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How many beaches in Mumbai?

Discussion in 'Maharashtra' started by HansOl, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. HansOl

    HansOl New Member

    I am interested in seeing a few beaches in Mumbai while staying in Mumbai and being a tourist there I need to know more about them. I would like to know how many beaches there are in Mumbai?

    Out of all the beaches in Mumbai which ones do you recommend going to see?

    I know there are a few dirty and smelly beaches which I would rather stay away from, so please dont mention those.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi there, welcome to the forum!

    Here's a list of all the beaches close to Mumbai:
    • Uttan Beach (Thane), Gorai Beach, Manori Beach, Marve Beach, Aksa Beach, Dana Paani Beach, Erangal Beach, Silver Beach, Versova Beach, Madh Island Beach, Rock Beach, Juhu Beach, Dadar Chowpatty Beach, Kegav Beach (Navi Mumbai) and Uran Pirwad Beach (Navi Mumbai).
    So in total, there are 12 beaches in Mumbai. The last two beaches are located in Navi Mumbai which is about 22 kilometres away from Mumbai proper and the first beach is located in Thane. These beaches are also arranged from the northern one to the most southern one. So you'd find Uttan Beach at the far north corner of Mumbai and you'd find the Uran Pirwadi Beach at the far south corner of Mumbai.

    Out of all these beaches, I'd recommend a few that are worth visiting because of their cleanliness and beauty:
    • Uttan Beach - Although this beach is not located specifically in Mumbai, it's in the border between Mumbai and Thane. It is about 7.8 kilometres away from Gorai Beach so it's easily accessible from Mumbai. The beach is sometimes referred to as the Velankani Beach, due to the church located nearby with the same name. It has very fine sands which are divided by rocks into different sections. The water is very clean here, a step up from the dirty beaches in central Mumbai. It is located in a fishing village, hence it's not unusual to see fishing boats and fishermen here. However, the quietness and uncrowded atmosphere is very much different from the usual beaches in the city. And of course, being a fishing village, try out the seafood dishes available here.
    • Gorai Beach - Perhaps you can consider this as the northernmost beach located specifically in Mumbai. You can reach the beach by train or by bus. You can also take a ferry ride from the Marve Beach to reach the Gorai Beach. The water of the Gorai Beach is relatively cleaner as compared to the other beaches in central Mumbai. It is also less crowded mainly because it takes around an hour or so to reach it from the city centre of Mumbai. There are also many food stalls around offering delicious meals to guests. Water sports activities can also be done here. There are some areas of the beach though that aren't clean so you need to venture further from the main area and go to the more remote or distant areas. For just enjoying a picnic or maybe the sunset views, Gorai Beach is good option for that so you won't need to get out of Mumbai itself.
    • Manori Beach - Just like Gorai Beach, Manori Beach can be reached via road or via ferry. You need to ride a rickshaw again after alighting from the ferry though. All in all, travel time from Mumbai city centre would be around two hours. The good thing about this beach is that it has many resorts and hotels nearby. Thus, you can opt to stay in these hotels for a weekend getaway. The water of the beach is fairly clean and has powdery sands as well. There are surrounding cliffs which the adventure seekers can climb in. For the little ones, collecting sea shells and building sand castles might be enjoyable for them. There are a few food stalls here but it's best to bring your own snacks and drinks as you don't have that many options.
    • Aksa Beach - This beach is about nine kilometres away from the Malad Railway Station. It is easily accessible as buses drop off passengers directly to the beach as well. It is one of the few remaining clean beaches of Mumbai located close to the city. The water here is fairly clean but unsuitable for swimming due to undercurrents. There are ample food stalls here so food is not an issue. It might get crowded though especially during weekends. But as compared to Juhu Beach, it is relatively clean and well-maintained. There are also two resorts located near the beach that you can stay in. So if your idea of a getaway is just enjoying the scenic views of the sea, then Aksa Beach might be the best choice for you.
    • Dana Paani Beach - This small beach is located a little further to the south of Aksa Beach. You can reach it easily by walking and can take around 25 minutes from Aksa Beach. Since it's located at a more secluded area, there's not many tourists here and you can enjoy the isolation. The water here is very clean and calm, good enough for strolling around. There are only a few stalls selling food and beverages though so it's bets to bring your own. You can also visit a 500-year old church nearby, a few minutes away from the beach. The beach is fairly popular to the locals so it's not unusual to see local kids playing a game of cricket here.
    • Uran Pirwadi Beach - This is about 40 kilometres away from Mumbai proper. It is located on a little village in Navi Mumbai named Uran. Because of its distance from the city centre of Mumbai, there's not many tourists flocking here. The waves here are gentle and the water is very clean. If you're looking for something offbeat, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then choose Uran Pirwadi Beach. Sure, there might not be many accommodation options nor beach shacks but that just adds to the serenity of the place.
    There you go, I hope this helps you!:)