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Places to visit near Delhi within 100 kms

Discussion in 'North India' started by HHYami, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. HHYami

    HHYami New Member

    I would like to go out with my family somewhere which isn't too far from where we live in Delhi. Most of the places which people have suggested take more a minimum of four hours to get there, which is a long time.

    I am ideally looking for places to visit near Delhi within 100km, which I say is just over an hours drive from Delhi. A suitable place to visit should have some places to visit maybe, activities for the kids or as a family and be a calm and relaxing place.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi there, welcome to the forum!

    While Delhi is loved by many, it's sometimes nice to have a simple getaway from it. Away from the heat, the pollution and the hustle of the city and luckily, there are some nearby places that you can reach. These places are just an hour away from Delhi so you can easily choose one and make it a day trip. Whether you're into historical places, natural attractions or adventure, you can certainly find one destination suitable for you. Here they are:

    Places to Visit Under 100 Kilometres Away from Delhi

    1. Faridabad - This is about 56 kilometres away from Delhi. It is located Haryana, closer to the southern part of Delhi. This city is home to several manufacturing hubs but has remained largely slow paced, as compared to Gurgaon or Noida. But the good feature of Faridabad is that it is connected directly to Delhi by Metro and as such, reaching it won't be an issue at all. Around Faridabad, you can visit some attractions, but the main tourist ones are its lakes. Starting with Surajkund Lake, the location of the annual Surajkund Mela Festival, this it the prime attraction in the city. It's best visited in February, when many handicrafts stalls give life to the lake. But it is also good to visit during monsoon season, when the lake is full. During the remaining months, the lake has less water but can be good enough for a short stroll along its banks. Other lakes worth visiting are Dhauj Lake and Badkhal Lake, but they are smaller and drier than Surajkund Lake. A historical place worth visiting is the Raja Nahar Singh Palace, built around the 17th century. You can enjoy dining here as it has been converted into a restaurant/hotel by the Haryana Government. And lastly, a place that the children would surely enjoy, is the Family Kingdom. It is mainly picnic spot which has an assortment of fun activities for the whole family. You can enjoy adventure activities, cultural shows, village activities and overall, just bond with your family.
    • Must visit places - Surajkund Lake, Dhauj Lake, Badkhal Lake, Raja Nahar Singh Palace and Family Kingdom.
    Dhauj Lake in Faridabad

