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Hill stations near Delhi within 300 kms

Discussion in 'North India' started by Tiwari1411, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. Tiwari1411

    Tiwari1411 New Member

    Our family has been to a lot of places which are far away from Delhi but we want to go somewhere like a hill station which is near Delhi, so it can be a quick holiday where we can easily get there and also stay there and come back within ten days.

    I would a couple of suggestions for hill stations near Delhi within 300kms of distance which would allow me to drive there easily and we would also be able to spend some time at the destination.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

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    See those photographs above? Can you imagine that they are just within 300 kilometers away from Delhi? Yes, these hill stations, so beautiful, scenic and serene can be reached within 7 hours of driving from Delhi itself. Thus, if you're someone who is tired from the hustle and bustle of the city, don't worry, as there are plenty of scenic getaways that you can find close to the capital itself. Mountain views, lakes, pleasant climates... These are just some of the features of these hill stations that we would highlight below. Make sure you bookmark this page as well as future reference in case you might need another respite from the busy city life.

    Hill Stations Under 300 Kilometres Away from Delhi

    1. Nahan - This hill station is about 251 kilometres away from Delhi or 4 to 5 hours of driving away. A laid-back town in the Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh, Nahan offers quite scenic views without the usual throngs of tourists unlike other hill stations. Despite its proximity to Delhi, it isn't as well-known or as visited and this has preserved the idyllic beauty of the place. Nahan is more of a lazy getaway, a place where you can just laze around and enjoy the views. It does have a few attractions, like the Renuka Lake, where you can enjoy boating or even have a picnic with your loved ones. Just beside the lake is the Parshuram Tal where you can spot lots of fishes and even turtles. If you're into wildlife safaris, the Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can spot wild animals like leopards, black bears, sambars and other animals. The Suketi Fossil Park is another attraction here, which has displays of the fossils excavated in the area, all can be traced back to a million years ago. And lastly, although it requires a bit of a trek, the Jaitak Fort is also worth a visit here. At the end of your trek, you would reach the fort itself along with a royal guest house of the Gurkhas.
    • Distance from Delhi - 251 Kilometres
    • Must visit attractions - Renuka Lake, Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary, Suketi Fossil Park and Jaitak Fort.
    Renuka Lake in Nahan (Image Courtesy of Imon Holidays)

    2. Parwanoo - This hill station is about 265 kilometres away from Delhi, so about 4 to 5 hours of driving as well. Parwanoo is located in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. As a hill station, it is more of a luxury one wherein you need to stay in one of the two luxury resorts here in order to enjoy your getaway. There's not much you can do here as well, except for the activities offered by the resorts themselves. The Parwanoo Ropeway is probably the most well-known activity here, which connects the two resorts of the Moksha Group of Hotels, located in two different hillocks. Guests staying in any of the resorts can ride the ropeway for free while those who are not staying in the resorts can pay a fee to use the ropeway. The ride itself is merely 8 minutes for a one-way trip but the views are stunning as the entire Shivalik ranges and valleys below can be seen. Thus, Parwanoo is a good getaway if you would like a luxurious retreat with just beautiful views all around you.
    • Distance from Delhi - 265 Kilometres
    • Must visit attractions - Timber Trail Heights and Timber Trail Resort.
    3. Morni Hills - Morni Hills is a hill station in Haryana, about 270 kilometres away from Delhi. It is mainly a getaway from Chandigarh as it is just 45 kilometres away from this city. Much like the former hill stations, Morni Hills isn't as thronged by tourists as well. It has a small number of hotels and resorts that can provide you with some comfort while staying in the hill station. While there are some attractions in the hill station, it's also the perfect place to just unwind and relax. Morni Hills has lakes that prove to be the main attractions of the idyllic destination. Each of these lakes, Tikkar Tal and Chotta Tikkar Tal, have boating facilities as well as camping sites. Do remember that these lakes are revered sacred by the locals so treat them with utmost respect. In the middle of these lakes is a hill, in which the Adventure Park is located, there are rides and other activities here that can be enjoyable for children. If you have the time, the Mansa Devi Temple, one of the Shakti Peethas, is also located here in Morni Hills. The temple is simple but has beautiful murals on both its walls and ceilings. And lastly, there's also an Old Fort in the hill station built by the Kotaha dynasty, but most of it is in ruins now.
    • Distance from Delhi - 270 Kilometres
    • Must visit attractions - Tikkar Tal, Chotta Tikkar Tal, Adventure Park and Old Fort.
    4. Mussoorie - This popular hill station is about 276 kilometres away from Delhi or 7 hours of driving. Over time, Mussoorie has proved to be one of the best hill stations in the country, which even has the designation as the Queen of the Hills. Mussoorie has this unique blend of British, Indian and Tibetan cultures, traces of each of these nationalities can be found within this hill station. Although the hill station can be visited all-year round, the summer season is usually the peak season when tourists can be found all over the region. The best feature of Mussoorie? It makes for a fun and enjoyable getaway as there are plenty of attractions to keep you busy. Religious sites like the Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, and the Jwalaji Temple, dedicated to Goddess Durga, are thronged by tourists as well as locals. If you enjoy photography, sites like the Gun Hill, approachable by walking or ropeway, and Lal Tibba, the highest peak in Mussoorie, are worth visiting. They can give you a good view of the surrounding mountain ranges. Even natural attractions like the Kempty Waterfalls, Jharipani Waterfalls and Benog Wildlife Sanctuary can be found here. And of course, you cannot pass the opportunity to visit the Happy Valley, a community of over 5,000 Tibetans living in Mussoorie itself.
    • Distance from Delhi - 276 Kilometres
    • Must visit attractions - Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple, Jwalaji Temple, Gun Hill, Lal Tibba, Kempty Waterfalls, Jharipani Waterfalls, Benog Wildlife Sanctuary and Happy Valley.
    5. Kasauli - About 288 kilometres away from Delhi is the small hill station of Kasauli. Serenity is something that is not compromised here as it is home to an army cantonment as well. There are a few attractions around the hill station but it is mainly a tranquil getaway, a place where you can leave all your worries and problems behind. Summers are very pleasant here while winters are a bit chilly, perfect for having a cup of hot coffee while enjoying the greenery around you. Perhaps two of the most well-known attractions here are the Monkey Point and Sunset Point, but they're merely view points to enjoy the views of the mountains clearly. Or if you enjoy trekking, there's the Gilbert Trail, which takes you around pine forests and beautiful grasslands. Religious attractions around Kasauli are the Christ Church, Baptist Church and Shri Baba Balak Nath Temple. As for accommodation options, there are plenty around the hill station ranging from budget to luxury ones.
    • Distance from Delhi - 288 Kilometres
    • Must visit attractions - Monkey Point, Sunset Point, Gilbert Trail, Christ Church, Baptist Church and Shri Baba Balak Nath Temple.
    Monkey Point in Kasauli (Image Courtesy of Trekker Pedia)

