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Difference in Food across India

Discussion in 'Food & Drinks' started by dane, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. dane

    dane New Member

    How different can food be as you travel around India?

    Are there dishes that are totally confined to certain areas?

    What are the most renowned areas for food in India?

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member


    Indian cuisine varies from region to region. There are about 29 states in India and all of these states have different districts and cities. Not all cities and districts have their own indigenous cuisine but some of them have. For instance, there's Rajasthani, Punjabi, Goan, Gujarati and other more cuisines. In Uttar Pradesh, there's Awadhi and Mughlai cuisines. To list them all here, that would take lots and lots of time. But for general information, it can be divided into four types:
    • Northern Indian Cuisine. Known for its Mughal influence in its dishes. Northern Indian dishes are known for its use of dairy products like milk, ghee and yogurt. The use of clay ovens for cooking is also usual, like the Tandoori Chicken.
    • Western Indian Cuisine. The main regions with large influences in Western Indian Cuisines are: Goa, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Goan Cuisine is known for having some influences with the Portuguese conquerors. Goan dishes use pork and meat mostly as wells vinegar. Maharashtra dishes are known for its coconut rich flavour. While Gujarati is known for their use of pickled condiments.
    • Eastern Indian Cuisine. The main distinction of the dishes here is that they're not as spiced unlike other cuisines. Aside from that, the region is also known for their sweets.
    • Southern Indian Cuisine. This cuisine is mostly known for their drier types of curries. You won't find Southern Indian cuisines in many places though. This cuisine also specialises in fried or griddle-cooked snacks.
    Yes, although to list them all here can be quite challenging. I'd list a few though, keep in mind that these regions have these dishes as their specialties. It's possible to find them in other regions although their authenticity in taste might be lost. Here they are:
    • Delhi. Chole Bhature, Tandoori Chicken and Chaat.
    • Rajasthan. Dal Bhati and Lal Maas.
    • Chattisgarh. Bafauri and Kusli Red Ant Chutney.
    • Gujarat. Phanki, Thepla and Handvo.
    • Goa. Vindaloo and Bibinca.
    • Karnataka. Chiroti and Dharwad Pedha.
    • Tamil Nadu. Sambhar and Dhosai.
    • West Bengal. Rosogulla and Mishti Doi.
    • Sikkim. Momos and Thukpa.
    • Uttarakhand. Chains and Kheer.
    • Uttar Pradesh. Kebab and Biryanis.
    • Kashmir and Jammu. Goshtaba and Yakhni.
    I think every region has their own special dishes that are a must-try. But anyway, there's still some places that stand out due to their gastronomic restaurants and street foods. Some of them are:
    • Delhi. This city probably is one of the best foodie destinations in India. There's lots of restaurants to choose from just in Delhi alone. If you'd like to taste the best North Indian dishes, then go to Delhi. Restaurants to try are: Chandni Chowk, Echoes, Dishoom and Lakhori. For some street foods, go to Paranthe Wali Gali and Bishan Swaroop.
    • Goa. For the best-tasting seafood dishes, try out The Black Sheep Bistro and Viva Panjim.
    • Kolkata. Try out Barbeque Nation and Peter Cat.
    • Ahmedabad. Try out Nini's Kitche for some North Indian and Continental Cuisines. Otherwise, go to Mocha for some heart-melting desserts.
    • Chennai. For South Indian Cuisine, try out Prems Graama Bhojanam.
    I'm sure there's many more out there. I hope this helps!
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  3. djordjem87

    djordjem87 Member

    As I have heard and the post above confirms that, it can vary a lot. I even thought it was not that different but as I can see here India is a versatile in so many ways and food is not an exception. I always picture this to be case for big countries like India or China. I guess the climate and the soil dictate what plants, crops and animals are prominent for each part of a country so people make specialities from those foods. Even in Serbia we have varieties and Serbia is a rather small in comparison to India. I really like to read about these things and I am actually making notes about foods in India because I was working in a hotel where we had Indian restaurant and I ate there all the time. It was great.
  4. dane

    dane New Member

    Wow, a wealthy of info, thank you. My mouth is watering reading this. Think I'm no more interested to travel to different parts so I can try the food never mind see the sights. Oh I wish I was there already!