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Late night food delivery Mumbai

Discussion in 'Food & Drinks' started by RitvikPurohit, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. RitvikPurohit

    RitvikPurohit New Member

    I am organizing a few get together's with friends over a couple of days sometime later this month. As there will be quite a few of us, I would rather order food from outside rather than slaving away making it at home.

    We would be staying up late as most of us would be returning from work, so I need to know about the late night food delivery Mumbai places, where I can order food from.

    All cuisines and types of food suggestions welcome, but food quality and taste should be good.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hi, welcome to the forum!


    Mumbai is known as the city that never sleeps and it is probably one of the most vibrant cities even late at midnight, or past it. The city lights sparkle all the way until the wee hours of the morning. But how about its food scene, does it stay awake way past until midnight too? Well, there are many restaurants and late night food delivery services that can cater to the night, midnight or early morning owls. Whenever you have the sudden craving for delicious food, don't worry, we got you covered. Here's the list for the late night food delivery services in Mumbai so you can satisfy that hungry tummy.

    Late Night Food Delivery in Mumbai

    1. Juugaad - Serving different localities of Mumbai for over three years now, for their late night food cravings, Juugaad delivers, both in food quality and service. They have their own website, along with apps in the Google Play Store and Apple Store, so you can order very easily as long as you have internet connection. For those who don't have internet, you can also order via phone. Their menu comprises mostly of North Indian and Chinese cuisines. They're best known for being open for deliveries until 6:00 in the morning. All their meals are freshly prepared and hygienically packed so you won't need to worry about sanitation at all. You have a wide array of choices when it comes to meals here, ranging from vegetarian to non-vegetarian ones. You can't go wrong with their Crispy Chicken, crunchy on the outside, but soft and flavourful on the inside. Their Veg Chilli Garlic Noodles suits vegetarians, it still has that array of flavours with just a hint of spiciness. Their Plain Naan goes well with their Dal Makhani too. With such delicious North Indian dishes, your late night food cravings would be satisfied with Juugaad, their rates are pretty economical too. They have branch locations in Powai and Goregaon, but they do serve other localities beyond these branches. Orders must be a minimum of Rs. 350 and there's a delivery charge of Rs. 50 as well.
    • Open From - 8:00 pm to 6:00 am
    • Cuisine/s - North Indian and Chinese
    • Contact Number/s - 022 6521 0211 or 022 6521 0210
    Juugaad (Image from Zomato)