    6. Nainital - This hill station known for its numerous lakes, is about 296 kilometres away from Delhi. Again, this is one of the more popular hill stations in the country too so crowds might be more apparent here. Regardless, the beauty of Nainital is beyond words, especially with the Naini Tal and the background of the mountains just behind it. It's no wonder why families enjoy boating here any time of the day, morning, afternoon and even evening. The Naina Devi Temple located just beside the lake is very important to the locals, since it is dedicated to their local deity, Goddess Naina. Since this hill station was once home to the British as well, there are some traces of Victorian era architectures. Notable of which is the Raj Bhavan, also known as the Governor's House, its bricked facade along with green sloping roofs are quite pleasing to the eyes. Peaks such as the Tiffin Top and the Naina Peak are worth visiting too, so you can have clear views of the mountains from the hill station. A must do when in here is to ride the Aerial Ropeway to reach the Snow View Point, where the snow-clad Himalayas ranges can be seen unobstructed. For children, the High Altitude Zoo of Nainital can be a thrilling experience especially with the prospect of seeing a snow leopard. There's also the Eco Cave Gardens, which mimics the natural caves along with displays of wild animals. So if you want a getaway that is not only idyllic but also fun-filled, Nainital would be a good option for that.
    • Distance from Delhi - 296 Kilometres.
    • Must visit attractions - Naini Tal, Naina Devi Temple, Raj Bhavan, Tiffin Top, Naina Peak, Snow View Point (Aerial Ropeway), High Altitude Zoo and Eco Cave Gardens.
    7. Solan - Solan is also about 297 kilometres away from Delhi. The hill station was once a British cantonment town so there are still traces of their architectural style here, from the buildings and up to the planning of the streets. As a tourist destination, Solan is also one of the most popular hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. Thus, tourist infrastructures here are plenty but then there's that issue of crowdedness and noise. Still, the hill station is a good option especially for those who enjoy religious sites as there are plenty here. The Shoolini Mata Temple, dedicated to the local deity of Solan, Shoolini Mata, from which the town derived its name as well, is the oldest temple here. The temple is very simple with just a red facade and a high shikhara yet throngs of locals and tourists visit the place. The Jatoli Shiv Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it has a water pond believed to have healing powers for diseases. The Bon Monastery is a bit further from Solan's city centre, but worth a visit to explore the Tibetan settlement around the region. There's also the Mohan Shakti Heritage Park, which is mainly a temple dedicated to different Hindu deities, but it also has a few dhabas and the views of the mountains here are very stunning. And lastly, the Dagshai Jail Museum is also worth a visit here, the place where freedom fighters were imprisoned by the British and yes, even Mahatma Gandhi was imprisoned here.
    • Distance from Delhi - 297 Kilometres
    • Must visit attractions - Shoolini Mata Temple, Jatoli Shiv Temple, Bon Monastery, Mohan Shakti Heritage Park and Dagshai Jail Museum.
    8. Landour - This hill station is about 282 kilometres away from Delhi. It is also just 6 kilometres away from Mussoorie. You can actually combine a trip for these two together since they are located close to each other. If you would still like to enjoy Mussoorie yet you're a bit apprehensive of its commercialised appeal, you can make it a day trip from Landour itself. Unlike the former, Landour remains idyllic and serene, far from the urban-like vibe of Mussoorie. Forest areas here are quite dense, with thick deodars, pines and other plants that provide cover for the wildlife of the hill station. A must visit when in Landour is the Saint Paul's Church, a bright yellow church, built around the 18th century. It is small but provides enough serenity and solace to a weary soul. In contrast, the Kellogg's Church has this bricked stone facade but also exudes the same serenity. It also has this Victorian era style of architecture. And lastly, the Char Dukaan or simply, the Char Bazaar, is a must visit attraction too. Here lines of food stalls and shops can be found, mostly selling hot maggis and chais.
    • Distance from Delhi - 282 Kilometres
    • Must visit attractions - Saint Paul's Church, Kellogg's Church and Char Dukaan.
    9. Chakrata - Chakrata is one of the hidden hill stations of Uttarakhand. It is about 300 kilometres away from Delhi or about 7 to 8 hours of driving. Untouched by urbanisation and commercialism, Chakrata has remained pristine when it comes to its forests and landscapes. The greenery here is astounding, providing you with a much-needed breath of fresh air, away from the polluted city life. As a bonus, the place isn't crowded at all, as it remains under the radar and only the more adventurous travellers reach the place. A must visit here is the Tiger Waterfalls, known as the second highest waterfall in the country, approachable by a one kilometre trek from the outskirt of Chakrata. Another adventurous place to visit here is the Deoban, a point where the Himalayan ranges can be seen very clearly. It does require a bit of trekking to reach the peak, known as the Vyas Shikar Point. Another view point that requires some trekking is the Chilmiri Neck, but it differs in that it is known for the migratory birds that rest here during winter season. And lastly, an unexplored region, the Budher Caves, is a must visit but only for the courageous ones. The place is not yet developed and some paths are slippery and dark. Chakrata might not be as well known as other hill stations but as you can see, it has some of the best adventure attractions in the region.
    • Distance from Delhi - 300 Kilometres.
    • Must visit attractions - Tiger Waterfalls, Deoban, Chilmiri Neck and Budher Caves.
    Tiger Waterfalls in Chakrata (Image Courtesy of Trip Advisor)

