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Gifts To Take To India

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chit Chat' started by Shanti, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. Shanti

    Shanti New Member

    I will be staying in India for two months and I will back to my country after four years. I am someone who loves buying gifts, and it is evident that I will be buying gifts for family and friends back home. Now the problem is I don't know what to get them, as there are so many things which are available in India these days and no one is telling me what they want.

    Some suggestions of gifts for all age groups would be most appreciated.

  2. Prits

    Prits Member

    It 's hard to choose gifts, especially when you get most things in India these days.
    But there are some things which you can get from abroad which are cheaper and of better quality than you would find in India.

    For kids:
    Small toy
    Stationary of cartoon characters

    For females:
    Body spray
    Makeup kits

    For males:
    Body spray

    Other options are for all age groups are sugar-free candies, chocolates, clothes, coffee maker, a good set of knives, bed sheet and pillow set, some dry fruits like cranberries, blueberries or a LED torch.