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From Delhi To Goa On Trains

Discussion in 'Itinerary' started by MarilynB, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. MarilynB

    MarilynB New Member

    I saw a site that was offering train transportation to see the sites from Delhi to Goa. You would take three different trains in total. You get to experience train travel on the Glacier Express, The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and the Trans Siberian. Has anyone done this tour before?

  2. Delilah

    Delilah New Member

    How long is the distance from Delhi to Goa? I am not sure if I can stand being on the road for too long; especially if I have to change train so many times.

  3. JManara

    JManara Member

    I believe it is over a week or two to get from one place to the other. So that means you spend a few days in one area then move on to another. I think it would be interesting to do this and some of the views from the trains would be wonderful.
  4. Dybbuk Jones

    Dybbuk Jones New Member

    My friend took that tour. He thought it was long but he did make a lot of friends. I think that he really liked the crowds more than anything. He did say that certain train compartments smelled like beans but he has weird senses.
  5. clair02

    clair02 New Member

    That sounds like a bit of a hassle if you ask me. Being on the road for that amount of time would be stressful especially if you are traveling with young children. And the whole getting on and getting off again doesn't appeal to me at all, so I think I would skip the train ride and find something more comfortable and convenient.
  6. cardinals27

    cardinals27 New Member

    It seems too long for me. If you have time and you don't mine being on a train for that long it does sound like a very cool expirience. I have a couple of friends who are planning on doing this so I will see how they like it and if they say it is not that bad I might try it.
  7. djtravels

    djtravels Member

    I am a little confused. So, the Glacier Express runs in Switzerland, the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway express runs in East India, and the Trans Siberian runs in Russia and the far east. None of these have much to do with Delhi to Goa though. However, if you meant that just like these 3 fun train journeys, you would like to experience something similar while going from Delhi to Goa, I am sure we can find something amazing for you. Numerous trains run on that route, however, I am not sure which one would suit your taste the best. Also, if you do want to add an amazing journey, you can take the Palace on Wheels which runs along western India. OR you could wait a while for the Delhi to Leh railway line - believe me, this will be the best train journey to go on.