    10. Barog - Barog is about 289 kilometres away from Delhi. Views of the snow-clad mountains, lush greenery and overall a pleasant rural feel, what more can you ask for if Barog has this all? It doesn't have much crowds since it isn't as commercialised as the other hill stations yet it offers the same quaint vibe of such popular hill stations. Do visit the Barog Tunnel when in here, supposed to be the longest straight tunnel in the country and in the world. It is actually a part of the Kalka-Shimla Railway but it might just be the prettiest station. The station is lined with colourful flowers and bright houses that adds to its picturesque charm. At the end of the tunnel, you can visit the Grave of Barog, where the body of Coronel Barog can be found. He was the one who designed the tunnel but due to some mishaps, the two openings ended up not being symmetrical with one another. He committed suicide and his grave can be found here, as a tribute to his untimely death. There's also the Dolanji Bon Monastery is another must visit, with its bright red facade and overall serene vibe. It's mainly a monastery but it has a community of its own inside, with shops, guest houses and a school.
    • Distance from Delhi - 289 Kilometres
    • Must visit attractions - Barog Tunnel, Grave of Barog and Dolanji Bon Monastery.

    11. Lansdowne - Lansdowne is another hill station in the Uttarakhand state of India. It is about 291 kilometres away from Delhi. Being a cantonment town, the hill station is very peaceful and tranquil, perfect for couples, families or even groups of friends. Lansdowne would not disappoint when it comes to views, most especially just after the monsoon, when the clouds are within your reach from this hill station. Foggy mornings, pleasant temperatures and quiet nights... If all of these appeal to you, Lansdowne might be your best bet for a weekend getaway from Delhi. Feel literally on top of the world with the Tip in Top Point, where you can gaze at the Himalayan mountains peacefully. The Bhulla Tal is also worth a visit here, surrounded by lush greenery and it also has boating facilities. Since Lansdowne was once a British cantonment too, religious attractions like the St. Mary's Church and St. John's Church provide you with a glimpse of the bygone era. And lastly, the Darwan Singh Museum is an interesting attraction where you can view the weaponries and armouries captured by the Garhwals in times of wars with different regions and even countries.
    • Distance from Delhi - 291 Kilometres
    • Must visit attractions - Tip in Top Point, Bhulla Tal, St. Mary's Church, St. John's Church and Darwan Singh Museum.

    While Delhi is a very vibrant and exciting city, sometimes, it can get a bit too much especially for those who are all work and no play. Thus, these hill stations can provide you with some rejuvenation and relaxation, away from the chaos of the city. Hope you enjoy this list!