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Mother Teresa's Mission

Discussion in 'East India' started by gerbera, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. gerbera

    gerbera New Member

    I'd like to visit Mother Theresa's Missionaries of Charity while in Kolkata. I've heard the tomb of Mother Theresa is there as well. Is the public allowed to visit the Mission?

  2. barbara

    barbara New Member

    Mother Theresa's mission would be interesting to see, Gerbera. Kolkata is a really populated city is it not and was once called Calcutta. Is there a lot of poverty in that city?

  3. Elizabetonth

    Elizabetonth Member

    I went to the branch of Mother Theresa's Mission in Varanasi, to volunteer for a day. I don't know if they'd allow people just to visit. Does it say on their site? Perhaps if you want to go to see it, you should ask to volunteer for a few hours as well. You can go and just help out for a little while, and it would probably feel more worthwhile than simply going and looking, as it would be more respectful to them, and in all likelihood more moving for you.
  4. jnorth88

    jnorth88 Active Member

    This is great. It is an excellent place to visit, but even if you can not make it to this mission, there are countless chances to do some community service at care facilities and schools throughout India. I would recommend some orphanages. Many people travel to India with some basic school supplies or little gifts to give to children. Some of my travel companions even paid for a lifetime of school tuition for several young children. I am glad that people are looking at the positive. I hear countless complaints about Mother Teresa on places like reddit. No one focuses on the good anymore.
  5. katiejean990

    katiejean990 New Member

    Thanks for this insight! I would love to know of any online communities who might give donations for such causes; I'd definitely be on-board. Also, why would folks complain about such great place to visit? Please forgive any ignorance on my part!
  6. rz3300

    rz3300 Member

    One of my main regrets from my trip to India a few years back was the lack of history that we got out of it. We saw some great sites and it was beautiful and we had so much fun and every one was nice, no complaints at all, but I do wish that we learned a little more. This seems like a good place for that kind of experience, so I would like to see places like this too. I hope that you get to.