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Hotels in Sangla under Rs1000

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by ShivankHari, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. ShivankHari

    ShivankHari New Member

    I am a solo traveler going to Sangla, and I am making this holiday a budget holiday and don't want to spend too much on hotels. I have laid down a price for the accommodation which is Rs1000, so please suggest accommodation in Sangla which is under Rs1000.


  2. Dhruv

    Dhruv Member

    There are many options for accommodation under Rs1000, but they are not all hotels and include guest houses as well.
    Bapsa Guest House, tariffs start from Rs300 and it is an ideal location as it is opposite the bus stand and beside the river.
    Negi Cottage tariffs start from Rs500, a nice clean and homely place.
    Prakesh Regency and Hotel Mount Kailash both have tariffs which start from Rs800, and as you can tell from the price the accommodation would be slightly better than the two mentioned above.

  3. ShivankHari

    ShivankHari New Member

    Thanks Dhruv, I think I would leave the options for the Rs300 guest house and think would most probably look into the Negi Cottage as I have heard of that name before and also hotel Mount Kailash.