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Itinerary for Mussoorie Sightseeing

Discussion in 'Uttarakhand' started by Gayatri, May 6, 2015.

  1. Gayatri

    Gayatri New Member

    A family vacation is being planned for Mussoorie and there is a lot to do and see there, rather than going to old fashioned way of just deciding what to do when we get there, I think it would be best to plan an itinerary for sight seeing so that nothing gets missed. Our holiday duration is for 12 days which I think would be suffice to see and do things around Mussoorie. Please can forum members provide me with a 12 day Mussoorie itinerary.

  2. Dhruv

    Dhruv Member

    There is plenty for you to do in Mussoorie and 12 days is more than enough. Would you consider go else where near Mussoorie, as sightseeing can be done in even 5-6 days?

  3. Anurag

    Anurag Member

    Having been to Mussoorie before I would suggest that you don't spend all your time there and instead break it up so that you can spend time else where, this would include Nainital and Jim Corbett.
  4. Gayatri

    Gayatri New Member

    Many thanks to you Dhruv and Anurag for this suggestion. I just now need to now how far these places are from each other and in what order I should go to these locations?
  5. Pravin

    Pravin New Member

    You should start off at Mussoorie stay there for five days then head towards Jim Corbett Park which is a 5 hour drive away, after staying there for two days you should then go to Nainital which is roughly four hour drive away.