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Have You Ever Been To Bannerghatta National Park?

Discussion in 'South India' started by moondebi, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. moondebi

    moondebi New Member

    Bannerghatta National Park is situated near Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka. It comprises a zoo, and a biological park. Unlike other national parks of the world, it is just 22km away from the city limit, and a great place for the eco-tourism.

    The main attraction is the biological park there, which one can enjoy through the safari. It is an exotic experience to watch the wilds from a close proximity in their natural instinct. The government safari vehicle includes lion, tiger, bear, and deer parks. There is a butterfly park as well, which enhances the worth of this national park.

    Bannerghatta national park timings start from 10AM to 4:30PM which I find a bit restrictive because it is a lot easier to spot animals early in the morning.

    Bannerghatta National park is a nice place for any visitor, who is interested in eco-tourism.

  2. travelguide

    travelguide Active Member

    I had been there last year. I must say it was one of the best wildlife experience in my life. But quite unfortunately I could not enjoy it fully as my family was not there with me. I would like to visit the place again with my family by end of this year, otherwise that would be a loss to them.

    I think the park is closed on Tuesdays. You can find a lot of animals in their natural habitat, almost any animals a common man knows. You can see a lot of deers, tigers, lions, bears in close proximity during the safari.

  3. amelia88

    amelia88 Active Member

    I haven't been there, in fact I hadn't heard of this place before you mentioned it in this thread. However the idea of Eco tourism is interesting to me. At one point I was looking into going to South America to do an eco tourism volunteer program but a few circumstances came up and I couldn't go. I'm glad to see Eco tourism is alive and well in India!
  4. Delirium

    Delirium Member

    Nope. I think one of my friends may have mentioned it before - I'm not too sure. But I looked up the park on Google and it looks great! I'm also reading about the 3D auditorium it has, just how cool is that? I don't think I've ever seen or even heard anything like that before. It's also apparently very easy to get there from Bangalore which is another great news. If it's not too expensive I think I might actually go there the next time I visit the country!
  5. Ashwin Mahesh

    Ashwin Mahesh Member

    I have been there a couple of times myself, once as a very young child in the 90s and very recently about a couple of years ago. Though I do not recollect what I had seen when I was a kid, when I visited as an adult I was very surprised to know that such a well maintained national park can exist in such close proximity to a city like Bengaluru. I visited as a volunteer to clean up the park, to pick up things left over by tourists instead found the park to be very clean considering the number of people who visit each day. I also got to see tigers including a white tiger from a very close range which was the major highlight of my safari.
  6. Sharath S

    Sharath S Member

    I had been there a few years ago. I am unaware of the improvements that have been done. It has almost been 8-9 years since I last visited Bannerghatta National Park. I should probably go give it a visit hearing from you guys. Is it a family spot? How good is the food around there? What are the other places to visit nearby in a proximity of 100 miles? Would prefer some historic religious places as we plan to travel with my grandfather. Thanks.