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Places to visit in Andhra Pradesh

Discussion in 'South India' started by Sital, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Sital

    Sital New Member

    I want to go to Andhra Pradesh, mainly to go and eat their authentic spicy food. But I want to know what places are worth visiting, and where I should be spending some time sight seeing.

    Currently, my plans for Andhra Pradesh are for only a week, but I would like to know about all the places to visit there, for future trips.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Sital! Welcome to the forum!

    Andhra Pradesh is a great choice for tasting spicy dishes, since one of their cities, Guntur, is the biggest exporter for chilli in the country. But apart from the delicious and spicy dishes, there are also more reasons to visit the state. The state has preserved many of its art and cultural forms like classical dances and music. The film industry of the state, Telugu, also holds the record for having the highest number of films produced, even exceeding Bollywood. Thus, to witness the unique culture of the country, a visit to Andhra Pradesh is a must.

    With regards to the attractions in the state, it varies. There are natural attractions like caves, beaches and wildlife sanctuaries. On the other hand, the state is also rich when it comes to pilgrimage sites like temples, churches and even mosques. About 22% of the state is covered in forests, which provides some home to the wild animals in the region. So for those who'd like to explore the attractions of the state, fear not, as it can take you a long time before you can even finish touring all these natural attractions and manmade attractions.

    Here are some of the best places to visit in Andhra Pradesh:

    For experiencing the city life in the state

    1. Visakhapatnam - Although Visakhapatnam, also known as Vizag, is a developed city in the state, you would still find traces of the historical past of the city. It's one of those rare cities that have done well to preserve their culture and history. It is also a city blessed with abundance in terms of natural sceneries like beaches, hills, valleys and forests. It is also home to many religions like Hinduism, Sikhism and Christianity but despite this, the residents have inhabited the city peacefully for many years. There are also modern establishments in the city, like movie theatres and malls, to keep you in line with the ever evolving times. Perhaps one of the most well-known attractions in the city is the Borra Caves, the country's largest caves. Exploring the stalagmites and stalactites of the caves is sure to mesmerise you and keep you occupied. These caves were formed through a natural process, making you wonder more about the beauty of the formations. There are also many temples within the city like the Simhachalam Temple, Mahalakshmi Temple and Venkateswara Temple. The view points of the city like the Dolphin's Nose and Kailashgiri, provide a commanding view of the entire region. Thus, a visit in Visakhapatnam would give a glimpse of the city life in the region without disregarding the history and natural beauty of the region.
    • Must visit attractions - Borra Caves, Simhachalam Temple, Mahalakshmi Temple, Dolphin's Nose, Araku Valley and many more.
    2. Vijayawada - The other metro city in the state, Vijayawada. It is surrounded by the Krishna River, which makes for an amazing view all around the city. The winding and connecting canals of the city also provide the sources of water for the residents and at the same time, these are also the home for many species of birds and other animals. You can also visit a number of temples in the city like the Kanaka Durga Temple, Anjaneya Swami Temple and Hinkar Tirtha. The culture of the city has also been well-preserved as evidenced by numerous attractions like Vijayawada Art Society and the Kondapalli Village. The city also has a number of restaurants, hotels and theatres so it has kept up with modern times. So if you'd like to stay in a city where there are still modern amenities, Vijayawada is a good destination for that.
    • Must visit attractions - Krishna River, Kanaka Durga Temple, Anjaneya Swami Temple, Hinkar Tirtha, Kondapalli Village and many more.
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    For the religious individuals

    3. Tirupati - One of the most well known destinations in the state is Tirupati, mainly because it's an important pilgrimage site for devotees. The city has numerous temples that one can visit. But the main temple of the city has to be the Venkateswara Temple, also known as the Tirupati Balaji Temple. It is one of the richest temples in the world and is visited by thousands of pilgrims everyday. Aside from the temples, you can also explore the different waterfalls in the city like the Talakona Waterfalls and the Nagalapuram Waterfalls. So for those seeking some enlightenment, a visit to Tirupati might just be what you need.
    • Must visit attractions - Venkateswara Temple, Varaha Swami Temple, Venugopala Swamy Temple, Talakona Waterfalls and Nagalapuram Waterfalls.
    4. Kurnool - This sleepy city in the state has more to offer even though it's one of the underrated destinations in the state. One of the main attractions of the city is the Belum Caves which has natural stalactite and stalagmite formations. These caves were also used as dwelling places of the Buddhist monks, as evidenced by the relics found here. Some of the temples that you can visit in the city are Yaganti Temple, Ahobilam Temple and Mahanandi Temple. You also cannot miss the Kurnool Fort, mostly in ruins now, but a testament of the glory of the Vijayanagar empire.
    • Must visit attractions - Belum Caves, Yaganti Temple, Ahobilam Temple, Mahanandi Temple, Kurnool Fort and many more.
    For exploring nature

    5. Nellore - This city is surrounded by lush greenery, making it a great nature getaway. There are many waterfalls, lakes, beaches and forests to explore in the city. For the nature and wildlife lovers, a visit to the Nellapattu Wildlife Sanctuary is a must. There are over 150 species of birds residing in the sanctuary which is why it's a birdwatcher's haven. On the other hand, the presence of trees, plants and flowers in the sanctuary is a great respite from the buildings in the city. Other attractions in the city are the Pulicat Lake, Mypadu Beach, Kotthakoduru Beach and Rama Tirtham Beach.
    • Must visit attractions - Nellapattu Wildlife Sanctuary, Pulicat Lake, Mypadu Beach and many more.
    6. Ongole - This city is located in the Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh. Perhaps this is the best destination to get a feel of the rural life of the state. Although the city is trying to keep up with the modern times, it's not hard to admit that it's still largely rural. But that is really the main attraction of the city, with agriculture as its main industry, you'd be surrounded by farming communities most of the time. You'd also see the Ongole bull cattle, only here in Ongole. There are some beaches as well that you can visit in the city like the Kothapatnam Beach and Vodarevu Beach.
    • Must visit attractions - Farming Villages, Kothapatnam Beach and Vodarevu Beach.
    There you go, I hope this little list helps you. Andhra Pradesh is a vast state and there's certainly many places to explore here. But these are the best rated destinations in the state so do include them in your itinerary. Enjoy!
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  3. vkar

    vkar Member

    Visakhapatnam (or Vizag) is a nice city with a great natural backdrop. It has beaches, hills, caves and much more. If you are the religious type, you can also visit many of the famous temples in the city. Tirupati is another must visit destination for the religious persons, but you would spend an entire day just for the darshan, so you need to plan your schedules accordingly.