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Essel World and Water Kingdom Mumbai entry fees

Discussion in 'Maharashtra' started by Ronak Metha81, May 28, 2017.

  1. Ronak Metha81

    Ronak Metha81 New Member

    Essel World in Mumbai also has the Water Kingdom and I am interested in finding out what the Essel World and Water Kingdom Mumbai entry fees are.

    I am hoping that a combined ticket for both the parks would work out to be cost efficient and not be overpriced like some other parks are.

    I plan to go on a Saturday as that's the only day I can take the family.

    Please give full details of the entry fees and the operational hours of the park.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!

    (Images from Piyush, My Bus Blog, Malcolm and Bharat)

    What is Essel World and Water Kingdom in Mumbai?

    Essel World, along with Water Kingdom, is one of Mumbai's largest theme parks, comprised of both dry rides and water rides. Initially, Essel World was established in 1989 and Water Kingdom was added on later. In Trip Advisor, Essel World is in the Top 25 Amusement Parks in Asia, alongside other theme parks in the continent like Universal Studios in Singapore and Disneyland in Hong Kong. In 2015, Essel World celebrated its 25th year of operation and has since then become an important attraction of the city of Mumbai. For unlimited fun that knows no boundaries when it comes to age or gender, Essel World is a prime choice in that aspect.

    Where is Essel World and Water Kingdom Located in Mumbai?

    Essel World and Water Kingdom are both located in Borivali West in Gorai, specifically in the Global Pagoda Road. In fact, the Global Vipassana Pagoda, another attraction of the city, is just 450 metres away from the theme park. Situated off an island in the Manori Creek, there are two ways of reaching Essel World and Water Kingdom. First is by road, which is recommended for those with private vehicles or those who intend to rent a cab. Simply take the Western Express Highway from Mumbai, take a turn for the Mira Bhayandar Road, continue until Uttan Road until you reach the Gorai Borivali Road where the Global Pagoda Road is located. Second is by a combination of road and ferry journey, to which you have a choice of either taking the bus or train to reach either the Malad Creek or the Gorai Creek. From these creeks, there are ferries every 30 minutes for the former and every 15 minutes for the latter that reach the Essel World proper.

    What is the Overall Vibe of Essel World and Water Kingdom in Mumbai?

    Essel World and Water Kingdom together comprise about 64 acres of land, which makes it one of the largest theme parks in the country. The theme park is spread upon a vast expanse of land that the management have provided for shuttle buses and trains so that guests would be more comfortable reaching the various points in the premises. Greenery surrounds the theme park, with lush coconut trees even from the entrance, and many more trees and shrubs within the premises itself. Its best feature is its goofy and entertaining themes, from the theme park mascots, to the vividly hued rides and to the statues that you would find just about anywhere. The overall vibe of Essel World and Water Kingdom is amusing, spreading positivity to all guests who spend their time here.

    What are the Attractions in Essel World (Amusement Park)?

    (Images from Malcolm)

    Essel World has two entrances, one from the ferry side and the other from the parking side for those who come in by road. So it depends on where you come from as to how you would reach the Amusement Park proper, it's to the west from the ferry side and to the south from the parking side. We can divide the Essel World into three sections, which are: Adults Rides, Kids Rides and Family Rides. However, these rides are located at various areas of the Amusement Park, they are not categorised accordingly in person so it's handy to have the guide map with you when you visit.

    The Adult Rides are the high thrill rides suitable for teens and adults only. Famous rides here are the Shot 'N Drop, the tallest tower or big drop ride in the country at about 190 feet, and the Zyclone, an old-school coaster ride amidst lone wagons. The Hoola Loop is another rollercoaster ride, but more modern and has loops within its tracks. There are also dizzying rides sure to satisfy the wild in you like the Top Spin, Slam Bob, Rainbow, Sr Telecombat and Thunder. At first glance, Enterprise might seem like your usual ferris wheel ride but nope, this flipper actually rotates and shakes the riders into oblivion. If that's all too risky for you, then just go ahead and bump with other cars in Sr Dodgem instead.

    Now we go to the Kids Rides section, which has a variety of safe rides, but this time, they're only for the little ones, sorry parents! One ride here that certainly stands out is the Big Apple, a coaster ride amidst a caterpillar that even passes through a bitten apple structure. The usual rides like the Junior Carousel, Jr Waltzer (Crazy Tea Cup Ride), Rio Grande Train, Yard Train, Junior Dodgem (Bumper Cars) and Caterpillar are enough to keep the little ones busy for a few hours. If you have an adventurous kid with you, Happy Sky, Junior Go Kart and Mini Telecombat are your best bets for them. For the giggly ones, the Kangaroo Hop is sure to fill their faces with so much laughter. Don't miss the Children's Boat Ride and Play Port as well.

