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Places to visit in Goa for youngsters

Discussion in 'Goa' started by Joyti, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Joyti

    Joyti New Member

    Our group of girls is going to Goa for a holiday. We are all very excited for our holiday and want it to be the best time. We need to find out what places to visit for youngsters, as we don't want to end up going to places which are just for lovey-dovey couples, and just look out of place there. We would be interested in doing some activities as well so please list some of those as well.

    We would like to know what places we can visit during the night as well, as in the beach parties.

  2. briannagodess

    briannagodess Well-Known Member

    Hello, @Joyti!

    When you think of Goa, two words immediately pop to your mind... Beaches and parties. But Goa is much more than that and you'd find that out once you visit the smallest state in India. Heritage sites, religious places and natural attractions, these are all quintessential features of Goa that are not as talked about. For the younger generation, it's necessary to experience and explore these places as well, to get that full immersion in Goa. Because without them, you would have just missed a larger part of the state. So when visiting Goa, keep in mind to visit these wonderful places, after you know, enjoying the parties and beaches.

    Places to Visit in Goa for the Youngsters

    Beaches & Parties? You can have them both...

    1. Baga Beach - Ah, Baga Beach needs no introduction at all. It's one of the most crowded places in Goa yet people still throng to the beach. And why not? It has the best water sports, night life and even a myriad of accommodations to choose from. Being in Baga also means being able to taste the varying cuisines in Goa, from local, seafood and international ones. Thus, the younger generation would enjoy their stay here. During day time, you can enjoy water sports like banana boat riding, windsurfing and water scootering. At night time, you can enjoy partying until dawn with your friends. One of the top-rated night club here is Cafe Mambos, with its different themes per night and a happening dance floor, it's a must to visit this place with your friends. The best part? Entry fee is free from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm! There's also Cape Town Cafe, serving good food along with enticing music. Entry fee to this club is on the higher side though at Rs. 1,000.
    • Must do - Water sports (day time) and partying (night time) at Cafe Mambos or Cape Town Cafe.
    Cape Town Cafe in Baga Beach

    2. Anjuna Beach - Once the location of the Hippie Movement, Anjuna Beach has now become one of the best places in Goa for partying. But first, its beach, lined with golden sands and red rocky outcrops, is actually quite nice. The crowds here are quite plenty though, perfect for interacting with other travellers. It is also one of the few beaches in Goa where parasailing is allowed so it's not rare to see people landing around the beach from the sky. If parasailing isn't much to your interest, you can try banana boat riding or jet skiing. Another must do here is dolphin watching, wherein you'd be taken by a small boat for a cruise and if you're lucky, you might be able to spot a dolphin or two around the sea. Around Anjuna, there are also many street side markets that sell all sorts of knick knacks like clothes, accessories and scarves so be sure to check them out. When night time comes, you can venture into the best party areas in the town. Curlies is a well-known trance party beach shack here, with international and local DJs playing to keep the party alive beyond midnight. The food served here has gathered quite good reviews from guests as well. There's also Club Cubana, perfect place for partying especially for women. Its location amidst a hillock ensures that you have a great view of the beaches below. Other must visit bars here are Paradiso, Cafe Lilliput and Shiva Valley.
    • Must do - Water sports (day time) and partying (night time) at Curlies, Club Cubana, Paradiso, Cafe Lilliput or Shiva Valley.
    Learn something about Goa's past...

    3. Panjim - When in Goa, it's also a must to visit its capital, Panjim. While there are no loud parties or beaches that you can explore here, you can indulge in lots of sightseeing in the city. It's a good place for a break after a night long of partying. Ever wondered about the history of Goa? Then, head on over to Old Goa, once the capital of the state when it was under the Portuguese rule. Here you can find old Portuguese churches like the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral and Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount. These churches would give you a glimpse of the bygone era. Relish in their architectural beauties and also the serenity that they exude. A place a little more laid-back is Fontainhas, a residential area in Goa lined with Portuguese homes. With its bright exteriors and quaint balconies, just walking around here can refresh you. You can even visit a few cafes and shops around the area. There's also the Reis Magos Fort, built around the 15th century, this Portuguese structure has a lot of history behind it. This is evident in every part of the fort. It even became a prison for freedom fighters at one point in time. And lastly, there's the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, although not a historical place, it is located in Panjim. You can reach it by a ferry ride from the capital and you can indulge in bird watching while in here.
    • Must visit places - Old Goa, Fontainhas, Reis Magos Fort and Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.
    4. Ponda - This taluk is well-known for its spice plantations but there are many more places that you can visit here aside from that. Perhaps the best attractions here are its temples, which can be kind of rare when in Goa. In Ponda, you can explore many Hindi temples and get back to your religious side. There's the Shri Mahalasa Temple, with its simple grey facade, you might dismiss visiting it. But as you look closer, you would find that the temple actually has an intricate architecture. The main sanctum is dedicated to Mahalasa Devi although there are other shrines as well dedicated to different deities. You can even stay in the guest house within the temple for a nominal fee. Another must visit temple here is the Shri Ramnath Temple, again, very simple with its white facade. There are some carvings though inside the temple that you can view. You can also visit other temples like Shri Naguesh Temple and Maha Lakshmi Temple.
    • Must visit places - Shri Mahalasa Temple, Shri Ramnath Temple, Shri Naguesh Temple and Maha Lakshmi Temple.
    Be in love with nature...

