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Mumbai to Goa by Ship Fare

Discussion in 'Cruise' started by NabhyaKanjilal, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. NabhyaKanjilal

    NabhyaKanjilal New Member

    My family and I are thinking of going Goa for a short family holiday. We would like to go by sea and would need to know what the Mumbai to Goa ship fare is.

    We would like to know the fare for both adults and senior citizens.

    If anyone knows how long it would take to go from Mumbai to Goa by ship, please mention it.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, welcome to the forum!



    Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, ferry service ran between Mumbai and Goa. These catamaran or ferry services were utilised by both merchants and even tourists to reach the party capital of the country. However, in the late 1980s, the ferry services, in the name of Konkan Shakti and Konkan Sevak, were stopped as the catamarans themselves were sent for usage of the Sri Lankan army during the Sri Lankan War. That's not to say that ferry services were not resumed because for a short time, they were resumed. Back in the 20th century, around the years 2004 to 2011, cruise ships were running between Mumbai and Goa directly (Star Libra and Blue Ocean Cruises). However, due to inadequate profits, these services were soon stopped, making the sea journey between the two coastal regions more difficult. As of now, the year 2017, there are no direct ships, neither passenger nor cruise ones, plying between Mumbai and Goa.

    When Will Ferry or Ship Services Resume for Mumbai to Goa?

    There had been many reports that ferry or catamaran services between Mumbai and Goa will be resumed in the early part of the year 2017. In fact, in 2015, India Today reported about the possibility of the catamaran services for Mumbai to Goa resuming in two months time. Both the Mumbai Port Trust and Mormugao Port Trust have agreed upon the ferry services and were then talking to private agencies. However, two months later, the supposed catamaran services were still not yet launched.

    There's a more recent news report by Conde Nast Traveller, just December last year of 2016 about the catamaran services. According to the article, the Mumbai Goa ferry services would be launched by April 2017 this year. The ship has a capacity that can supposedly handle over 200 passengers. There is still no update about the progress or development of this report though, as we're approaching the month of April of the supposed year of launch.

    You can keep your fingers crossed though, hoping that the ferry services would resume soon. It would be a very scenic and fun journey, as you are taken along the Arabian sea, to reach Goa from Mumbai. We'll keep updating this thread for further news about this ferry services.

    Alternative for Mumbai to Goa by Sea Route (Asian and Gulf Cruises)

    Since ferry nor cruise ship services are yet to be launched for the Mumbai to Goa sea route, what other options do you have? As of 2017, there are some cruise ships that reach both destinations indirectly. This means that these two destinations are included in international cruise destinations. Of course, the downside is that the prices would be on the higher side. But if you want to explore other places aside from Mumbai and Goa alone, this can prove to be an enjoyable cruise that you can try. Though there are plenty of cruise ships running through this route, those cruises that have destinations other than Asian and Gulf cities can be very expensive.

    1. AIDA Cruises - AIDA Cruises is a Germany-based cruise company founded in the middle of the 19th century. Though it started out as an independent cruise company, it has since then merged with larger companies like Carnival Corporation and just more recently, the Costa Cruises. Most passengers of the ship are Germans, though there are also a few international tourists that utilise the services of the cruise company. As of now, AIDA Cruises has 11 cruise ships in its fleet and is planning to acquire more in the near future.

    ★AIDA Aura - The AIDA Aura was built in 2003 and runs around the Arabian sea along with the coastal areas of Europe and America. The vessel can handle over 1,500 passengers at the same time. The ship has three restaurants on board, two of which are buffet self-serving ones, while the other one can be designated as a specialty, fine-dining restaurant. Entertainment facilities such as a theatre, a disco, a bar and even a spa are also available on the ship. Further, an open-air swimming pool, complete with lounges and artificial palm trees, can also be accessed by guests. Other facilities like a children's club, business centre, salon and shops are also located within the ship premises.

    Cruise Package Information

    CategoryInformationMust Know
    Duration13 Nights and 14 Days5 Days Spent at Sea
    Places CoveredDubai, Mumbai, Mangalore, Mormugao, Muscat and Abu Dhabi2 Days for Dubai, Mumbai and Abu Dhabi, 1 Day for the Rest
    InclusionsAll Meals + Access to All FacilitiesDrinks and Other Services at Extra
    Rate1,240 USD/PersonRate for Inside Cabin
    Itinerary (Orient India Route)

    The cruise begins in Dubai, where passengers can tour around the magnificent architectural structures of the city. You would be spending around two days in this city, but you need to reach it by air, if you're coming from another country. Otherwise, you can also just board the cruise from Mumbai proper, about a two-day sea journey from Dubai. The ship stops for two days at this destination prior to departing for Mangalore at around 18:00, where various Hindu temples give vibrancy to the city. The journey from Mumbai to Mangalore takes around a day before you reach the latter in about 8:00 two days after. Spend a whole day here but make sure you reach the ship at 18:00 thereafter. Onwards to your journey into Goa, specifically in Mormugao, which is your favoured destination proper. Enjoy the powdery sands of the beaches of Goa for a whole day before departing for Muscat at 18:00 the day after. You would be spending about two days at sea before reaching the capital of Oman. Spend a day here, exploring the majestic forts of the city and various modern attractions. Depart at 18:00 for Abu Dhabi and spend the last day of your cruise here before reaching for Dubai once again by sea.

