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Holiday Inn Beach Resort Havelock

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by Krhna, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Krhna

    Krhna New Member

    I have found a hotel which is very close to the beach in Havelock, it is like literally, a stone's throw away. The hotel is very close, but I am double minded about it, as it doesn't really seem like a comfortable place to stay at.
    The rooms are very basic, and the worst thing that can happen is the stay be uncomfortable.

    I would like some reviews and suggestions on this particular hotel.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Krhna, welcome to the forum!


    Havelock Island is one of the few inhabited islands of the Andamans. There are only a few accommodation options in the island, ranging from resorts, hotels and specialty lodges. Most properties in the Havelock Island are of the three-star variety, some have lower stars though. One of these properties is the Holiday Inn Beach Resort, just a few steps away from the Govind Nagar Beach. Just next to the resort are other properties like the Symphony Palms Beach Resort and Pellicon Beach Resort. In this guide, we would be reviewing the facilities and amenities that the Holiday Inn Beach Resort has, as well as the quality of services given to guests.


    The Havelock Island is located to the eastern side of the capital of the Andamans, Port Blair. You need to ride a boat to reach the island itself. There are seven beaches in the island, which are depicted by numbers. The Holiday Inn Beach Resort is located in Beach No. 3, also known as the Govind Nagar Beach. This beach is located on the northeastern side of the Havelock Island. The Holiday Inn Beach Resort is a sea-facing resort and it only takes a few minutes to reach the Andaman Sea from the property's cottages. Nearby restaurants to the resort that are within walking distance are the Dewa Fast Food, Swathi and Full Moon Cafe.


    Being located at a remote island, you can't expect much when it comes to the ambience in the resorts or properties here. The overall vibe of the Holiday Inn Beach Resort is simple and cozy. There are around 19 cottages spread around the property. There's a simple open-air reception area and though it has roofing, there are no sitting areas within it. The cottages are arranged in two rows, with the two more affordable types on the left row and the most luxurious types on the right row. The entire property is covered in greenery, from the grasslands, to the surrounding coconut trees. The atmosphere of the resort accentuates the beach aura, because of its simple wooden cottages and lush greenery.

    Exterior View (Image from Holiday Inn Beach Resort)


    There are three types of cottages, namely: Standard Cottage, Deluxe Cottage and Super Deluxe Cottage. All cottages feature the same interiors and beach views, they only differ in the spaciousness. Of course, the Standard Cottage is the smallest and most affordable of the three. But if you want a bit more luxury, then you can opt for either the Deluxe Cottage or Super Deluxe Cottage. The designs of the cottages are very basic, with wooden furnitures and tiled flooring. The bathrooms are just small, with tiled flooring and walls, though there are showering amenities. Most cottages are fitted with air conditioning as well so you won't need to worry about comfort during hot summer days.

    Tariffs of Cottages in Holiday Inn Beach Resort

    Cottage TypeMonsoon Rate (July to September)Off-Peak Season Rate (February to June & October to November)Peak Season Rate (December to January)
    Standard CottageRs. 2,800Rs. 3,500Rs. 4,500
    Deluxe CottageRs. 3,600Rs. 4,500Rs. 5,500
    Super Deluxe CottageRs. 4,400Rs. 5,500Rs. 6,500
    The tariff rates of the different cottages vary depending on the season you visit. If you visit during the monsoon season, you can expect the lowest rates for the cottages, with around 20% of discount. The Standard Cottage costs around Rs. 2,800 per night, the Deluxe Cottage costs around Rs. 3,600 per night and the Super Deluxe Cottage costs around Rs. 4,400 per night. The off-peak season extends from February to June and from October to November. Rates are around Rs. 3,500 per night for the Standard Cottage, Rs. 4,500 per night for the Deluxe Cottage and Rs. 5,500 per night for the Super Deluxe Cottage. The peak season extends from December to January, where you need to pay an additional surcharge of Rs. 1,000 per night per room. The rates are at Rs. 4,500 per night for the Standard Cottage, Rs. 5,500 for the Deluxe Cottage and Rs. 6,500 for the Super Deluxe Cottage.

    Interior View of Cottage (Image from Holiday Inn Beach Resort)

    When it comes to the amenities available in the cottages, you have the usual double bed, sitting area and wardrobe closet. There are also other additional amenities like a tea/coffee maker and television. Because of the remote location, the channels in the television are very limited. There is also an attached balcony within each cottage. The balcony has a few sitting areas and a side table as well. There's an attached bathroom as well which is very basic, it has a small bucket, shower and toilet.

    Extra Person Charges in Holiday Inn Beach Resort

    Guest TypeRateService Tax
    Below 5 Years OldFreeNone
    Between 5 to 12 Years OldRs. 1,0009%
    Above 12 Years OldRs. 1,2009%
    Normally, each cottage can accommodate two persons and the third person would be charged an additional fee. But if the third person is below five years of age, then he or she would be allowed a free stay, as long as you don't request for an additional mattress. If the third person is aged between 5 to 12 years, then there's an additional fee of Rs. 1,000 with a 9% service tax. And if the third person is aged above 12 years, then you would be charged an additional Rs. 1,200 plus 9% service tax.