    Onto the last section, the Family Rides, a collection of entertaining rides suitable for the entire family. The Zipper Dipper is categorised here, which is one of the only two wooden coaster rides in India. There are the classic rides too, Aero Swinger, Aqua Drive, Crazy Cups and Highway Cars. For some adventure, try out the Monster, Tilt A Whirl or Copper Chopper, which are all spinning rides. The newest addition to this section is The Alibaba Adventure Mirror Maze, an indoor ride comparable to a maze of mirrors, where you can pretend to be Ali Baba, entering the cave of treasures whilst the 40 thieves are gone. Want some scary good time? The Monsters of the Mist, an indoor horror house with track and wagon, should be at the top of your must-do rides.

    What are the Dining Options in Essel World (Amusement Park)?

    There are a variety of dining options in Essel World. From both entrances, ferry side and parking side, you have Quick Pik, which is mainly a small food corner for snacks and beverages. There are two popular chains within the Amusement Park too. First is Domino's Pizza, which is located close to the Mini Telecombat. You have an assortment of pizzas here, both vegetarian and non vegetarian. Cafe Coffee Day, can be considered as India's Starbucks, is located near the Arctic Circle. You can enjoy coffees, lattes and other beverages along with sandwiches and breads here.

    There are many more cuisines that you can choose from. If you're craving for Chinese food, there's Taipan, just adjacent to the Zipper Dipper. If you're more into South Indian cuisine, there's the Southern Treat, just a short distance from the Monsters of the Mist horror house. For North Indian food lovers, you have two choices, either Petu's, near the Fish Spa, or Happy Singh Da Dhaba, adjacent to Sr Dodgem. Andy's Food Court near Rocking Alley and Crazy Cups is your best choice if you're part of a group with different preferences for food. Have that penchant for local cuisine? Ohh! Mumbai near the Jr Carousel is there to satisfy your taste buds.

    What are the Other Attractions and Facilities in Essel World (Amusement Park)?

    There are seven more attractions in Essel World but they are on a chargeable basis. First is the Arctic Circle, Mumbai's very first ice skating rink, which has facilities for skate rental for beginners. Rocking Alley is the on-site bowling alley, completely air conditioned and have six lanes. You can also enjoy paid games such as the Derby Racer, Bull Tosser and Crazy Shuttle. There are also facilities for Rock Climbing, Cricket, Lazer Tag and Karaoke. Outside the ice skating rink is the Fish Pedicure Pond, where you can enjoy being massaged by fishes.

    From the entrances, various facilities would already greet you. Aside from the tourist information kiosks, there are ample bathrooms, potable water, wheel chair rentals, luggage counters and ATMs. First aid counters, souvenir shops and telephone booths are also spread all around the Amusement Park. As you can see, Essel World has made sure that the guests would truly enjoy their stay in the Amusement Park by providing complete facilities that can make their visit more comfortable.

    What are the Attractions in Water Kingdom (Water Park)?

    (Images from Water Kingdom Facebook)

    Now onto the Water Kingdom, which has a separate entrance from Essel World. There are various areas here that would surely delight the water lovers. First is the Adventures Amazonia, which has four main slides. The first three rides are more subtle, but quite enjoyable. They are named Elephant Safari, the fast, almost non-loopy slide, Serpent Safari, the heavily spiral slide, and the Rock 'N Rock Safari, the very bumpy slide. The What A Coaster is the fourth slide and undoubtedly, the most popular slide here. You venture into a seven-storey high slide, face first, whilst plumped upon a rubber mat. Hold tight because this is certainly the ride of your life.

    Wetlantic is located at the centre of the Water Kingdom. This is easily the largest attraction of the Water Park and has an assortment of fun umbrellas, tilting water buckets, water sprinklers and artificial waterfalls. Every once in a while, splashes of artificial waves can also be enjoyed by guests. The Drifting River is also located here, where you can float amidst lazy flowing water. For music lovers, the Rain Dance is the perfect venue, where you can dance to your heart's content while enjoying the sprinkling of water.

    On the northern side of the Water Park is the Goofer's Lagoon, just nearby the lazy river. This is a shallow swimming pool with lots of small slides suitable for all ages. There are umbrellas, tilting buckets and statues that can add to the enjoyment of the little ones. The last section is the Mississippi Hill, at the easternmost side of the Water Park. This section has an assortment of fun slides for both kids and adults. For the little ones, they can try out Turbo Thriller, Turbo Wurbo, Tangy Wangy and more. For the adults, must try slides are the Black Demon, a four-storey high spiral tube slide, Humunga Kowabunga and Rushin Gushin, side by side slides about five-storey high.

    What are the Dining Options in Water Kingdom (Water Park)?

