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Best beaches in South Goa

Discussion in 'Goa' started by KeshavO98, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. KeshavO98

    KeshavO98 New Member

    I will be South Goa soon, and like any other tourist going to Goa, I will also be spending some time at the beaches there.
    I want to know which all are the best beaches in South Goa, as I don't want to be going to the wrong beaches which are dirty and smelly and be wasting my time.

    I don't know exactly how many beaches there are in South Goa, but I would like to visit all of the best ones which will be mentioned in the replies to my post.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi there, welcome to the forum!

    South Goa is synonymous with exclusive and pristine beaches, whereas North Goa is synonymous with beach parties. Because of this, South Goa has been named as a honeymoon paradise because it has lesser crowded beaches which are comparatively cleaner than that of the North Goa beaches. But even with this, there are a variety of beaches in South Goa, catering to adventure lovers or even those seeking some isolation. So let us begin listing the best beaches in South Goa for different types of activities:

    Best Beaches in South Goa

    For partying (almost) all night long...

    1. Palolem Beach - Located in the Canacona district, Palolem Beach is perhaps one of the more crowded beaches in South Goa. But even with that, it's not as crowded as the North Goa beaches like Baga Beach and Anjuna Beach. Lined with numerous beach huts, resorts and shacks, Palolem Beach offers plenty of accommodation and dining options for guests. Its beach has creamy sands with clear, blue waters. During day time, travellers indulge in banana boat riding and water scootering along the waters of the beach. But really, the draw of Palolem Beach is its silent noise parties during night time. These parties happen on different days of the week at different venues, Laughing Buddha (Tuesday), Alpha Bar (Thursday) and Neptune Point (Saturday). In these parties, guests are given headphones with different channels, from which you can listen to the music and dance to the beat, if you'd like. It's a must to try one of these parties and as an added bonus, you can enjoy the moonlight while partying as it is held on open grounds.

    2. Colva Beach - At just about six kilometres away from the Madgaon Railway Station, you can find the Colva Beach. With its white sandy shores and turquoise waters, who wouldn't love this beach? For the past few years though, this has become one of the most crowded beaches in South Goa. In day time, you can indulge in water activities in Colva Beach, like jet skiing, parasailing, speed boating and even windsurfing. At night time, the area transforms into a party region where tons of full moon parties happen. There's Gatsby's Pub, well-known not only for its music but also for the variety of cocktails and alcoholic beverages served here. As compared to the other bars, it is also on the higher end and as such, drinks here are more expensive. Another one is Johnny's Cool, a bar appealing to the budget party lovers as it has more affordable drinks and snacks as well. Lastly, there's Club Ziggy's as well, with its air conditioned dance floor, you won't break a sweat while doing your grooves and moves here.

    For enjoying water sports...

    3. Mobor Beach - With its white shores and clear waters, it's only a matter of time before Mobor Beach turns into a popular tourist attraction in the state. For the time being, it remains pristine and even though it has some tourists during peak season, you can still find a secluded spot in the area. Mobor Beach is located between Cavelossim Beach and Betul Beach. Ideally, these beaches are connected and can be considered as one beach but are named differently according to the villages they occupy. Unlike the beaches of North Goa, Mobor Beach doesn't have as plenty of beach shacks which makes it more serene and peaceful. Yet you can still enjoy water sports like jet skiing, speed boating and water skiing here. Accommodation options are plenty as well especially in the main Salcette district.

    Jet Skiing in Mobor Beach

    4. Majorda Beach - Lined with coconut trees and sparkling golden sands, Majorda Beach would entice any beach lover. Its ease of access, just ten kilometres away from Margao, yet seclusion is quite a nice contrast. Whether you'd like to enjoy swimming on the beach or maybe strolling around its shores, you can do so without too many eyes watching you. There are a few beach shacks as well in case you get hungry, but nowhere as plenty as the beach shacks in Baga. The best water sport that you can do here is parasailing, which only a few beaches in Goa offer to guests. Usually, parasailing lasts for about an hour or less. Enjoy the views from above while a boat tows you around the beach water. Most beach resorts here also offer other water sports like water scootering, jet skiing and many more.