    5. Mollem National Park - Yes, Goa has its fair share of beautiful natural attractions and wildlife. In the town of Mollem, about 60 kilometres from Panjim, you can find the Mollem National Park. It is home to many animals like tigers, gaurs, flying squirrels, sloth bears, jackals and bonnet macaques. Birds like emerald doves, wagtails, golden orioles and many more are also present here. You can bring your own vehicle inside the national park. Or if you're feeling adventurous, indulge in trekking within it. Some of the most popular trails around the national park are to the Devil's Canyons and to the Dudhsagar Waterfalls. The Devil's Canyons are rocky outcrops, built naturally over thousands of years due to erosion. The trek to reach the canyons are quite challenging and can be dangerous as well. But this hasn't stopped adventure lovers from visiting this natural phenomenon located right at the beautiful state of Goa. Then there's the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, well-known for its beauty but even reaching it requires some effort as you need to embark on a 12-kilometre trek before seeing the waterfalls closer. But its milky white beauty would be your very own reward after the trek.
    • Must do - Wildlife safari and trekking.
    The Devil's Canyons in Mollem

    6. Paliem Sweet Water Lake - Just about a 15-minute walk from Arambol Beach and you can find the Paliem Sweet Water Lake. Surrounded by lush greenery, this hidden gem of Goa would mesmerise you. Beach shacks are few around the area so make sure that you pack your own water and snacks. But the serenity of the place and its ease of access are enough to lure you in. You can enjoy bathing in the lake or just viewing it from the sides. Just about 20 minutes away from the lake, you can find the Paliem Beach, located at the cliff side of Arambol. Here, paragliding is conducted by one school so you can also try that out if you'd like.
    • Must do - Swimming and paragliding.
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    Offbeat places to try...

    7. Divar Island - To reach this island, you need to ride a ferry from Panjim. It is about 10 kilometres away, located off the Mandovi River. It is rarely visited by tourists and so it has maintained its pristine beauty. Where else in Goa can you spot grasslands, paddy fields, numerous lakes and mangroves? There are also some villages around the island that you can visit. Piedade Village is probably the most picturesque, as it is located on top of a hillock where you can even view the cities of Panjim and Old Goa. Also situated on the village is the stunning white beauty of the Church of Our Lady of Compassion. Dotted with little Portuguese homes, the vibe that the island exudes is colonial, much like Old Goa. But in a sense, more homely and cozy because of its isolation to the main island.
    • Must visit place - Piedade Village (Church of Our Lady of Compassion).
    8. Salaulim Dam - Located on the town of Sanguem, the Salaulim Dam is underrated attraction in the state. Its beauty is more apparent during the monsoon season though. Surrounded by forests, the dam becomes full force during the onset of the rains. The sight of the mists coming from the dam, right at its centre semi-circular groove, which directly falls into the Salaulim river leading to the Zuari River, is mesmerising. Not to mention the numerous bird species flocking around the dam. Just outside the dam is a botanical garden with some fountains and benches to sit on. There's not much you can do here but just enjoy the lush greenery around you.
    • Must do - Bird watching and relaxing.
    Enjoy these places at sunset and beyond...

    9. Arpora Night Market - Arpora is just about four kilometres away from Anjuna Beach. It is famous for its Saturday Night Market, also known as Ingo's Night Market. It is seasonal though, usually from December to March, or the peak tourist season. What sets this market apart from the other flea markets in Goa is that it is setup on a sloping hill. There are numerous entrances to access the market and there's also a small parking area outside of it. There's also live music playing within the market which can make your shopping experience more enjoyable. Bargaining is allowed here and don't be surprised to find foreigners selling products from their countries here. You can find clothes, accessories, souvenirs and other items here. There are over 500 stalls to explore but they open only from 7:00 pm until 2:00 am. There are also plenty of food stalls and bars around the area.
    • Must buy - Dream catchers, spices, traditional Indian clothes and colourful bangles.
    Saturday Night Market in Arpora

    10. Palolem Beach - The beauty of Palolem Beach becomes more apparent after sunset. Take a boat ride before the sun sets to reach the Butterfly Island and enjoy the beauty of the sun setting. Or maybe just enjoy a walk with your friends along the white shores of Palolem Beach. It might not be as remote but you get to enjoy the views of people partying around you. You can also join in on the party, as Palolem Beach is known for its silent noise parties. These parties utilise headphones while guests dance to the beat, without disturbing the surrounding areas. Pretty cool, right? You can head on to clubs like the Laughing Buddha, Alpha Bar and Neptune Point to join in on the fun.
    • Must do - Boat cruise, strolling and silent noise partying.
    I hope this helps you.:)