    2. Manesar - Also located in Haryana, this city is about 57 kilometres away from Delhi. The sleepy city was once how to agricultural sectors but has now been transformed into a progressive city. It is located closely to Delhi and Gurgaon, which is why it is easily accessible by road journey. It is a good destination for families because the city has a number of museums to keep them entertained. One of which is the Heritage Transport Museum, giving a glimpse of the development of the transportation industry of the country. With several galleries like an automobile gallery, bus gallery, railway gallery, aviation gallery and two wheeler gallery, you can learn more about the development of the industry. Aside from models of vehicles, memorabilia such as old train tickets, vintage petrol pump models and even toy cars are displayed here. Another museum worth visiting here is the Neverenuf Garden Railway Museum. This museum showcases a miniature railway track, passing along small villages and towns. Guests can even indulge in playing the remote-controlled miniature vehicles like buses and trucks. There's also a small picnic area here where families can enjoy a meal along with surrounding greenery. And lastly, there's the Damdama Lake, located within a Haryana Tourism Hotel. Here you can indulge in adventure activities like zorbing, boating and even rock climbing. Or you can just enjoy the scenic views while having a lakeside picnic.
    • Must visit places - Heritage Transport Museum, Neverenuf Garden Railway Museum and Damdama Lake.
    3. Sohna - This is about 65 kilometres away from Delhi. This small town is connected directly to Gurgaon though Metro connectivity to Delhi is not yet implemented here. The main attraction here is the Sohna Sulphur Hot Springs, believed to have curative effects on diseases of the skin and even rheumatism. Located close to the hot springs is an old Shiva temple, believed to have been built around the 15th century. Also beside the hot springs is a tourism resort setup by the Haryana Government. The resort has rooms, a restaurant and even a health club. You can opt to rent a room here for a day stay so that you can bathe and privately change your clothes after visiting the hot springs. Another must visit here is the Sohna Hill Fort, which was unfortunately not finished and is now in a ruined state. It was built around the 17th century but was never finished due to the British rulers arrival to the village. The fort is located within a hillock, providing one with a commanding view of the surrounding mountains. And lastly, you can also visit the Kamboj Ruins, once a mighty dynasty in Sohna whom lost its glory after the arrival of the British.
    • Must visit places - Sohna Sulphur Hot Springs, Sohna Hill Fort and Kamboj Ruins.
    4. Nuh - This is about 75 kilometres away from Delhi, located in Gurgaon. If you'd like your children to learn more about history, then Nuh is the place to be. It isn't as popular as Delhi or even Noida, but the little village has plenty of historical attractions that can make your stay interesting and at the same time, informational. Perhaps the most popular attraction here is the Sheik Musa Tomb and Mosque. It was built around the 11th century thereby giving it a lot of history and personality. Even more astounding is its architectural style, beautiful and at the same time, exhibits a unique phenomenon, the only of its kind in the country. This phenomenon is that when you shake one of its minarets, the other side would also shake. It's a glimpse of the advanced architectural prowess of that era. Close to the tomb is yet another attraction, the Temple of Hathor, dedicated to the Egyptian goddess, Hathor. While it is mostly in ruins, you can still see the beauty of the structure set amidst lush greenery and giving you a commanding view of the valley below. There's also the Chui Mal's Water Tank and Cenotaph. The cenotaphs surrounded by the water from the tanks are a sight to behold. The reflection of the skies and the structures in the water has this calming effect too.
    • Must visit places - Sheik Musa Tomb and Mosque, Temple of Hathor and Chui Mal's Water Tank.
    Chui Mal's Water Tank in Nuh

    5. Gurgaon - You can find Gurgaon about 42 kilometres away from Delhi. It can be called as an extension of Delhi and as such, it has been progressing steadily for the past few years. You can find modern establishments along the city too and even IT hubs. For families, there are plenty of modern attractions to visit in the city like theme parks, malls and even theatres. One of the most well-known theme parks here is the Fun N Food Village. There are dry rides and also water rides here, along with a snow park. It's the perfect getaway for families looking for an enjoyable weekend away from Delhi. Another place worth visiting here is the Kingdom of Dreams where you can watch Bollywood-style plays and even indulge in an Indian-village styled food court. Rates are a bit high for this theatre so you do have to prepare some money for it. Something more affordable is the Leisure Valley Park, where you can have a picnic with your family while enjoying the lush greenery around you. Lastly, there's the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, a haven for bird watchers. Even families can enjoy the breath of fresh air here along with the numerous species of birds that you can spot.
    • Must visit places - Fun N Food Village, Kingdom of Dreams, Leisure Valley Park and Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary.
    6. Farrukhnagar - This city in Gurgaon is about 60 kilometres away from Delhi. Once home to strong dynasties such as the Baloches and the Mughals, Farrukhnagar might not be as well-known as other cities in Gurgaon yet it boasts of many heritage sites. The grandeur of the bygone era is apparent here, especially along the main city centre of Farrukhnagar. The most apparent structure here is the Sheesh Mahal, built using red sandstone, reminiscent of the Mughal era. Inside the palace you can find mirror works, so exquisite and beautiful, comparable to any other mirror palace in the country. The ruins of the Farrukhnagar Fort can also be found in the city, although only two of its five gates remain now. An ancient step well built by Ghaus Ali Shah can also be found near the fort. It was built out of stone and plaster, with several downward levels. And lastly, yet another historical site, is the Jama Masjid, with inscriptions dating back to the 12th century. It was also made using red sandstone and has grey domes above it.
    • Must visit places - Sheesh Mahal, Farrukhnagar Fort, Ghaus Ali Shah Baori and Jama Masjid.
    I hope this helps you!:)