    2. Knight Chef - This is mainly a late night food delivery service, being open from 11:30 pm to 3:30 am only. You can order through their website or via their Google Play Store app or Apple Store app. Their menu is very extensive, with North Indian, Chinese, Continental and Italian cuisines. Delivery time can vary, but it's usually around 30 minutes to an hour. While their prices might be on the higher side, the quantity of one meal is usually sufficient for two persons so you do get more than what you pay for. Taste-wise, meals are quite tasty, though of course, they cannot rival that of higher end restaurants, but would suffice for sudden late night hunger pangs. One of their best sellers is the Chicken Tikka Dum Biryani, which you can actually taste the pure ghee used on it. It's flavourful, aromatic and has a nice balance of spices used on it. For those looking for just light meals during late night, they have a good number of wraps, sandwiches and burgers too. You can try out their Chicken Club Sandwich, a classic that they have also mastered. Shipping is based upon your location though the branches are in Navi Mumbai and Balaji Bhavan.
    • Open From - 11:30 pm to 3:30 am
    • Cuisine/s - North Indian, Chinese, Continental and Italian
    • Contact Number - 022 6565 3666 or 022 6585 3666
    UPDATE 6/2017 : Website appears to be offline right now so have taken the link off. May be offline for maintainence or a possible business wrapup? Not sure.
    3. The Nocturnal Kitchen - Catering to the South Mumbai area, The Nocturnal Kitchen is yet another late night food delivery service in the city. You can order via delivery affiliated websites such as Delivery By or Zomato. You can also contact them via the number given below and order via phone. They mainly have vegetarian dishes of the North Indian and Chinese cuisines. Their menu is not that extensive but has a nice array of vegetarian dishes. Although it rarely gets cold in Mumbai, you can try out their hot Cheese Maggie, a best-seller dish. Their Potato Crispy is a great meal for late night get togethers with friends, especially when paired with a cold mug of beer. Also a must try is their Veg Chowmein, a tasty noodle dish that can satisfy your late night craving for Chinese cuisine. Delivery time varies but it's between 30 minutes to an hour. You can always be updated about your order though through their phone number. So for the vegetarians, if ever you had a late night hunger pang, remember that The Nocturnal Kitchen is just one call away.
    • Open From - 10:00 pm to 5:00 am
    • Cuisine/s - North Indian and Chinese
    • Contact Number - +91 99878 10205
    4. Fiesta Bites - Fiesta Bites is another vegetarian late night delivery service in Mumbai. Their cuisine is mainly Italian though, with a few Indian and Chinese choices. You can check out their website and order meals directly from it after registering. They are also partnered with food ordering sites such as Swiggy and Zomato. If you're having some friends or loved ones over, Fiesta Bites is a good option as their meals are specifically for larger groups. For under Rs. 1,000, you can feed a group of 4 or more already. Their Pizza Alla Vodka has a combination of mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, red peppers and pineapples, along with a base sauce mixture of tomato and vodka. This pizza is definitely a must try especially for those with late night parties. Their Masala Mafia has a kick of spiciness, a unique vegetarian pasta meal that can certainly wake your lonely night. Their menu has these classic dishes with twists so you won't have to venture into the same, old, boring meals.
    • Open From - 11:00 am to 4:00 am
    • Cuisine/s - Italian, Indian and Chinese
    • Contact Number - 022 3395 1612
    Fiesta Bites (Image from Fiesta Bites)

    5. Anda Apna Apna - What if you suddenly have that late night craving for an omelette or egg sandwich? Well, Anda Apna Apna to the rescue, the only late night food delivery service which has all the egg dishes you could ever want. Open from 11:00 am to 3:30 am, they cater to the egg lovers from lunch, to midnight and until the wee hours of the morning. They don't have their own website but you can get in touch with them through the number below. A cult favourite here is the Raveena Egg Sandwich, two eggs with a bunch of veggies and a special sauce, stuck between two buns. If you're a health buff, they have meals made of egg whites only, like the White Raveena Egg Sandwich and Brown Bhalla Egg Fried Rice. And you can also try out their innovative dishes such as the Crime Master Egg Pizza or the Aadha Karishmayi Egg Rocket. For the quality of the meals they serve, you get the best out of your money when you order from Anda Apna Apna. They have certainly become one of the best late night food delivery options in the city of Mumbai.
    • Open From - 11:00 am to 3:30 am
    • Cuisine/s - Indian (Eggs)
    • Contact Number - +91 99204 37197
    6. Fatboy's Kitchen - Burgers are perhaps the most common late night cravings, because they can certainly ignite the senses, with their juicy goodness. Thankfully, Fatboy's Kitchen not only has delicious burgers, they also serve them late at night, until 3:00 in the morning. This food delivery service is open a few hours in the day and also a few hours in the night until the morning. Their menu also has some vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches. Their best seller is the Juicy Lucy, you can opt for either a chicken or beef patty, which lives up to its name. It's incredibly juicy, with a great-tasting sauce, lots of cheese and even onion rings. Another must try is their Black Jack, either chicken or beef patty too, with a delicious Jamaican jerk seasoning and served with coleslaw. You also can't go wrong with their Classic American Burger, either chicken or beef patty as well, with the usual assortments of onion, pickle and lettuce. They also have sides of Chicken Wings and French Fries to further complete your meal. You can also order a milkshake to wash down their burger. When you order via Zomato, there's a delivery charge of Rs. 60.
    • Open From - 6:00 pm to 3:00 am
    • Cuisine/s - American and Indian
    • Contact Number - 022 3015 1698
    7. Night Snackers - For late night cravings for Chinese cuisine, Night Snackers is your best bet. They earn a check in all aspects, hygiene, delivery time, food quality and service. While their menu isn't that extensive, it covers most dishes under Chinese cuisine. Their Chicken Fried Rice is one of their best sellers, it has a nice selection of toppings, isn't too salty and served warm all the time. Their Hakka Noodles is another must try, it has a nice blend of garlic, ginger, soy sauce and of whole other spices. They also have classic sandwiches such as the Club Sandwich and Veg Grilled Sandwich. Their meals are very affordable and you won't spend more than Rs. 300 to be satisfied. Delivery time is quick as well, especially if you live around the Dahisar and Goregaon areas.
    • Open From - 7:00 pm to 12:00 am
    • Cuisine/s - Chinese and Indian
    • Contact Number - 022 3015 1273
    8. Pizzaah! - This is a restaurant which also has late night food delivery services. You can reach their restaurant and order take away or simply contact them via the number below to order as well. They have a number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizzas, plus you can also make your own pizzas. They also have an unlimited toppings promo, where you can choose all the toppings you want and the price remains the same. Yum! Their specialty, the Barcelona Pizza, is undeniably spicy and you can even add Mexican chicken if you're a hardcore non-vegetarian. Their Classic Margherita won't disappoint as well, with its well done tomato base and fresh basils. They also have bread sticks along with stuffed bread sticks, you can choose from a myriad of stuffings like sausage, cheese, paneer and chicken. For late night authentic wood-fired pizzas, Pizzaah! should be at your priority list.
    • Open From - 12:00 pm to 3:00 am
    • Cuisine/s - American Pizzas
    • Contact Number - 022 3015 1671
    Pizzaah! (Image from Zomato)

