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Gold Star Beach Resort Havelock

Discussion in 'Andaman and Nicobar Islands' started by Pallav, May 18, 2017.

  1. Pallav

    Pallav New Member

    I have been looking at some properties to stay at in Havelock and came across something that appealed me which is the Gold Star Beach Resort.

    I could not find much detail about the property and would like to find out more. From the pictures of the resort, it looks like they provide villas, but I am not too sure so would like this information clarified.

    I would also like to know the different types of rooms they provide and their cost.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Pallav, welcome to the forum!

    (Images from Goibibo and Trip Advisor)

    What is the Gold Star Beach Resort in Havelock?

    The Gold Star Beach Resort is a budget property in Havelock. It is a two-star resort comprised of basic facilities and amenities for guests. Set amidst the calming vibes of the coconut trees and the crashing waves of the sea, the Gold Star Beach Resort offers serenity and beauty at the same time. With its affordable rates, you won't have to spend so much just to enjoy your stay in Havelock. If you can set some luxuries aside, the Gold Star Beach Resort is a no frills, no fancy property that can satisfy your accommodation needs without breaking the pocket. So read on and find out some other vital information about the property that you might need.

    Where is the Gold Star Beach Resort Located in Havelock?

    The Gold Star Beach Resort is located in the northeastern side of Havelock. Specifically, it can be found on the shores of the Vijay Nagar Beach, also known as the Beach No. 5. If you're coming from Port Blair, you can ride any of the local government ferries that depart once during the morning and another during the afternoon from the city. You would then reach Havelock Island in around 2 hours and 30 minutes more or less. There are also some private yachts that transfer tourists from Port Blair to Havelock Island. The Gold Star Beach Resort is ideally located in that you can easily access other restaurants and even the nearby market from it.

    What is the Overall Vibe of the Gold Star Beach Resort in Havelock?

    The Gold Star Beach Resort exudes an austere and simple vibe. From the cabin-like accommodations, to the surrounding greenery and views of the sea, it fulfils the lazy beach experience that everyone dreams of. You can chill in the beach-side hammocks or enjoy a cup of tea from your private sit-out. From the outside, there's an air of elegance to the cabins which would lure you in. The interiors are more basic though and very homely in appearance. For those used to luxury, this might be a bit of a downgrade but when you're this close to nature, it can't get any better than this. If you want to get lost in the serene beauty of nature, then this property is a good choice for that.

    What are the Room Types in the Gold Star Beach Resort in Havelock?

    The Gold Star Beach Resort has villa-like or cabin-like accommodations. They are made of wood and each has its own private entrance. There's a sit-out as well where guests can enjoy the views on their own privacy. The interiors of the cabins are very basic, devoid of any decors or interesting designs. Most of the amenities are made of wood, like the cupboard, sitting area and closet. The bathrooms has doors made from tin and they are not as spacious, without any amenities for hot water.

    Room Rates in Gold Star Beach Resort

    RoomTariff Per NightInclusions
    Standard RoomRs. 2,730Room Only
    Semi-Deluxe RoomRs. 3,490Room Only
    Deluxe RoomRs. 4,920Room Only
    There are three room types in the resort, namely: Standard Room, Semi-Deluxe Room and Deluxe Room. The most affordable is of course the Standard Room, from which you can get better discounted rates on hotel booking sites. For a bit of comfort and luxury, it's better to opt for the latter two rooms, which are pricier but more spacious and well maintained. Amenities provided for in all the rooms are air conditioning, television, fridge and a coffee table with chairs.

    What are the Dining Options in the Gold Star Beach Resort in Havelock?

    The Gold Star Beach Resort has an open-air restaurant serving local Indian cuisine dishes to guests. Its ambience is just very laid-back, with plastic chairs and tables around. This is also where the complimentary breakfast is served, if you are able to find deals from online for such. Generally, food in the resort is average but you can't expect much because of its location. You can, however, venture into the northern side of the island, where you would find more dining options.

    Nearby Restaurants to Gold Star Beach Resort

    Restaurant NameCuisine/sDistance from ResortWalking Time
    Ocean Tree RestroIndian, Seafood & Chinese800 Metres10 Minutes
    Fat MartinIndian, Continental & Asian1.3 Kilometres17 Minutes
    Anju CocoIndian, Continental & Chinese1.7 Kilometres21 Minutes
    These are your other dining options outside of the resort. You have the Ocean Tree Restro, just 10 minutes to the north of the resort. You can enjoy Indian, Seafood and Chinese dishes here. Then there's Fat Martin, around 17 minutes to the north of the resort. This is a highly rated restaurant in the area which serves Indian, Continental and Asian dishes. Also worth trying out is Anju Coco, a more formal restaurant per se which is also amongst the best dining options in Havelock.

    What are the Facilities in the Gold Star Beach Resort in Havelock?

    The Gold Star Beach Resort has a few facilities in offer for guests. Their front desk is available for 24 hours to cater to the travellers who reach the island during odd hours. They have a private access to the beach where there are sun loungers which guests can utilise. The lush gardens provide for some shade for couples to stroll in. Other facilities such as power back-up, lockers and housekeeping are also available in the property. Other luxuries such as internet, swimming pool and business centre cannot be found in this budget resort.

    What is the Verdict?

    If you're on a budget but have that craving for the sun and the beach, don't worry, you can spend that money into some place valuable. The Gold Star Beach Resort might not be a huge property nor does it have any opulent features but it does take you closer to your beach wanderlust. It's where you can get away from the mundane routines of life like checking your social page or uploading that perfect selfie. Here, it's just you, the sun and the beach, without any interference from the modern world. As basic as it is, it's undeniable that its strategic location is enough to win you over.