    There are also various dining options in Water Kingdom so it's not necessary to reach outside or the Amusement Park for meals. Taipan, the same Chinese cuisine restaurant mentioned before, is also available here. It is located close to the Goofer's Lagoon. Domino's Pizza is also available here for your fix of comfort pizzas and pastas. Eat N' Splash, at the central part of the Water Park, has a variety of Indian dishes to soothe your taste buds. For snacks or meals in between, there's Fun Sip, Kabab Corner and Dip 'N Sip. For fuller meals, try out Food Wharf and Hunger Thrill instead. At every corner of the Water Park, there are food stalls that can cater to your hunger or thirst needs.

    What are the Facilities in Water Kingdom (Water Park)?

    The most important facility here is the changing rooms, which are ample and have separate areas for males and females. There are changing rooms in every section so in the Adventures Amazonia, Wetlantic and so on. Equally important is the lockers from where you can keep your valuables while enjoying swimming or sliding. Other facilities such as ATMs, first aid, shops and costume rentals are also available here. For special events, the Water Park also has a banquet hall that guests can rent.

    What are the Entry Fees for Essel World and Water Kingdom?

    Unlike other theme parks which have complicated entry fee structures, Essel World and Water Kingdom has more simple entry fee structures. You can opt to buy an entry ticket just for the Essel World or just for the Water Kingdom. Alternatively, they also have combined entry fee rates for both Essel World and Water Kingdom. Entry fees only differ whether you visit during a weekday or a weekend.

    Weekday Entry Fees for Essel World and Water Kingdom

    Guest TypeDescriptionEssel World Entry FeeWater Kingdom Entry FeeCombined Entry Fee
    ChildBelow 3'3 in HeightFreeFreeFree
    ChildBetween 3'3 to 4'6 in HeightRs. 699Rs. 699Rs. 899
    AdultAbove 4'6 in HeightRs. 949Rs. 999Rs. 1,299
    SeniorAbove 60 Years OldRs. 399Rs. 399Rs. 599
    Weekend Entry Fees for Essel World and Water Kingdom

    Guest TypeDescriptionEssel World Entry FeeWater Kingdom Entry FeeCombined Entry Fee
    ChildBelow 3'3 in HeightFreeFreeFree
    ChildBetween 3'3 to 4'6 in HeightRs. 699Rs. 699Rs. 899
    AdultAbove 4'6 in HeightRs. 999Rs. 1,200Rs. 1,400
    SeniorAbove 60 Years OldRs. 399Rs. 399Rs. 599
    These are the entry fees for Essel World and Water Kingdom. Weekdays are from Mondays to Fridays while weekends are from Saturdays to Sundays. As compared to other theme parks, these entry fees are very affordable but you do have to take into account the money you'd spend for reaching the theme park, like the gas or fuel charges if you have your own vehicle.

    What Special Rates Are There in Essel World and Water Kingdom?

    There are also special rates that one can avail of when visiting Essel World or Water Kingdom on specific days of the week. That's not all, there's an annual rate as well, which enables you to enter the theme park three times in one year, even for just a one-time fee payment.

    Special Rates for Essel World and Water Kingdom

    Terrific TuesdayBuy One, Get One Free Ticket on Tuesdays (Free Ticket to be Applied on Lower Priced Guest)Only for Adult and Child Guests (Seniors Not Included)
    Freakout FridayBuy One, Get One Free Ticket on Fridays (Free Ticket to be Applied on Lower Priced Guest)Only for Adult and Child Guests (Seniors Not Included)
    Annual PassAccess to Essel World and Water Kingdom 3 Times in a YearPay Just Rs. 1,599 (Adults) or Rs. 1,299 (Children)
    What are the Timings of Essel World and Water Kingdom?

    The timings of both sections vary depending on the season. They do remain open all-year round though some rides might not be operational on some days, usually weekdays.

    Timings of Essel World and Water Kingdom

    SectionWeekdays Peak SeasonWeekends Peak SeasonWeekdays/Weekends Off-Peak Season
    Essel World10:00 to 20:0010:00 to 21:0010:00 to 19:00
    Water Kingdom10:00 to 20:3010:00 to 21:3010:00 to 19:00
    During peak season, both Essel World and Water Kingdom open at around 10:00 in the morning. The former closes earlier at 20:00 during weekdays and at 21:00 during weekends. The latter closes later at 20:30 during weekdays and at 21:30 during weekends. During off-peak season, both sections open at 10:00 and closes at 19:00 in the evening.

    What is the Verdict?

    For pure, wholesome fun, the Essel World and Water Kingdom in Gorai is a good destination. With enjoyable old-school dry rides along with very modern water rides, you can spend your few hours here relishing your childhood. For families, instead of going to the mall for video games or shopping, you can opt for a detour unto this theme park, where you can enjoy bonding with your loved ones. Celebrating special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays? This is yet another good reason for visiting the theme park. So good luck, enjoy and make lots of memories in Essel World and Water Kingdom!