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Hotels near Jaipur railway station

Discussion in 'Rajasthan' started by Amita, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. Amita

    Amita New Member

    My sister and I are traveling from Haryana to Jaipur via train. Our stay will be in a hotel in Jaipur and we need some help in choosing a hotel near Jaipur railway station.

    Our budget is not too high and we are able to pay up to Rs1800 per night. It is not necessary that the hotel has a restaurant as we would be eating out.

    The key features of the hotel which we would like are good location, good hygiene and free WiFi (if possible).

  2. Shiv

    Shiv Member

    Hi Amita,
    The list of hotels near Jaipur railway station is listed below. I have put the hotels in order of preference to your criteria.

    Nirwana Hometel Jaipur - A 3-star hotel who are currently offering rooms at Rs1700. A close distance to Jaipur railway station and local eateries. All amenities like a coffee/tea making machine, WiFi are available at the hotel. The breakfast buffet is complimentary.

    Hotel Metro - Room cost is Rs1400. The hotel is location is very good and meets the basic hygiene requirements. amenities like heater, air conditioning, and WiFi are available.

    Hotel H R Palace - Although the hotel is a 7-minute walk away from Jaipur railway station and one night room cost is Rs1300. For the cost, the room is very clean and spacious and provides free WiFi too.

    Hotel Milestone 251 - Slightly further away from Jaipur railway station at 12 minutes away this hotel provides rooms at Rs1300. The rooms are exceptionally clean and hygienic and free Wifi is also available.

    Treebo Raya Inn - The hotel room is just in the budget at Rs1700. The hotel is a 2-minute walk from Jaipur railway station and is a very clean hotel and they provide free WiFi.

    Hotel Meenakshi Palace - At a short walking distance from Jaipur railway station rooms are available at Rs1100. Wifi is available and rooms are considerably clean. This is a cheap budget hotel.