    For some serenity...

    5. Benaulim Beach - Home to the exquisite Taj Exotica Goa Hotel, Benaulim Beach is one of the most serene beaches in South Goa. The sands here are a powdery white and the water reflects the blue skies. While there is not much you can do here, it's the perfect beach for just lazing around. Bask in the sun, with sunscreen of course, or maybe take a long walk along its shores. There are only a few beach shacks here though so there are not as many choices. The resorts and hotels here are priced a bit higher and are also sparse. But this only adds to that exclusive vibe to the beach and you can always bring your own snacks and beverages if coming from a distant hotel or guest house. A bit further from the beach are a few guest houses, if you are in a budget but want to stay nearby the Benaulim Beach.

    6. Varca Beach - Located between Cavelossim Beach and Colva Beach, the Varca Beach is popular amongst families. Mainly because it isn't as crowded but it still has some facilities for water sports. The sands of Varca Beach are white and very fine, while its waters are clean. Indulging in swimming or maybe laying around its sands, these are the best activities around the beach. The Zuri White Sands Resort & Casino is also located nearby the beach, one of the most expensive and premier resorts in the state. While there are some activities that you can indulge in here, the best one is dolphin spotting. You can hire a boat to take you to spots where these dolphins can be viewed. Despite all these attractions, the Varca Beach remains peaceful as compared to the beaches of North Goa.

    Varca Beach

    Most pristine beaches...

    7. Cola Beach - About five kilometres away from Agonda Beach, there's this hidden paradise named Cola Beach. You need to traverse through bumpy and rocky terrains before you can reach the entrance to the beach. And your journey doesn't end there, you still have to climb downwards to reach the main beach itself. While the Cola Beach itself is stunning, the main attraction here is the blue lagoon, formed by the confluence of the river into the sea. You can enjoy a dip in this lagoon or just enjoy the view of it. The Cola Beach has white shores too, but its waves are a bit too rough. For accommodation, you only have two options here, the Blue Lagoon Cola and the Mi Amor Beach Huts & Restaurant. Both resorts have affordable rates and serve great meals to guests.

    8. Butterfly Beach - The most secluded beach in Goa is located just a boat ride away from Palolem Beach. Butterfly Beach was so named because of the appearance of its shores, resembling the wings of a butterfly. It is untouched by commercialisation, with white sands and translucent waters. Reaching the beach by foot is possible, from a trek amidst lush forests and greenery but it can be challenging. Reaching it by boat is most recommended as the views are stunning, it's easier and you can reach the beach in the shortest amount of time. Be prepared though as during high tide, the shores are enveloped by the water. If you can, visit the beach just before the sun sets and do make sure that you bring some snacks and beverages with you.

    Butterfly Beach

    Something different, perhaps...

    9. Agonda Beach - Want to enjoy the rural life? Then stay in one of the numerous guest houses around Agonda Beach. There are not many commercial hotels here and as such, the pristine beauty of the place has been preserved despite the travellers flocking to the region. Another great feature of the beach is that it is a nesting ground for the endangered Olive Ridley turtles. Usually, nesting season begins during winter season and lasts until summer. If you're lucky, you can spot the release of these turtles into the sea. The waves of the waters of Agonda Beach are kind of rough though so they're not as suitable for swimming especially for those who cannot swim too well. This is the perfect beach for water surfing though, if you're into that.

    10. Patnem Beach - Located on the south of Palolem Beach, Patnem Beach is a smaller yet beautiful beach around South Goa. It's a happening beach but not as loud nor as crowded as the other beaches of Palolem or Colva. You can find numerous yoga centres around the beach, which provides both accommodation and meals to guests. So if you're into healthy living or you just want to make a lifestyle change, then Patnem Beach would be perfect for you. During night time, the beach is lively, with some music around but never too noisy or loud. As it is, the laid-back appeal of Patnem Beach caters mostly to foreigners looking for some place serene but still has some activities that they can indulge in.

    I hope this helps you.:)