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How Many Lakes in Kerala?

Discussion in 'Kerala' started by Anamika Singhania, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Anamika Singhania

    Anamika Singhania New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I am a student and have been given the topic Kerala Lakes. To get some help with my research I have joined the forum. My first question that I would like to find out is how many lakes are there in Kerala and which are the popular ones?

    It would be great to get some brief information about the lakes as well.

    Many Thanks:)

  2. Karan

    Karan Member

    Hi Anamika Singhania, welcome to the forum!

    There are a total of 34 lakes in Kerala which are very popular with tourists. On these lakes you would find houseboats, and also water sports being conducted. The popular annually held Kerala boat races are also held on the lakes.

    Although there are 34 lakes in Kerala, I will list the major and most important ones for you.

    Ashtamudi Lake
    Ashtamudi Lake is located in the Kollam district. This lake is shaped like a palm tree or some say octopus and is very popular with tourists. One of the highlights of this lake is that it of the largest wetland ecosystems.

    Punnamada Lake
    India's longest and biggest lake is the Vembanadu Lake and Punnamada Lake is a part of that lake. The lake goes through many different parts (districts) of Kerela and through each part it has a different name.

    Vembanadu Lake

    As mentioned in the above lake details, Vembanadu Lake is Kerala's largest and biggest and it is 12km west from Kottayam. Many tourists come to this lake for cruises where they are able to explore the different districts of Kerala. A boat race is also conducted on this lake.

    Akkulam Lake
    Akkulam Lake is a short distance away from Thiruvanthapuram, and a very popular lake with tourists where they come relax and just gaze at the natural beauty surrounding the lake. Both locals and tourists come to this lake for water sports.

    Mananchira Lake is located in the center of Kozhikode city and it is a manmade freshwater lake. You would be surprised to know that the water in this square-shaped lake is kept for drinking.

    Veeranpuzha Lake
    Veeeranpuzha lake is located in Cochin. The lake is kind of an extension to the Vembanadu Lake.

    Vellayani Lake
    Vellayani Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Trivandrum. The famous Onam boat race is conducted on this lake, and is a must visit during the Onam festive season.

    Sasthamkotta Lake
    Sasthamkotta Lake is located 19km away from a town called Kollam. It has been put into the wetland ecosystem category and is also known for being the largest freshwater lake within Kerala. The main features of the Sasthamkotta Lake are that it provides fresh and clean water to many people, and there is an old Sastha temple there which many pilgrims visit.

    Pookode Lake
    Again another one of the largest lakes in Kerala is the Pookode Lake, which is surrounded by green forests. The locals of Kerala sell handmade products here which are made from jute and bamboo.

    Pookot Lakes
    Pookot Lake is located 3km away from Vythiri town. There is an aquarium here which has a number of multi-colored fish, and a local shopping place which sells spices and handy works.