    2. Costa Cruises - Costa Cruises is an Italy-based cruise company, also partnered with the Carnival Corporation. It is even older than the previous company, with operations beginning as early as the middle of the 18th century. As of 2017, the company has 15 ships in its fleet, with destinations mostly around European cities. The company also has cruise ships running around the Pacific Asia region, including countries of India, Japan, Korea and many more.

    ★Costa Neo Classica - This ship was built in 1991 and was originally named as the Costa Classica. It was just in 2014 that the ship was renamed to Costa Neo Classica and was sent for voyages around the Indian Ocean. The ship has a passenger capacity of over 1,500 persons, not including the cabin crews yet. There are four on-board restaurants to choose from, serving mainly Italian dishes to guests. Entertainment and recreation facilities like lounges, a theatre, bars and swimming pools can also be accessed by the passengers. Other facilities like a small chapel, children's club, shop and video games centre are also available in the ship.

    Cruise Package Information

    CategoryInformationMust Know
    Duration14 Nights and 15 Days4 Days Spent at Sea
    Places CoveredMumbai, Mangalore, Cochin, Male, Colombo and Mormugao2 Days for Mumbai, 3 Days for Male and 1 Day for the Rest
    InclusionsAll Meals + Access to All FacilitiesDrinks and Other Services at Extra
    Rate1,503 USD/PersonRate for Inside Cabin
    Itinerary (Mumbai Male Route)

    The cruise begins in Mumbai, where you can directly board the ship. It stops over for one night here, before departing for Mangalore at 21:00 the next day. You'd be spending the next day at sea, before reaching the temple region of Mangalore at 7:00 the day after. Depart from Mangalore at 18:00 that day to reach Cochin at 9:30 of the next day. You can explore one of the most vibrant cities of Kerala for a whole day before departing for Male at around 18:00. Spend your three days in Maldives, enjoy swimming in the white-sand beaches or maybe exploring some of the heritage sites of the island country. After three days, depart at 20:00 from Male to reach Colombo, the bustling capital of Sri Lanka. Spend a whole day here and then depart for Mormugao at around 17:00. Arrive in Mormugao at around 9:30 and spend your whole day exploring the beaches in and around the city. Then, be on your way back home to Mumbai thereafter.

    3. Azamara Cruises - Last on this list is the Azamara Cruises, a Miami-based company, that is managed by the Royal Caribbean Cruises as well. This cruise company is fairly newer, established just in 2007, but its parent company was established in 1997. Azamara Cruises has fewer ships in its fleet, just two, namely: the Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest. Their destinations range from North America, to Australia, Europe and of course, Asia.

    ★Azamara Journey - The Azamara Journey is the cruise ship of the Azamara Cruises for most Asian destinations. As compared to the previous ships, it is smaller, with a passenger capacity of over 750 passengers. In contrast, the dining options here are plenty, with about five restaurants on board, featuring Italian, Mediterranean and American cuisines. There are fewer entertainment options, with the cabaret lounge, a casino and bar leading the pack. Also present are usual facilities like a swimming pool, spa, salon, shops and gym.

    Cruise Package Information

    CategoryInformationMust Know
    Duration15 Nights and 16 Days8 Days Spent at Sea
    Places CoveredDubai, Mumbai, Mormugao, Cochin, Colombo, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore2 Days for Colombo and Singapore and 1 Day for the Rest
    InclusionsAll Meals + Access to All FacilitiesDrinks and Other Services at Extra
    Rate3,273 USD/PersonRate for Inside Cabin
    Itinerary (The Spice Route)

    The cruise begins from Dubai, the capital of the United Arab of Emirates. You would be spending a whole day here before departing for Mumbai at around 22:00 in the evening. The journey from Dubai to Mumbai by sea takes around three days. You can also just skip this part of the journey and board the ship from Mumbai. The ship stops in the vibrant city of Mumbai for around a day before departing for Mormugao at around 21:00 in the evening. You can then spend your entire day here exploring the beautiful beaches of Goa. Cochin is the next destination and then Colombo, before embarking on a three-day ship journey to Kuala Lumpur. Spend your whole day here, before the ship departs for Singapore, the last leg of your ship journey.


    Unfortunately, there are still no direct ferry or ship services from Mumbai to Goa. With all hopes and prayers, these ferry services would be resumed April of this year. Otherwise, your only options are these indirect international cruises that have Mumbai and Goa as part of their itineraries. You can also opt for air or road journey, if these cruises are far too expensive for your budget. Good luck and I hope this helps you even a little bit!