    9. Go Biryan - This is another late night restaurant which has delivery services as well. The restaurant has a wide variety of biryanis, which can fulfil your desire for this fried basmati rice delight. Further, their biryanis come in different sizes such as king size, queen size and by the kilo so you can choose appropriately depending on the number of people that would be eating. Their menu also has a number of breads, starters and sweets. Their Bohri Style Lamb Biryani is a best-seller dish, succulent and juicy lamb pieces, with the basmati rice, spiced just right, is enough to complete your night. Their Prawns Masala Biryani would be enjoyed by seafood lovers too. The classic Chicken Tikka Biryani has stolen the hearts of many customers too. If you're looking for a little extra, indulge in their Butter Chicken and Mutton Seekh Kebab. With locations around Bandra and Andheri, they serve quite many localities as well.
    • Open From - 7:00 pm to 12:30 am and 1:30 am to 4:00 am
    • Cuisine/s - North Indian and Mughlai
    • Contact Number/s - 022 6534 8844 or 022 2634 8855
    10. Anda Mental - Don't let the name fool you, as this late night delivery restaurant has a lot of other dishes than just eggs. Even vegetarians have choices when ordering from this restaurant. Open from 10:00 in the morning until the wee hours of the dawn, they cater to the early owls up to the night owls. Their Anda Mental Maggie, a combination of fried egg, maggie noodles and cheese, is one of the best-seller dishes. Their Australian Omelette has a mixture of veggies and cheese combined that can delight the egg lovers. Their Mental Taka Tak has a mixture of veggies in a delectable makhni gravy, perfect for the devout vegetarians. They also have rolls and rice meals that you can try out. When you order via their partner site, Zomato, you can get a 10% discount, as long as the order is above Rs. 150.
    • Open From - 10:00 am to 3:30 am
    • Cuisine/s - Indian (Eggs and Vegetarian)
    • Contact Number - 022 3015 1468
    Anda Mental (Image from Petupetkar)


    Late night shifts? Or maybe you just have a late night movie marathon to complete with your loved one or friends? Don't worry as these late night food delivery services in Mumbai can help you with the food options. You have North Indian, Chinese, American, Italian and Continental cuisines too so you have lots of variety. Do save this page so you can reference it whenever you have late night hunger pangs! Enjoy and happy eating!