools and jacuzzis provided along with the room. There are also more plush interiors and designs. Bathrooms are very modern with facilities like whirlpool tubs and rain showers. Seating areas come with comfy and soft sofas as well.

    2. Facilities - Perhaps, this is the biggest difference between the two accommodation types. In hotels, basic facilities such as parking, conference room, fitness centre and restaurant exist. Others also include a straightforward indoor or outdoor pool. When it comes to resorts, along with those basic facilities, they also have a spa or indoor/outdoor game centre. There might be different swimming pools, instead of just one, with slides and other fun amenities. They might also have two to three restaurants, instead of just one. Other resorts have direct access to a private beach. Others even have adventure activities and facilities for guests. Some resorts even have souvenir shops within their premises. Most resorts provide sightseeing tours and travel guides for guests as well.

    3. Land - Hotels can usually be just one building with a basement parking. The land they have is usually small so as they can fit into urban areas. On the other hand, resorts, due to their many facilities and amenities, do need a bigger land and so they're not fit so much for urban areas. You can usually find them in the outskirts of the city. They usually have separate areas for different cottages, villas or rooms.

    4. View - This is another difference between the two, whereas the hotel is located in a city, the resort is located in rural areas usually. Because of this, the resort offers more mesmerising views of the mountains or the seas. Some even have balconies overlooking the views. Or some even have rooftop restaurants so guests can enjoy the views while dining.

    5. Price - This one varies. Some hotels are in the budget range while others are in the higher end range. The same goes for resorts, some resorts are priced higher than others. However, hotels are particularly priced higher just because they're located in cities, even the bad quality ones. You'll find that some resorts outside the city have reasonable rates despite their good quality of service and amenities.

    I hope this helps!