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Gir National Park official website

Discussion in 'Wildlife and National Parks' started by HimaniL, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. HimaniL

    HimaniL New Member

    I have tried searching for the official site of Gir National Park, but instead, I am finding the non-official sites which do not entirely have the correct information on it.

    Can someone please give me the correct Gir National Park official website address.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello there, welcome to the forum!


    The Gir National Park is the home of the endangered species of the Asiatic lions. As such, it is a very important wildlife reserve, not only in India, but also in Asia, as it is the only reserve protecting the majestic Asiatic lions. The national park has a dry deciduous forest type, along with interspersed rocky terrains and grasslands. The varied flora and fauna makes the national park a very diverse reserve, perfect for the ultimate wildlife adventure. Aside from the Asiatic lions, you can also spot leopards, hyenas, spotted deers, four-horned antelopes, chinkaras, wild boars, langurs and many more animals here.

    Official Website of Gir National Park

    There are two official websites of the Gir National Park and we would highlight them below. The first website discusses the Gir National Park itself, its flora, fauna and other aspects that make it unique. The second website discusses the important information about the Gir National Park, like the different areas of the national park and how you can book a safari.

    1. Gujarat State Lion Conservation Society Website

    This website discusses the important facts about the Gir National Park. It is managed by the Gujarat government itself so it is one of the official websites of the national park. The Gujarat State Lion Conservation Society aims to preserve the remaining Asiatic lions and also take them out of the endangered list. Thankfully, due to their past efforts, the numbers of the Asiatic lions have been steadily increasing. Through this website, you can learn more about the national park, what flora it supports and just how many animals reside in it.

    Gujarat State Lion Conservation Society Website

    Click on the Are you a tourist? section so you can learn more about the Gir National Park. As the various sections in the website discuss, the Gir National Park is located in Sasan Gir in Gujarat. The national park has two zones, namely: the Gir Jungle Trail and the Devalia Safari Park. The Gir Jungle Trail remains open throughout the year, except during the months of June until September while the Devalia Safari Park remains open all throughout the year. The national park also has a forest lodge where guests can stay in, known as the Sinh Sadan, although advance booking is preferred.

    2. Gir Online Permit Booking System Website

    This website is the official booking website of the Gir National Park. Any other website you see, aside from this one, is a travel agency website. So if you want to book a safari directly from the Gujarat government, this is the only website you need to go to. Like the website above, the website highlights the different parts of the national park, which are the Gir Jungle Trail and the Devalia Safari Park although they are discussed more thoroughly here.

    Gir Online Permit Booking System Website

    The Gir Jungle Trail is the main core zone of the Gir National Park. Only jeep safaris are allowed here and if you want an authentic wildlife experience, this is the best zone to choose. The jeep safari usually takes around three hours to complete here and you have a fifty percent chance of seeing the Asiatic lions. It is more authentic in the sense that they track the Asiatic lions and they are not kept in caged areas. You do need to book well in advance and also this section is closed a few months in a year, as mentioned above.

    The Devalia Safari Park is the interpretation zone of the Gir National Park. While you have a hundred percent chance of seeing Asiatic lions here, it's a bit staged as they are placed in a chain-linked or fenced area. This section is open all-year round though so it's a good option for those who would visit the national park during the monsoon season. Do keep in mind that this section is closed every Wednesdays.

    At the homepage of the website, you would find that on the right section, there's the booking form for a safari on either sections of the Gir National Park. You just input the date of your preferred safari, the timing you want and the number of children & adults in the safari. After which, you'd be taken to a page where you fill in other more important details like the details of the person booking the safari and also the details of the other members of the safari. After which, you can also pay the required fees and proceed with the booking. Make sure you bring the identification proofs you selected in the form for each person.


    These two are the only government-approved websites for the Gir National Park. They are the only ones you need when learning more about the national park or even when booking a safari. They have complete information too, so there's no need for any other website, from the charges, safari timings, up to the flora and fauna within the national park. And when you book a safari in the Gir Online Permit Booking System Website, you are sure that there are no hidden agent fees at all.

    I hope this helps you.:)
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  3. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Official website appears to have been discontinued so I had to remove the links in above post.