    Dining Options

    The property has a small open-air restaurant within its premises. It operates late in the morning, from 7:30 until early in the evening, 21:00. Timings vary though depending on the staff so it's best to inquire about it from the staff in the property. The restaurant has a simple ambience, with its wooden tables and plastic chairs. It serves mainly Indian and Tandoori dishes but their speciality is of course, seafood dishes.

    Restaurant (Image from Holiday Inn Beach Resort)

    Again, meals here are quite expensive, which is acceptable because of the remote location. Best seller dishes are their Grilled Red Snapper and Grilled Lobsters. Do keep in mind that they have a 15% service charge whenever you dine at the restaurant. This is one downside of the property, but then again, it's a given because of the location and the difficult ways of transporting food ingredients to the area.

    Nearest Restaurants to Holiday Inn Beach Resort

    RestaurantCuisineDistance from ResortWalking Time
    Dewa Fast FoodIndian and Chinese58 Metres1 Minute
    SwathiNorth Indian180 Metres2 Minutes
    Full Moon CafeIndian230 Metres3 Minutes
    These are the nearest restaurants to the Holiday Inn Beach Resort. You have the Dewa Fast Food, which is almost like a dhaba-style restaurant, with delicious Indian and Chinese dishes. The best part is that they serve very affordable meals suitable for budget travellers. Their Egg Noodles and Chicken Biryani are best seller dishes. It is merely a minute of walking away from the resort. Other options are Swathi, a North Indian cuisine restaurant, and Full Moon Cafe, another Indian cuisine restaurant. They are under three minutes of walking away from the property.

    Facilities & Services

    Facilities offered by the resort are very limited. Around the beach area, there are beach chairs and hammocks that one can utilise. There are also shaded sitting areas within the gardens of the resort. WiFi is available only in the reception area and signal isn't assured. They don't charge for WiFi access though which is a good thing. For services, they are also very limited, like arranging for water sports like snorkelling and scuba diving. The staff can also arrange for fishing and beach tours around the island. They can also arrange for vehicle rentals, like bicycles or cabs, depending on what you need. Room service is also provided for but then it comes at a cost of about a 15% charge.

    Other Chargeable Services in Holiday Inn Beach Resort

    ServiceRateService Tax
    Candlelight DinnerRs. 3,5006%
    Candlelight Dinner (With Wine)Rs. 4,2009%
    Flower Bed DecorationRs. 1,500None
    Breakfast MealRs. 2506%
    Lunch/Dinner MealRs. 4509%
    The table above highlights the other chargeable services of the resort. You can have arrangements for a special candlelight dinner with your loved one. It costs Rs. 3,500 per couple plus 6% of service tax, if you choose the without wine version. It costs Rs. 4,200 per couple plus 9% service tax, if you choose the with wine version. You can also have a romantic flower decoration on your room which costs Rs. 1,500 per day. For additional meals, it costs Rs. 250 for breakfast plus a 6% service tax and for lunch or dinner, it costs Rs. 450 plus a 9% service tax.


    The best feature of the property is its close proximity to the Govind Nagar Beach. This white sand beach is perfect for strolling and just lazing around. It is also easily accessible from other bicycle rental areas and commercial areas of the island. The resort has all the basic facilities one might need, especially if you just intend to sleep on your room during the night and enjoy beach hopping during the day. There's a restaurant, beach hammocks and limited WiFi access, right on the beach-side, so what more can you ask for? Being one of the more affordable resorts in the area, staying here won't burn a hole in your pocket, as it is a known fact that staying in Havelock can be quite expensive.


    Generally, the property is maintained and quite clean though its location renders it quite harder to manage. Cottages are average here, with dim lighting and presence of some insects. The bathrooms are small and needs a bit of a thorough cleaning. Toiletries like soaps, towels and shampoos are not given automatically at times so you have to ask for them. In addition, the bed sheets and pillow cases are a bit on the older side. The mattresses in the beds are a bit on the harder side so may not be as comfortable especially for those used in sleeping in super soft beds.

    The meals served in the restaurant are quite tasty, at least most of the time. The complimentary buffet breakfast is quite good, though not extensive. The variety of Indian and seafood dishes are wide, considering the location. The restaurant is kept clean and hygienic as well. The downside is that it closes early in the evening so if ever you have that late night hunger pang, you need to consider other dining options. Plus, the staff usually don't open the restaurant early in the morning so if you intend to do some early morning swim and want to get breakfast prior, then you have to find other alternatives.


    The verdict? Well, the Holiday Inn Beach Resort is a suitable budget option in the Havelock Island. Are you a part of a group or a couple? Then, this resort would be suitable for you. It has the basic facilities and provides for an average but comfortable stay. But if you're a part of a family, it's best to find other accommodation options in the island. Seniors and children have special needs that this resort might not be able to cater to, which other resorts would be more fitting to cover. Still, if you are a trouper, and maybe your family is too, then you can opt for the Holiday Inn Beach Resort.

    I hope this helps you!:)