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How To Reach Tikuji Ni Wadi?

Discussion in 'Maharashtra' started by Kalyan, May 2, 2018.

  1. Kalyan

    Kalyan New Member

    This year in the school summer vacations I would be taking my kids to Tikuji Ni Wadi the popular amusement park and water park.

    I would like some help in knowing how to reach Tikuji Ni Wadi?

    Any close by railway station?

  2. Karan

    Karan Member

    Tikuji Ni Wadi is located in Manpada Village which is in Thane. This is around 40km away from the Mumbai City.

    The two closest railway stations to Tikuji Ni Wadi are Kalva and Thane.

    nearest stations to tikuji ni wadi.jpg

    From Kalva railway station getting an auto or taxi would take you 20 minutes to reach Tikuji Ni Wadi.

    From Thane railway station and then get an auto, taxi or bus to Tikuji Ni Wadi. Going in a taxi or auto would take you about 20 minutes and to go by bus would take you around 30 minutes.

    The bus routes which go to Tikuji Ni Wadi are:

    Bus route 56 from Thane

    Bus route 24, 89 and 58 from Airoli

    Bus route 499LTD and 56 from Bhandup West

    Bus route 89 and 56 from Bhiwandi Rural

    Bus route 700LTD and 56 from Borivali East