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House Boats in Dal Lake, Srinagar

Discussion in 'North India' started by KapilM, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. KapilM

    KapilM New Member

    I am planning my honeymoon to be in Srinagar during July but only if house boats are available. Some time back I did hear news that house boats have been stopped, but then heard different stories, so it is unclear to whether they are available or not.

    I need some confirmation whether house boats are available, and if they are I need some recommendations for them along with costs, as I believe each house boat is different.

    I would also like members to give some advise on places to visit near Dal Lake and where I should make the booking from.

  2. KapilM

    KapilM New Member

    I have been to Dal Lak, and house boats are available and yes each house boat is different just like a hotel room.

    It would be good if you gave some indication on costs.

    Places to visit around Dal Lake are:

    Nishat Garden
    Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden
    Chashme Shahi Gardens
    Mughal Gardens
    Garden of Char Minar
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