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Pindari Glacier Trek

Discussion in 'Travel advice' started by Bart S, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Bart S

    Bart S New Member

    Namaste travellers,

    In the first week of november me and 4 other friends wants to do the Pindari Trek on our own.
    A package costs more then 12000rs...So we want to do it for less.

    Somebody did the trek on their own?

    1.Would it be easy to find accomodation during the trek?

    2.Would it be easy to find food on the trek?(shop,restaurant,teahouse...)

    3.Any idea about the prices of accomodation and food on the road?

    4.What would be the prefect itinerary from Kathgodam?(we would like to do Kathgodam-Pindari-Kathgodam in 7days)

    A lot of questions but when i call the KMVN,they are not very clear in their answers....(maybe they want to sell a package,lol)

    Have a nice day,
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  2. Tanmaya

    Tanmaya Member

    If you mean without a guide, yes I did this trek with four others and it was an easy trek.

    Accomodation was not a problem atall.

    Your id suggests you are not an India, food that you will get at dhabas and other places will be Indian. Carry some dry rations with you in case you dont like the food.

    Yes, food is easily available along the route.

    I did this trek five years ago and a bed in dorm cost us between Rs150-200 per person. I do not remember what we paid for food but it was not a lot.

    Its been a long time so I do not remember the names of places, I am sure some other members would have an idea. We completed this trek in 10 days.

    KMVN is government run and employees dont care if they sell anything or not and I doubt they sell trekking packages themselves. Government employees are not very helpful generally speaking. You will meet them when you stay at KMVN on your trek :)

  3. Tanmaya

    Tanmaya Member

    I forgot to mention that we took two porters with us from Song who also doubled as a guide. Dont book a porter or guide through a travel agency as there are plenty at Song.
  4. Bart S

    Bart S New Member

    Tanmaya,thank u so much for this useful information.
    We will do the trek with 6 people... Maybe we can hire a porter/guide in Song.

    Anyone else did this trek before?Wich itinerary?
  5. arunava basu

    arunava basu New Member

    One of the easiest treks!! We took the Bageshwar Loharkhet route in the Garwal-Kumaun and it is a 3500 meters glacier with the easiest approach. You cannot get it easier in any other glacier with similar altitude. Pindar river is sourced from here and the route is long but not that tough.
  6. Bart S

    Bart S New Member

    Hi Arunava,tahnk u.So what wich itinerary you did?Im very interesting... :)
    And how much cost a lunch/dinner on the trail?and accomodation?