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Off Peak Season in Shimla

Discussion in 'Himachal Pradesh' started by Harish, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. Harish

    Harish New Member

    My wife and I want to visit Shimla, and we know that it is a popular tourist destination but do not want to go when the place is crowded when a lot of people visit. We want a bit a peace and quiet and some quality time going around the location without the hustle bustle and noise, and the only way this is possible is by visiting Shimla during the off peak season.

    I need to know when a good time to visit during the off peak season is, keeping in mind that I would be driving to Shimla so monsoon and fog has to thought about.

  2. ChaiNashta

    ChaiNashta Active Member

    Shimla is almost always a busy place thanks to the Chandigarh crowd which is there half the time. I would suggest going to Kufri if you dont want to see many people. Kufri is not that busy even in summers.

  3. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    That is true to some extent but number of tourists do decline in winters. If you avoid the school holidays and weekends you should be fine. Beginning of December is not that busy in my experience.
  4. Deven

    Deven Member

    Is Shimla your only preference?
  5. Freddy

    Freddy New Member

    It is actually a good idea to to holiday destination during the off peak season, as accommodation is much cheap and sometimes even less than half of the original peak season price.
    The best times to goes during the off peak season would be March - early May and September to December.
  6. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    It's true that Shimla is visited all throughout the year because of its pleasant climate. It even has different peak seasons for its different seasons. But generally, here's the peak seasons in Shimla:
    • Summer Season. As people seek some comfort to Shimla, away from the heat of the city, the region experiences a huge increase in its tourists. So to avoid crowds and noises, do not go to Shimla from the months of April to June. It's also wise to prebook a month in advance if you do decide to visit during the summer season.
    • Winter Season. The months of December to February also see a lot of tourists in the area. Many tourists want to experience snow and snow activities during this time. These months are also considered as the peak season in Shimla. Even though temperatures are freezing and can go negative, that doesn't seem to stop tourists from all over the world in visiting this beautiful place.
    Now, let's go to the off-peak seasons in Shimla:
    • Monsoon Season. This is from the month of July to September. Not a lot of people visit during monsoon season as there's higher chances of landslides. It's still best to check for the daily weather updates but avoid this season as much as you can. However, it's not rare to see huge discounts in hotels and resorts as they try to attract tourists for this off-peak season.
    • Post-Monsoon Season. This is from the month of October to November. Temperatures during this time is quite pleasant, not too cold nor warm. Snow is just starting to set in so there's not much to play with. However, it's a great time to do some trekking and visit nature trails. There's lush greenery just after the monsoon season as well so parks, gardens and sanctuaries are best visited at this time. You can get discounts as this is one of the off-peak seasons in Shimla.
    I hope this helps!